SWEET SWEET SONG (Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction) and a few Comics


Title “Sweet Sweet Song”

Fiction word count: 99


“Really? You did it? Officially took the new job and put in notice?”

Yeah, baby.  We can move for the new job as early as next month. 

Exhaling, hands across face, Lisa sat down, pulled her hair back saying, “I cannot believe how sweet this feels.”

I know…. and hey… what song is that? Turn it up a little.

song lyrics poured out: “You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song. And I will sing again….”

That’s the perfect song for this transition.

“It’ll be our song, honey.” 

It sure is a sweet jam. 



sing again.”


This fiction entry is in response to the Carrot Ranch (here) flash fiction prompt, “Sweet Jam.”

The song that inspired this fiction is “You are So Good to Me” by Waterdeep HERE, which was also covered by Third Day HERE, but they called it, “You are Beautiful My Sweet, Sweet Song” (Please note – this is a Christian song so it might not be your cup of tea – but then again…. you might just like it).


And because it is Monday – let’s have a few Monday Funnies:

and thanks to A Pierman Sister (here) for this one



hope you have a nice day.

And what is one of your current songs that qualifies as a “Sweet Jam”?

Or… do you have a “pretty good song” to share – that can help us make it through to the weekend? 


P R I O R H O U S E.    B L O G










24 thoughts on “SWEET SWEET SONG (Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction) and a few Comics

  1. That’s funny because the prompt sweet jam would have taken me straight to food! This is great. The song that comes to my mind is ‘Lets get it on’ by Marvin Gaye. Classic!

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    1. Janet – that is a serious jjjj – JAM!!
      and I instantly went to music when I saw the prompt – but I assume most folks went with food – I need to read some of the many entries
      have a nice day

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  2. Whilst writing Matters, I’ve been listening to a ton of Al Green since he always provided me with a sweet jam back inside the time I write about. The dude still supplies. “Let’s Stay Together” is an all time keeper for me. It would be that piece of vinyl I take with me if I was going to be stranded on an island with Gilligan and company. Of course, then I’d have to bring a turntable. But hey . . the Howells packed enough for a three year tour, so it’s good enough for me!

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    1. laughing with the Howells mention – they sure did have their gear
      — and Al Green did Raining in My Heart with Willie Nelson’s outlaws and angels – and oh wow is it amazing – and I can see why his sweet jamming tunes fuel ya – I am not sure if I know the “lets stay together” – I think I do and I will check it now.
      and one last thought to your comment –
      keep in mind that we can always “Andy Dufresne it” – which means the music plays in our mind and we jam because it is part of us (remember when he got out of solitary and said he had the music with him… and pointed to his head? ahhhh I have some songs that are right there ready to play

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      1. Right? If you ask me, the Howells WANTED that shipwreck to happen. Maybe they were looking to evade the IRS . . .

        I love it! So good. And yes, look up “Lets stay together”. You’ve most likely heard it.

        Oh me too. “Andy Dufresne it” . . look atchou! And yes, it’s all right there in my head. And I love when the music takes over, because it drowns out the voices. 🙂

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  3. I liked the fiction entry and as to music … it’s been ages since I listened to something new – most songs are from the past decades, songs I remember and can sing to, albeit off key. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing a song that uplifts you – I am
      Going to check it out –
      Also – this is my second carrot ranch entry and woo hoo- I finally was able
      To bring it into my blog routine – – been trying to all year –

      And the hsrdets lone for me here was:
      Exhaling, hands across face, Lisa sat down, pulled her hair back saying
      And still not sure it was what I wanted –
      But practice practice practice
      Thanks for hosting

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      1. You achieved two things — first, routine (and I know how big that is). The second is the magic of brevity. It might have been hard to craft but you pushed through and it shaped your story. I love that flash fiction pushes us to reframe, cut and problem solve our way into narrative.

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    2. Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement – and I think all authors can benefit from some flash writing activities – so good for helping trim the fat and without realizing it – verbosity can creep in for some authors – and glad to connect with carrot ranchers


  4. That’s a great response to the prompt, Yvette. You’ve covered a few bases in it – with jam. Sweet! I enjoyed the cartoons too – especially the mission statement. 🤣


  5. I enjoy the middle one of those last cartoons! Music lubricates creativity!
    As for the song that’s stuck in my head at the moment – All I Need Is An Island – Sammy Hagar and Friends!
    Also, a song that stays close to the surface for me – Sleeping in the Rain – John Kilzer… strong song, loads of meaning and to think life got too much for him, even as a Christian… difficult to understand – but hey, I didn’t walk in his shoes!


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