A Wild and Simple Kinda Sunday (#OWS & Lens-Artists #48)

Happy Sunday Readers – 

The lens-artists theme this week (here) is “Wild” – and here are a few photos to connect to the theme:

Sweater of many colors- a little wild…. colors and fringe –  this is her art.

Must’ve been a wild n’ crazy night:

This photo – with the Corona bottle –  is also to show Dan (here).

Now check out this WILD price for a set of eight glasses – 1,600 dollars. Are these simple glasses that much nicer than the ones in the previous photo? Perhaps…. but 1,600 dollars? Snob-appeal marketing?

My next photo is of a man who was “wild” about recycling:

We chatted for a a few minutes. He has been at the recycling work for many years. I bet his efforts make a huge difference in ways that many of us never realize.

This next part of my Sunday Post is to connect to the SIMPLICITY theme (#OWS). However, it will still connect to the WILD theme.

Recycling people make a difference in the world. 

So do Inventors.

The man who invented the first working escalator, Jesse Wilford Reno, passed away in June. His escalator idea was a hit, but his idea for an underground subway seemed too “wild” at the time and the subway idea was rejected. 

CREDIT:  “This day in Trivia” – (here)


Linked to Simplicity (HERE) Escalator in Charlottesville, VA (2016)

The first week of June also marks the time that Chaptal added sugar to wine, in the late 1700’s, to increase the alcohol content.  Maybe this is when the food corruption really started – when chemists started changing the simple balance of things so people could get a little wild from the extra alcohol content. tsk. tsk. tsk. 


Cannot mention sugar being added to wine without sharing this photo from Amy’s health workshop two years ago.

Did you know that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine?


Lastly, author Stephen Crane passed away this first week of June back in 1900. 

My favorite short story from Crane is called THE OPEN BOAT (read it here)

The Open Boat is a simple story, yet complex. The men endure a wild, stormy night at sea and make it through. However, thinking they will be rescued – they light cigars and celebrate to then realize the perceived help was not a rescue. The men have to fight, again, to survive and cross the abrasive surf to reach shore. Crane takes us on an adventurous journey that stirs up gratefulness and taps into the deceptive nature of reality and human limitations. (2013 post about it is HERE)




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33 thoughts on “A Wild and Simple Kinda Sunday (#OWS & Lens-Artists #48)

  1. Hi, Priorhouse. I love your varied interpretations of wild! The price of those cocktail glasses really is crazy. I totally agree that it’s a status symbol and hardly practical considering the number of wine glasses I’ve broken by accident over the years. 🙂 🙂 Your thoughts on adding sugar to wine are interesting too. You probably know that the Nixon administration’s program of corn subsides marked the beginning of adding corn syrup to many American products and hence our problem with obesity and diabetes.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Patti – omg – we had a broken wine glass in the house just two nights ago – and so um, yes – “Hardly practical” is right. However, I like the idea of having a bundle of glasses to give as a gift that has all those sizes – for a single person just starting their dish collections –
      and I know a little bit about the history of the government’s terrible involvement in the Food meddling and subsidizing while they made a faulty food pyramid and still promote so many erroneous claims.

      Someone gave me a graph that showed when the “fat-free” propaganda and awful corn syrup use was promoted – that was when the MANY metabolism problems started –

      and I feel bad because sometimes people get treated for mental health issues for their eating and weight gain— when many (most) folks really have metabolic problems, lack of absorption, and quite simply… not enough of the good fats to access and burn because they are “sugar burners” from eating carbs and crap food – and they are not getting the nutrients they need.
      Not to dismiss very real disorders – but sometimes there is no disorder and people are just malnourished but don’t know it. For example, when sometimes eats a half gallon of ice cream = it was likely because they were low on all their minerals and trace elements and their body wasSTARVING for certain nutrients—- like fats, oils, minerals and rich proteins.
      thanks for the nice comment


  2. That’s a wild collection, Yvette. I was interested to read about the inventor of the escalator – such a familiar transport system but we hardly ever stop to think about who invented it. I was surprised at how long ago they were invented. Also surprised at the comparison of sugar addiction with others. ‘Food’ for thought.

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  3. Yikes! I’d be afraid to drink from those wine glasses for fear I’d break one. What (besides the name Baccarat ) makes them worth $1,500? I’d have no money left for the wine. I recall reading The Open Boat in high school and enjoying it. Perhaps it’s time to revisit it. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – I have NO IDEA what makes them worth so much –
      and hope you get a fresh read of the Crane story – I was glad when I reread it back in 2013 – there were little things I picked up on that made it fresh.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I like the notion that adding sugar to wind was the start of chemically altered food. Thanks for the shout out and Corona bottle. I notice it has a lime wedge in it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Dan – I have two more corona bottles that reminded me of you – because you know- this is a topic that does come up over at No Facilities
      here is the second one and the third one tomorrow – peace

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  5. fun choices this week Yvette – love how varied your images are yet all work well with the challenge. My favorite is the $1600 glasses. My husband is into wine collection as is a very good friend of ours. For our 20th wedding anniversary he and his wife gifted us with 4 uber-expensive wineglasses. Candidly we’ve only used them twice, both times with the friends who gave them to us, because we are afraid to break them LOL!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Tina – I would use the uber expensive ones with great care too – and my hubs and I still have our wedding “toast glasses” – not super expensive but the memories are worth it – so I know what you mean by being careful – because stemware breaks easily.
      and at 200 dollars per glass -maybe there is one time replacements on them? maybe


  6. I thought the sweater was wild until I got to the price for glasses!! Not for me! For that price I could fly to France and visit my s-i-l and b-i-l. 🙂 As Tina said, with anything that expensive, I’d be afraid to use them. I found the escalator/subway story very interesting. When I was a child, I used to like to go the opposite direction on an escalator once in awhile when there were no other people around.

    I hope you have a wildly wonderful Sunday.


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    1. Janet – how fun to have that memory of going in the opposite direction – and I recall the first time I ever saw the flat escalators at the airports- wow are they a huge help.
      and I hear ya on the glasses – that is 200.00 per glass – must have been made with extra love by the glass makers

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  7. Great variety on wild! I was really shocked by the glass prices and agree with the others – tooooo wild. I could never use them…at least not my husband could not. Broken wine glasses is a theme here.


    1. Thanks leya and smiled at the “theme” of broken glasses – it happens all
      Too easy with stemware – and so for 200 per glass – yikes – needs to be wild event to warrant such a price

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m quite behind in Reader – and reading Sunday on Tuesday. I once got my snowsuit legging caught in an escalator when my father took me downtown to see Santa when I was just a wee tyke. It was an elastic stirrup and it slipped off my heel and dangled out of my boot and snagged on the moving step. They had to shut the escalator off to cut away the part that was “grabbed” and although I was okay, to this day, if I go onto an escalator, I stand there waiting for an entire step before climbing aboard. I don’t see escalators much anymore, so it’s not a big deal. The “scrapper” across the street from me makes a living collecting trash and I think I mentioned that you with the flattened cars the other day. He brings home all this stuff and takes it apart in his garage. What I don’t like is that he puts TVs and other items, like storm door glass out in the trash and the garbage collectors are careless and drop the glass on the street and don’t pick it up, so I never drive that way if possible.


  9. I think I would prefer to ask My recycling man is he has any glasses to spare than the $1600 package. It’s wild to think someone pays for that! The sweater isn’t for me but I’ll give it points for being warm. We currently have a snowfall warning in the mountains so warm is often on my priority list.
    Hope you are doing well Yvonne. We are gearing up for arrival of another granddaughter this summer so we will be relatively close to home for the summer months.


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