Street Shots for Which Way Challenge (and Poem for Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire)

It was in December 2016 (here) when I last joined in with the Which Way Challenge (here). 

Did you know that Cee used to host this fun challenge – but a while ago, Cee generously shared some of her challenges with other bloggers. The Which Way was given to SonOfABeach96

“The Which Way Challenge is all about capturing roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. as we move from one place to another.  

Share photos of places that you can walk them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.”

Here is my take for this End of Summer Sunday:




You might remember the street shots I grabbed earlier this summer of the “men at work” (my post is here)

Here is what that construction area looked like at night:


Well… the project is complete.

The men at work are now gone –

I did not even get to say goodbye. 

I was at a light and only took a quick shot of the completed work site. I like how the man just happened to be in the triangle at the corner.

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This next photo happens to be the other side of this corner. I forgot I had this photo from last year. 

These men know which way to go – heading West across the street in downtown RVA (popular corner in downtown). 

Yes- that is the way to go – a nice colleague stroll with some Java


My mother and I actually pulled here in June of this year to figure out if we were going the right way. We were – but if we stayed going that way it would have been all back roads and not what we needed that day – so we turned around to take the Interstate.
Now you know I had to grab a photo of this “civil-war” type of fence, which are called zig-zags fences, worm fences or split-rail fences – and we see a lot on the east coast of the United States. I guess these fences were meant to be decorative and were quick to assemble. (These last two are Linked to Sunday Trees here -9-1-2019).


In closing, because sunflowers are still on my mind – after Friday’s sunflower post HERE – and after seeing other bloggers sharing such beautiful sunflowers this month – 

I ended up on rabbit trail (yeah – I went that way) with Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire, Cezanne (1902)

the rabbit trail happened because someone called this piece “Sunflower Soul”

I guess they see the orange in the foreground as indicative of sunflowers, but this life was from a quarry in the area. 


I am not sure these are sunflowers in the foreground – it is more likely that all of that the yellow and orange is from the Bibemus Quarry. But hey – Sunflower Soul sounds pretty good.

Sunflower Soul Poem

by Priorhouse

(inspired by Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire, 1902)

word count: 100




That painting 

with the curious green in the sky

all that yellow, leading the eye

earth, mountain, clouds: united

movement, color quietude

 mountains diagonal, rising passionately to the sky


Which Way?

softly, to the right…

ascending lines, converging

Sky swaying

with curious blues and greens

harmony in sky and earth –

 choppy verticals, horizontal strokes

touches of blues, purples, violets

And all that yellow!

Are those sunflowers?


Perhaps sunflowers whisper


all that yellow

is part of the sunflower soul


And now you and I know. 

which way to go…

We’ll go to places

that feed

our soul



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45 thoughts on “Street Shots for Which Way Challenge (and Poem for Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire)

  1. Hmmm, left, straight or umm . . a right turn from the left lane. Take your pick and have your insurance card ready if you pick the latter.

    I dig the split rail fence look.

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  2. The Which Way Challenge is unique to me. An interesting concept. Similar although not at all the same as “The Door challenge.” A very creative, beautiful poem, Yvette:)


    1. thanks so much for the feedback
      and I know exactly what you mean – it is similar to the door challenge – but then not at all the same – but maybe similar in that the subject can be so ordinary and everyday –

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    1. thanks for reading – it probably could us e little refining = but sometimes we need to just press post and get on with life – hahahh


      1. I feel that way with my images too. I’m like ok enough already… NEXT! Haha. This is fine as it is and the ending is so perfect. Lots of feeding the soul talk today 😄. Some day I need to email you because comments could go on and on. Still waiting for some energy to respond about the music. It’s a very HOT day so moving slooooow

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        1. wel I just emailed you my friend – so tag – your are it!
          However, I have email and do not love it like I used to – maybe getting hacked change me – or maybe knowing that emails are like open postcards changed my tune – but then – it is what it is –
          and take your time in replying to any comment – even if weeks out – that is the nice thing about the options online – we can be Asynchronous and let it flow as it needs to


  3. Lovely poem, Yvette. It captures the painting – and the season – beautifully. And you’re so right – we all need to go places that feed our souls. 🙂

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  4. I do like “which way” that has tree and the road splits . I can understand how one come to this and has to decide which way. There is no sign (at least in the picture). Only possible bias is the traffic light near one direction.

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    1. thanks YC – we were actually headed North on the road a ways from here – but this was out of the way so we could look at the GPS and talk about how adventurous we were feeling (and we were not feeling adventurous so we turned around)
      and thanks for the eye for detail in that photo – you helped me see more from it

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    1. haha – it does look in disrepair – so no worries – ha
      and oh my goodness Norah – I feel like there are so many of those fences in the Richmond virgnia area.
      and one of the years that my boys played on a certain sports team = well the whole park was surrounded by this type of zig-zag old school fence. So they feel kind of normal to me

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      1. I’m sure we have fences over here that would seem similarly unfamiliar to you too. I wonder if that style is used here and I just haven’t seen it. 🙂

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  5. I thought “Pennsylvania” as soon as I saw that first photo. I love the crazy lights and stuff photo at the bottom. It makes you wonder how we’re able to drive through those places.

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  6. Yvette, a wonderful post and I love your poem at the end ‘- may we all

    “go to places

    that feed

    our soul”

    I find the old fences particularly striking and have an odd interest in walls and fences dividing fields – I’ve seen similar to these in northern Sweden.

    Your sunflowers are astonishing, full of vibrancy that’s almost piercing! I’m so taken with them!

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    1. Hi author Annika – thanks for the nice comment – and I bet Sweden has so many different types of old fences – and the fields being divided sounds interesting

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  7. I enjoyed this Yvette and the sunflowers are just so vibrant and happy looking. Sorry the workers didn’t blow a kiss goodbye – I’ll bet they were glad to leave that busy street corner!

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