Monday Morning Blooms with a Splash of Blues

Happy Monday Readers, 

The  Snowball Bush is today’s featured bloom.



Snowball Bush info: mymyDIY – HERE – has a nice post about planting a snowball bush (viburnum opulus roseum).
This video HERE shows a 40-year-old shrub and has some nice tips.



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Some Blues….

I love this photo- and this is the photo that started this post. I like the little flower in all that blue. I am not that into blue, but the last couple of years we have used a little bit of blue as an accent color. Quite Fresh….

Blue Blooms:

Jodi’s Post is HERE and for sale HERE
Charly’s Post is HERE


Blues Vibe Music:

The song for this post is Sean McConnell’s song, “I Don’t Want to Know”

McConnell’s “I Don’t Want to Know” song starts with the harmonica and seemed to fit this “bloom and blues” post: 

A few lyrics (at the one-minute mark):

“Some people think we’re sleeping –

and this is all a dream. 

Just a hologram projection –

and nothing’s what it seems.”

This song has a snappy beat and a vibe that I think pairs well with a snowball shrub.

I mean, snowballs on a bush? – Kind of syncs with fantasy-dream-like. 

This song is our 5th favorite song from McConnell’s Secondhand Smoke album (here)


Quote from Sean McConnell (here)



Previous Priorhouse Sean McConnell posts: 

Secondhand Smoke song

Devil’s Ball song

Alien song



CLOSING COMICS (If you have the other kind of blues – maybe a chuckle will lift your mood):




Have a nice day










49 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blooms with a Splash of Blues

    1. Hi BB – yes sir – that snowball Bush is now 11 years old – and is only 4 feet this year – but at one point was almost 12 – thanks for checking out the song – it grows on ya and while
      Listening to the Album this month – certain parts – like “honey hold onto me – and never let go…” became an ear worm – and once when singing that lone – my hubs thought I was singing Eddie Money’s “bay hold
      Onto me – ” and he added “whatever will be will be” lol 🎼💜

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    1. Hi YC – I agree about the calm vibe with blue – but sometimes blue has an energizing or loud vibe too – and yes – I know it is a “cool” color and is often used in learning environments because many shades of blue do not work the eye (like red does) and can help learning –
      But in nature it sure pops – eh? And friends who use bright blues in their home have an energized feel – especially if the blue is bright – and the two times we had a bright blue rental cas (once a truck) they were so LOUD- and yet so rich and pretty. But sometimes I wonder if certain bright royal blue cars stand out more than red cars….
      anyhow – thanks for the feedback ☀️😊

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  1. The snowball bush is definitely one of my favorite spring blossoms along with cherry blossoms, and magnolias. I haven’t seen any of these blossoms here in Arizona so thank you for sharing your beautiful blossoms with me!

    ❤ Alana

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Alana –
      Thanks for chiming in –
      And yes – you have a much different plant-scape in your state – wonderful too –
      And also – I agree that magnolias are so wonderful – they were new to me when we moved south –
      and when in bloom – it is quite the show!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Was his large or small? The first one I encountered was Luann White’s in Denver – she was a master gardener and her shrubs made a covered walkway and it seemed mysterious to me that she could grow what she did – ha- I was so young (and now grow stuff myself – but still no Luann – and that is okay)

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      1. Large. The bush was beside an old-fashioned front porch and we could sit on the porch swing and see the snowballs. As a kid, that bush shouted fun.


    1. Well I found you from Jill’s featured post and it was timely for me too because I had a few questions about doing book reviews – and your featured post answered many of them – how cool is that!

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  2. I love the Snowball bushes – much nicer than the wintry type. The cartoons were funny too. I mentioned to you about the “New Yorker” cartoons. I followed Dan Reynolds, the first cartoonist, for years. He quit his non-cartooning job and started cartooning full-time. His long-time followers were asked to be a subscription for his daily ‘toon, which I gladly did. I stopped following him after our work computers crashed and we lost all our contacts- no more Dan Reynolds.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh I am so curious about dan Reynolds other comics and it is such a special talent to be able to combine the humor to the illustration – tip of the hat to those who do it well

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yvette – Dan is really a funny guy with an endless stream of cartoons. I subscribed for a long time to Dan’s cartoons and when he quit his day job to be a full-time cartoonist, he started charging a yearly fee for them After our computer system crashed at work, things were a little frantic for a while, and I was working from home and never thought about renewing my subscription at year end and Dan never wrote to ask about it either. I have his site where you can subscribe – now $12.00/year and will put the link below. Dan also does specially made cartoons and I ordered several for my management labor attorney boss for Christmas presents when I still worked on site. One was a cartoon of a bricklayer bending over doing some trowel work with cement. His butt crack was showing and another bricklayer came along with a trowelful of cement and it looked like he would use it on the buttcrack. We had a longstanding relationship with the Bricklayers union and I got Dan to put the union name on the back of their shirts and put a cartoon bubble with my boss’ name in it. He will work with you and didn’t charge that much as I recall. Dan used to be in Reader’s Digest as well. Here is the link:

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  3. Hi Y! Nice to read you again. 🙂 We’ve been out and about with no service for a while. Nuthatch status is unclear. We’re going to be without service so often in the next 6 months. I overestimated my willingness to seek out wifi when on the road. I’m writing a lot, but I think inconsistency and an inability to stay in contact renders posting moot. Anywho, there are a few folks I look forward to keeping in touch with when we do have service. Your site makes me happy. And always has that things-that-make-you-go-hmm vibe which I love. And right now, I feel reading posts will satisfy my ‘blogosphere’ needs for now. 🙂

    Recently, we’ve had some views of snow-capped Rockies set against brilliant blue skies, with miles of evergreens in the foreground. We both commented on how beautiful that white, green, blue combo is. Your photo of the white flower against the blue rocks reminds me of that beauty. The photo of the blue bird “flowers” is too cool, and I like the way you put it with the watercolor. Nice. I love the Sean McConnell quote – so true. He does have a great sound, with that harmonica and basic drum. It’s neat how he manages to talk about heavy things so simply and succinctly and with a sound that can seem haunting and upbeat at the same time. He’s a neat artist. Finally, the Pavlov comic is funny. It reminds me of the “little known failure: Pavlov’s cat” one. That makes me laugh. Good to see you on here again!

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    1. Haha and omg thanks for the wonderful comment –
      Laughing at the cat part and chewing on so much

      And really appreciate the McConnell feedback because that is exactly how I feel but could not find those words – and reading was like “yes – that is it”

      And I agree about the pausing blog rather force it and experience the scrappy approach –
      Also – I know first hand (and have shared bits about it here and there) how crucial blog breaks are- whether planned or unplanned ((and my unplanned ones have truly been the best)) and then when I have made time to read at certain points on a break – it is a really different experience and actually I need to do it again soon….

      And thanks for mentioning the feedback on the other parts of the post. Really appreciate the time and connection
      Peace to you


  4. (EN) Love blue and you presented well the theme. I laughed a lot about Pavlov’s reflex action, on my psychology books he was one of my favorite subjects. Thanks for sharing, Y 😊
    (IT) Mi piace molto il blu e hai presentato bene il tema. Ho riso molto sui riflessi condizionati di Pavlov, nei miei libri di psicologia era uno dei soggetti preferiti. Grazie Y per la condivisione 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for the fun comment, forthemo
      And I have a few other Pavlov comics (like one with him ringing a bell at a hotdog stand – something like that)
      And thanks the feedback on the blue theme –
      It unfolded all On its own

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I do so love your variations on a theme! All of the blue photo subjects are bluetiful, but those birds, man, Oof! I love those!
    Like the cartoons, too 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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