FLOWERS on FRIDAY (Emily Dickinson Bee Poem & Hope is Thing with Feathers)

Happy Friday Readers,

For those who need a splash of color – this flower photo is for you.

For those that need a little lift, Emily Dickinson’s Hope is the Thing with Feathers poem is for you. 

There are many things to extract from this next poem, but my top takeaway is that IF hope is like a feather, then it can lift us up and help our mood and outlook. Also, IF hope is like a feather – it can be fleeting – and might fly away – so we need to find our hope, grab it, keep it, and hold it tight so it can perch in the soul. 


The other Emily Poem for today is The Bee is Not Afraid of Me.

I could not find the right nature photo to pair with this poem and then I was at Ana’s this week and her photo seemed perfect. 

Photo credit: Ana Linden (Thanks amiga) 



And for a quick Flashback on this Friday…. back in September of 2014, I shared a post (here) with the Wallace Stevens poem, Of Mere Being, that also mentions birds and feathers –

And that post included this song, Hope Now.  

The song seems like a nice fit for this post:

Credit: bytes daily here

Wishing you a nice Friday….







35 thoughts on “FLOWERS on FRIDAY (Emily Dickinson Bee Poem & Hope is Thing with Feathers)

  1. Happy Friday to you, too, Yvette. I love both these poems and enjoyed both photos. That pop of color is just the thing for a gloomy Friday. We can’t seem to get rid of the rain for more than a day at a time. But that’s spring weather and everything is growing like mad.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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    1. Hi – thanks for dropping by Purple Pumpernickel 🙂 and….
      the bee photo is from Ana – and I like how she caught that too – I also love the mood of the flowers there – the stamen and the pink centers –

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    1. Hi YC – that really summed up the pome so well – “a forest with friendly creatures” – which I think was Emily’s lush back yard.
      and the part where you said it plays “beautiful short clips” – well that also describes her poetry so well –
      and check out this snippet I have to share from Barbara Gregorich (plan to share it in my last Emily post next week – but her sis a sneak preview)

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      1. That is very interesting analytic of Dikenson’s poem. I think for some reasons we have deeper feeling when seeing words deep rooted from other languages are seen or used.

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  2. The first poem I had read before and always liked, but the second one was new to me. I love the pictures of the flowers – the pink ones were just awesome. I was behind in Reader and caught up now, but echo the joy of “Friday, Friday, Friday” … one of our long holiday days is already over. Sigh.

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      1. I’m happy it is nice tomorrow – I have a 5K along a very scenic route. I spent all day yesterday trying to learn the DSLR ,,, I’ve been using it on automatic the past year and usually only use it on weekends. So, I hope to get out this morning and try out what I learned … before the rain arrives. The holiday weekends zip by, don’t they?

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    1. Hope the 5K goes well and have fun with your camera – truly a fun activity to indulge in – enjoy and look forward to seeing some pics (one more day of holiday weekend … )

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      1. The 5K was fun Yvette and we had an absolutely perfect weather day and that is rare anymore. I figure we’ll just go right into hot and sweltering weather soon like we did last year. I just took the compact camera today and usually just on weekends. There were over 500 people at this event – almost 600 had registered so the event organizer just guesstimated and it was difficult taking pictures on the fly as there were 5K runners/walkers ahead of me and 8K runner behind me and it was on a narrow and scenic street. I took some pictures yesterday that you will get a kick out of and I’ll use them later this week … I love looking for and photographing sidewalk chalk art. We’ve had so much rain that no kids have really been out. Well some kids (assuming they were kids) went under the roof of the pavilion area at Council Poiunt Park and did some flowers, abstract design and a sketch of a girl. All very good chalk art, so will use it in a post. They left their chalk behind like they drew it and abruptly left. Some of the kids now use a spray-on type of chalk that lasts through the several rains. Not the same concept as this.


  3. I really enjoyed your post especially your insight around “Hope is the Thing With Feathers.” I feel so lighthearted after reading it and the song and beautiful flowers are so uplifting. I hope you are doing well and thanks for the lovely lift and reminder.

    ❤ Alana


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