Mini Interview with Jill Weatherholt (and Resources for Authors)

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In the upcoming months, I want to share a few of the books that come out from some of the authors I follow. 

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Let’s talk books!

Today’s Book Share post has two parts: A) Jill’s Book and B) Current Resources for Authors. 

Part A

Jill Weatherholt’s book

Jill Weatherholt’s (here) new book is called A Mother for His Twins.

A Mother for His Twins: A Fresh-Start Family Romance (Love Inspired: Inspirational Romance) HERE on Amazon or HERE for info at Jill’s blog

I had the chance to do a mini interview with Jill.

Question from Priorhouse:

What are three reasons someone would want to read this book? 

Answer from Jill Weatherholt:

Since I started writing for Harlequin Love Inspired, I’ve never been asked why someone should read my books, so thanks for asking.

The first reason I’d recommend A Mother for His Twins, or any of my books, is they are a fast read. Since we have a limited word count, typically 55k words, the story starts right away and pulls you in for a swift ride.

Second, I’d recommend my books because the stories are clean and non-violent. When I read, I want to escape to another world. If I wanted violence, I’d turn on the evening news.

Third reason is that if you like happy endings, you’d enjoy my books. In A Mother for His Twins there is a faith thread throughout the book, but I wouldn’t call it “preachy” or over the top. It delivers a message of hope  – that all things are possible. Personally, I think we could all use more hope and uplifting stories these days.


So if you are in the mood to read, escape, and feel uplifted – why not check out Jill’s book?

 Here is a snippet from one of the first reviewers for this book:

“I enjoyed the characters in this story, especially the darling little twins who have such different personalities. The romance, with such a self-sacrificing hero trying to learn from his mistakes, is tender as the former sweethearts must work through the issues keeping them apart. The emotional pain Joy carries is difficult to admit, but she works hard to overcome her past. The last line of the story is one of the best I’ve read, followed by a perfect epilogue. I loved A Mother for His Twins! Favorite quote: “You can’t change the past, but moving forward, you can do things differently.”

Read… escape … feel uplifted.


Part B


1) The UK Kindle Storyteller Award (here) is open for entries until 31st August 2019! “The Kindle Storyteller Award 2019 is a £20,000 literary prize recognising outstanding writing. It is open to writers publishing in English in any genre, who publish their work through Kindle Direct Publishing. Readers play a significant role in selecting the winner, helped by a panel of judges including various book industry experts. In order to be eligible, books must be published between 1st May and 31 August 2019.”

2) The Common (here) is accepting submissions for September 1st – December 1st: The Common accepts stories, essays, and poems that embody a strong sense of place: pieces in which the setting is crucial to character, narrative, mood, and language. Compensation is $20 per poem and you can read the latest issues of The Common here 

3) One Story (here) is seeking literary fiction September 3rd – November 14th: One Story is accepting stories between 3,000 and 8,000 words, which can be any style and on any subject, and also have to have never been published anyplace else. 

4) REEDSY(here)has plentiful resources for authors:  Reedsy has a page with links to more than 20 places that are currently accepting short story and poetry submissions. If you have been wanting a reason to write  – maybe Reedsy’s site will give you some inspiration. They also have editor information and writing ideas and exercises to help authors hone their craft (if needed). 


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14 thoughts on “Mini Interview with Jill Weatherholt (and Resources for Authors)

    1. Thanks Jill – and I will leave a review on amazon later in september –
      but I do love that quote- and may it offer encouragement for those who have made poor choices or who had life hand them setback after setback – because so often situations are not really in our control –

      “You can’t change the past, but moving forward, you can do things differently.”

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the interview with Jill. I greatly admire authors, especially authors that write books. I appreciate Jill’s kindness and support to all writers and I trust these character traits carry forward in her books. I plan to download a copy for my Fall camping reading. Thank you, Yvette for sharing:) Erica

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    1. Hi Erica (Erika) so glad to read your comment – and if you have time – maybe you could drop back by and leave a follow up with how you liked the book – 🙂


      1. Downloaded on my Kindle app just now. I forgot I could easily do this and read on my iPad. Otherwise, books on a Kobo. Looking forward to reading:)


  2. Reading is one thing I’m looking forward to when I retire Yvette – pardon the pun but, I’ve shelved my enjoyment of reading way to the back and haven’t read much at all since working from home – I miss those bus rides where my nose was always parked in a book, and best sellers too as my mom and I would reserve them in advance from the library.


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