Finding a Lift from Nature (A Bird Came Down the Walk poem by Emily Dickinson)

Hello Readers.

Happy Sunday to you. My theme for this post is “Finding a Lift from Nature”

First – some trees. 

Tall trees lifted high. What is missing here? leaves, color, birds, etc. We have signs of life with the house lower left – but this photo is my lead in for today’s post about finding a lift from nature.  (Linked OWS – MISSING  to Sunday Trees)


As many readers know, during May 2019 I am featuring some of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. 

Archives are HERE

Today’s poem share is A Bird Came Down the WalkThe number for this poem is either 328 or 359, I have seen both. Maybe a reader knows which is correct.

This poem has two versions – Emily’s original and then a second “fair” version, which has slight changes in punctuation ( I guess the first version has the bird as cautious and the second version depicts the poet as cautious – and isn’t this so cool – how small changes can sometimes lead to different points). 


Here are some harvested thoughts about this poem.

  • List of Emily Dickinson’s 1,775 Poems HERE
  • Emily Dickinson Original Archives HERE

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge theme this week is “street art”

I took this street art shot while driving (as a passenger) so the quality is not the best.

However, this art fits with Emily’s poem so well – The beautiful hands – flying away of the birds – and then there are flowers and life all around.   There is even a butterfly to the right – so this really seems to sync with A Bird Came Down the Walk poem’s ending:

 “he unrolled his feathers, and rowed him softer home than oars divide the ocean. Too silver for a seam  – or butterflies, off banks of noon – leap, plashless as they swim.” 

Emily’s poem is another example of how we do not always need to have expensive  items to find inspiration and joy. Finding beauty in nature is a gift to those who pause long enough to experience it. We do not necessarily need to be a “homebody” to find this nature joy. However, we DO need to spend time outdoors to discover what is there – And then lap up what it offers – so our spirit can soar (now and later) -let nature lift our mood in the sweetest of ways.




Here is one more street art shot – this one is a little clearer.  I like the open wings – the dolphin on the right is lifting up and away – and check out those satellite dishes.  When you have had your fill of nature – let’s tap into those satellites for a lift. Ha. 


P R I O R H O U S E 













60 thoughts on “Finding a Lift from Nature (A Bird Came Down the Walk poem by Emily Dickinson)

  1. I get a lift from nature, too. 🙂 I love the idea of putting art on electrical or other boxes. There’s one near us and I saw a number in Philadelphia. A different sort of street art, but one that’s I really like.


    Liked by 5 people

    1. Hi Janet – I can still imagine you “forest bathing” so I know you love your nature – and regarding street art – there is some around our city that I do not like – and so I don’t take pictures of it

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emily Dickinson and street art are two ideas I’d not think to combine in a post, yet it works. Street art may not be nature, but there’s a lift to be had when I see it. 😉

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thanks and glad ithe art gave a bit of a lift – and my connection with the street art was really the way the birds were leaving – and the ending of her poem is supposed to be noted for that grand last stanza with flight being compared to aquatic fluidity – and while I get that part – do you know my favorite part of the poem is actually the middle:
      “And then he drank a dew
      From a convenient grass
      And then hopped sidewise to the wall
      To let a better pass”

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YC – I have no idea and thanks for even thinking of interpreting it. And I think freedom could apply.
      I also thought of maybe two people might have died and the two birds were for them…
      or when Prince died – this was erected for him – “when doves fly” – I mean “cry”

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  3. I’ve always liked Emily Dickinson’s poetry, nature and street art – the latter two combined into one make a great combination – very powerful art with the hands releasing the doves. You’re right, the pair of satellite dishes do look out of place here!

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    1. Hi linda – I did not really notice the satellite dishes when I took the photo last fall – or I would have gotten them in better – and I wish I had a better photo of the bands releasing the doves – the fingers on the right hand seem to have interest with the bending – or perhaps it was the distortion of movement – thanks for the nice comment

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      1. You’re welcome Yvette and I am amazed sometimes that I take photos and don’t notice things until I get home and upload them, then wonder how I missed something going on. We are caught up in the moment. The hands releasing the doves was very beautiful.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I knew about your enjoyment of nature but I thought you were “not really” into poetry – so I learned something new about ya Dan…(and I guess for many of us it depends on the form of poetry – I do not enjoy all types – some is painful)

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    1. Thanks so much Anita – I was not sure where I was going when I started the post – and it somehow found itself – ha…. have a nice day


    1. Hi Patti – thanks for the nice comment – and you described her work very well.
      I find that I like some of her poem parts that the scholars do not mention – ha –
      so maybe another mark of her content is there is some different flavors for different readers

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  4. A great match between the poem and the giant mural – both giving us a positive message
    And it’s a pretty good shot, especially when driving past! Always a challenge to capture these huge pieces of art.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi – thanks for the feedback – and if I had known i would use it in a post – I would have asked my partner to turn around (we had little time to spare and it would have worked) but I was just snapping away – and then when the poem and vibe seemed to fit the theme they picked – well – a drive by photo of a mural was used… it is what it is… ha –


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