Finding Ways to Stay Filled Inside (Micro Fiction)

Happy Monday Bloggers, 

Time to share a flash fiction entry for What Pegman Saw. 

I also want to remind you that there are about 15 weeks left in 2019 – so maybe now is the time to strategize for how you want this year to end. More on that after the fiction. 

This week, the Pegman has us in Angola, Africa. 

I read about Angola and kept coming back to the topic of Yellow Fever. Angola had a big Yellow Fever outbreak in 2007 (much of Africa did) and since that time they have made advances; for example, in 2017, the “city vector”  – a mosquito called Aedes aegypti – was eradicated. They still have other mosquitos to deal with and also are are aiming for TOTAL Yellow Fever immunization by 2026. Nice goal. 

This is the photo prompt for this week’s fiction. 


credit: ANGOP


The fiction has someone reflecting back to 2007, when the Yellow Fever outbreak happened and when the first iPhone (with 2G) came out (June 2007). 

Title: Finding Ways to Stay Filled Inside

Genre: Realistic fiction

Word count: 150

I lost my family to Yellow Fever in 2007.

Our home felt empty.

Brushing my hand across window ledges – tears flowed.

I walked into each room.

Could see where they’d sit, eat, and roll out sleeping mats.

Falling to my knees, I looked up and watched fan blades circle.

It reminded me of Avya’s new phone – with 2G technology – the one she said could assist research.

Drying my eyes, I stood up –  fastened sandals  – and marched to the library.

I found Avya, the librarian, and shared my idea to launch a vector control project.

She assigned me a computer and said I could use her high-tech iPhone on Sundays.

That was the start of “Tip Your Dish” campaign. It helped eliminate Aedes aegypti yellow fever vector in 2017.

It was also the start of my finding ways to stay filled inside –

And now?

New goals are in place for the next season.




 Did you know there are only about 100 days left in 2019, which is about 15 weeks. 

Question: What can you do “now” to finish 2019 with zest and freshness?

Maybe you already have this covered – but if not – maybe it is time to start planning.  I started making a small list of things to tackle before the year ends. 

What do you want 2020 to look like? 

When 2020 arrives, is it time to start that business?

Is it time to change careers or perhaps fortify your current one?

Maybe in 2020, it will be time to build your blog, paint more, or do a year-long photography challenge?

Or it might be time to pull back from the blog? Sometimes a pause (or fast) is needed.

Is it time to write (or finish) a book – or get a WIP going?

Submit articles for pub, start poetry? Or flash fiction, etc.?

In 2020, it might be time to focus on your spiritual health? Is God sniffing your trail?

Maybe it is time to get serious about Physical health? Try a cleanse?  Fortify the bio terrain?


Maybe 2020 is time for a “Do-it-Yourself, Homegrown Self-Appointed” degree – like K. Rawson earned in 2018

K. Rawson and J. Hardy Carroll are the talented hosts for the What Pegman Saw Fiction Challenge. K. Rawson had an adventure in 2018 when she earned her Master’s of Fine Arts – in an unconventional way. She earned it with a lot of hard work bu studying and reading. She has a love for learning and my fiction today was partly inspired by K’s spirited way of improving her craft!

Let’s all get creative to find what we need – let’s enrich our lives and minds (stay filled inside) by actively making things happen.

No whining, no excuses – K took an idea – and a heart’s desire – and earned that Homegrown Master’s of Fine Arts.

Check out K’s post HERE



Author K. Rawson is online here    




Thanks for reading. 

And if you have anything you are trying to finish in 2019 – or  can offer some ideas for 2020 – please share with us in the comments. 


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25 thoughts on “Finding Ways to Stay Filled Inside (Micro Fiction)

  1. What an inspiring set of posts. That opening with one person changing the course of a disease, saving lives, And your focus on ending the year well – what a brilliant view point! I so often blunder into a new year unfocussed, feeling my way, but you’re right, I can look to it now and have some achievable goals in place. And yes, Karen is a total inspiration – as well as being a darned good writer! Fab posts, thank you

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    1. Thanks so much Lynn – I appreciate the feedback because I actually had this all lumped into a “three-part lens-artists” post and then that was too much – so doing this two parts (and I went from 950 words to approx 600 to not be wordy) well appreciate the comment on that unified feeling

      and best wishes on your looking ahead for the coming year – oh my goodness is it really “2020” – feels like (years ago) that was the chosen year to use when we wanted to project something far far off

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  2. Only 15 weeks left? Wow – that doesn’t sound long! There’s more than I can list here that I want to achieve by the end of the year, but one thing I’ve realised is that I’d better get on and brew this mead… 🙂
    Great flash fiction piece. Have a lovely week, Yvette. 🙂

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  3. Such an important topic! And I can well believe that having a loved one die of the disease would be a great motivator to help eradicate it. The image of filling up inside again really rang true to me.

    And whew, thanks for the reminder that now’s the time to make sure I finish 2019 strongly!

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    1. thanks so much for the feedback – and sometimes the best motivation is to make a difference – and all the more when it is something that has impacted on a personal level –

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  4. I really enjoyed this post! In your story, the contrasts that you set up of the empty house/things no longer used and the things that continue (the whirling fan blades) help to create that sense of action–that call to do something about the problem. And–to answer your question–well, I’m starting a novel in the horror genre. My goal is to get it half-way done by the end of December. I’ve set a goal of 5,000 words a week and so far I’m doing it–keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t give up:) Cheers!

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    1. Hi – oh my goodness – I NEVER would have imagined you doing horror – only because I know your wit and humor side – and that social intelligence. But hey – if you are called to write it – best wishes and it sounds like you have momentum and a realistic reachable goal.
      I am so happy for you – and please keep me posted –

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  5. So interesting what you uncovered about the yellow fever. So sad for those who lost family and friends in these outbreaks. I hope they don’t kill more than the mosquitoes with their spraying.

    I am so honored I inspired you with my homegrown MFA! I can’t wait to hear more of what you do with the rest of your year. It’s a great time of year to assess one’s progress. You’ve got me thinking!

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    1. Hi again – — the goals for the rest of my year are very minimal ones – this is not going to be a year of achievement for me – WIP’s stay dormant – and it has been a chill and restore and keep healing kind of year – but I do have some small things to NOT bring into 2020 with me – we’ll see…

      that spray does look dangerous in the photo I chose – but let’s pretend it was something that did not mess up the balance out there – because as you know – that is what happens even with certain cleanses – it can be too sterile or too blasting of the good microbes!

      and did you know that “tipping water dishes” is an important thing people can do to reduce the vector – so I had my character include that in his mission –
      space was limited in the post – well packed enough – but I almost added this image of the garlic water that could be used to reduce mosquitos

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  6. I love the way you’ve written your story to strengthen your motivational post. It’s a fine stand-alone story, too. Those 15 weeks include NaNoWriMo – I’m working on the plan for that now, and while I expect to complete the challenge in terms of word count, I reckon that will only get me halfway through the novel, so my New Year will start by finishing an old project!

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    1. Hi – I forgot about NaNoWriMo – and I have never done it – and hope to one year (maybe this year) but good point about all that month long output only getting you half way there – so much tweaking and editing –
      oh and thanks for the fiction feedback


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