Between the Lines & Lens-Artists #53 (Triumph Song Lay It on the Line)

Happy Sunday Readers – 

The lens-artists team is celebrating their first anniversary and when it came across my desk, I was already working on BETWEEN THE LINES for Friendly Friday Photo Challenge (here).  

The “between the lines” photos just so happened to fit the word prompts from lens-artists – So in this post, I invite you to check out the lines – and connections to the word prompts (at least in my mind they relate – hope you see it too).

The first prompt was

“A Country That’s Special to You” (here).

I chose Canada:

Next prompt

“Imagination” (here)

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Next prompt was

“Connected” (here).



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Next prompt was

“Friendship” (here)

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Let’s close with this classic song from Triumph, Lay it on the Line.

This song came to mind because it connected with the lines, but it is also imaginative, the band  is Canadian, and I have friendship connections with their music. 

 I was able to see them play at “The Aud” (Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium) in February 1985 – whoa! It was a huge venue. The concert was special because as a super young teen – I felt so myself at that show. 

Then, in 1989, I saw the lead singer, Rik Emmett, perform a solo show at a small club in Buffalo. Rik (herewas born in Toronto (in 1953) and at the concert, I met this guy named Bob, who later went to Kirstin’s wedding with me (but he was a snob the night of the wedding and it was our last date). Bob, who looked a little like Pete Sampras, was getting ready to go to school at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Years later, in 1998-99, I worked in Denver with a guy named Brent, who was in the same CIA class with Bob (known as Bob from Buffalo). Small world.

Anyhow, I guess this year, 2019, Triumph was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (here).

Right on.

Or should I say, “Rock on.”

Wait, maybe I should say, “Blog on….”

Yes, that’s it.


Have a great day, friends, and Blog on….








27 thoughts on “Between the Lines & Lens-Artists #53 (Triumph Song Lay It on the Line)

  1. I like that Yvette…blog on! I like how you combined the themes and music! So you’re Canadian. Our son is living in Vancouver now. 🙂 🙂 Thanks for joining us this year and sharing your world with us!


  2. Hi Yvette – I go on The Gratefulness Org from time to time and they always have interesting quotations, some which I’ve used in my posts. They change the quotes daily and I thought I’d share today’s quote with you:

    We are saved only by love — love for each other and the love that we pour into the art we feel compelled to share.
    Tennessee Williams


  3. Thanks for the intro to Triumph! I will surely investigate… though, there’s a familier ring to the music… let’s just call it “that” period’s sound? Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Journey… Stix… and a few more.
    Canada sure produced (and still does) great musicians and bands! My all time favourite will forever be the Great LC!! But then, Neil of the Young’s can’t be far behind… 😉 … or Rush… or… OK, I’ll breeze on! 🙂


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