FLOWERS AND FLOURS (Bread with Cassava and Almond Flour)

Happy Sunday Readers – 

As I prep for a bit of a June Blog Fast – (one more post coming after this one) 

I have to share this FLOURS and FLOWERS post

First, the flours. 

Cassava-root flour mixed equally with finely-ground almond flour makes for some tasty bread items. 

Easy Biscuit Recipe INGREDIENTS

3/4 cup of Cassava-root Flour

3/4 cup of finely-ground almond flour (make sure there is nothing else added to the almond flour – they sometimes sneak stuff in)

1 very even teaspoon of fresh baking soda (helps them rise and adds some alkalizing)

1 heaping teaspoon of cocoa (balances the baking soda and adds flavor, color, etc.)

1 teaspoon (or more) of unrefined, finely ground sea salt. 

2 large eggs (or 3 if the eggs are small)

3/4 to 1 cup of oil/fat (We used 1/4 c. of ghee, 1/4 c. of unrefined coconut oil, and 1/2 stick of butter – all softened)

Optional – parsley flakes or aged cheese to sprinkle on top. 

Optional for the flat bread – chia seeds, raw pumpk seeds, and raw almonds (almonds should be blanched first in hot water – pour hot water over the almonds and let them sit for five minutes)


Easy Biscuit Recipe DIRECTIONS

Mix the dry ingredients in separate bowl. Mix well. 

Mix the wet ingredients together – the eggs with the oils/ fats 

Mix the dry and wet items together 

Might need to adjust the amount of oil – but the dough should be a little sticky. Experiment to see what you like as well

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 

Place spoonfuls of dough onto parchment paper and make sure they have a little room to spread. We prefer different sizes – but if you want them uniform – use an ice cream scooper to scoop the dough

Optional – Sprinkle with parsley – or oregano, salt, aged cheese, etc. 

Bake for ten minutes and check to see if they are done. Smaller biscuits might need to removed while larger ones go back in for a few minutes. 


It feels so good to have a bread-like item to dip into bone broth and soups.

These biscuits are also great as a snack – plain, or with a huge pat of real butter. 

Maybe we can change this comic to say “eating the WRONG type of bread” – because today’s dough recipe is gut friendly and not packed with GMO or paste-like grains)





The Cassava and almond flours also make a tasty flat bread. Same ingredients as above – just add in some nuts and grated aged-cheddar cheese to the top.

Instead of dropping spoonfuls, press the dough into a log – and then baked it for around 10 minutes. Take it out when it is almost done – slice it (like slicing biscotti) – and then bake it again for a few more minutes (ovens vary so adjust baking times as needed).

Now for the FLOWERS

Cee’s Post (here) inspired me to share these pics for City Sonnet: YELLOW and RED


And look at the photo of this little beauty!

Cucumbers on the way.


have you ever heard of Toxic Squash Syndrome?











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    1. Thanks for the comment and hope your week is off to a good start – and I am getting ready to make a batch of these little biscuit things now – 😉


    1. 😊 me too and we used to have a “bread song” – lol –
      But some of the stuff today is bad for the human gut –
      Like really bad and some of us can’t eat it –
      Sniff – so I am grateful for alternatives

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      1. You’re right, a lot of food is really bad for us. You ever watch “Fed Up”? It’s a doc about our processed food nation. Talks about all the sugar included in processed crap. Frightening.

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    2. I will be sure to check out the documentary! And I have to admit that I never would have walked away from bread – because um – like we have that bread song and I will even sing it for ya if we ever meet – but my intestines would not HEAL and the gut is our second brain and so for me – it was survival – but there is denial in our chitter about the heavy ingestion of sugar – not enough bitter – and too much from a box

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      1. Truth.

        And you sing? I’m intrigued.

        I was asked what would make me give up beer, as frightening a proposition as that is. And I said if it was for health reasons I would give it up no questions asked. And I wouldn’t look back.


    1. Hi – the cassava flour makes really good tortillas also – I am Surprised at how much I like this flour (available on amazon too – )


  1. Very clever with flours and flowers Yvette. They look delicious and I have to admit I have a weakness for bread. My grocery store suddenly stopped carrying all “Dave’s Killer Bread” – it was a little pricier than the other whole-grain sliced bread, but it was so tasty and it was a treat. I have to go to Kroger now to buy it. The flowers are beautiful – so vibrant!

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    1. Thanks so much and at least you can go and find what you need elsewhere – it would be so much harder if it was not sold anywhere – when we lived in San Jose – we could get sour dough bread for a dollar per loaf – mmmm

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      1. I love sour dough bread. When a former boss went to San Francisco for depositions, several of us would ask him to buy fresh sourdough bread and bring it back for us. He was nice and accommodated us – nothing better, with some real butter slathered on top and a smidge of peanut butter too. mmmm is right.


  2. Hmm, I must say that bread with the almond flour sounds like a treat. You know what else is also a treat? These beautiful photos!

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