If you don’t like the United States – then Just Leave

Happy 4th of July to those in the U.S.

Thanks to those who serve or have served this country. 

Our country is not perfect – but I am proud to be an American. (#JulySquares)


I have some more June street shots to share later – but first thing on my mind — is to address this:


Earlier today, a blogger, a resident of the U.S., was slamming the United States.

His multiple (negative) blog posts were not funny – and not only did I stop following him –

but I have some advice for him.  


You hate America so much?

Get out.


The borders are not locked.

So go.

And make room for someone who would love to be here. 

And if you choose to stay and keep on complaining – it is not going to make matters better.

Further, even though we have problems here in the U.S.  – this free country has afforded you the free speech to criticize and slam. It has also afforded you many other blessings and I say shame on you for disrespecting your country with your terrible posts today. I will not say his name – but his initials are T.B. – and seriously dude – the world is a big place and you could snatch up some nice real estate in Mexico, Greece, and other countries…. just sayin –