The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week is to show “What Is Magical To You?” 

To join in… here are some things that SPLASHED EVERYDAY MAGICAL MOMENTS my way….

 1) Splashed with ART from the fridge: 

Artsy Quail Eggs  – with magical cocoa brown swirls and Jackson Pollock pearls

 2) Splashed with YELLOW while watering the flowers in late summer:

WHEN THE GROUP of LEMON YELLOW BUTTERFLIES SHOWED UP THIS MONTH – THEY BROUGHT LEMON YELLOW FLUTTERS OF FUN. GO HERE to read about these “Cloudless sulphur butterfly, Phoebis sennae” that migrate in late summer and early fall. 

3) Splashed with AWE to see Vinca – all pretty – looking at me – healthy – happy – blooming free. 

Late summer blooms….

4) Splashed with WONDER – to see spent blooms – exiting gracefully – with a colorful show 

5) Splashed with GRATITUDE when I saw this Red Poppy on my mother’s purse: 

The red poppy was immortalized, “In Flanders Fields,” a poem by Canadian doctor and officer, John McCrae. McCrae was intrigued with the poppy because it can lay dormant in the soil for years and has the ability to reappear in great numbers! Eventually, the red poppy became the symbol of remembrance. My mother’s silk red poppy led to some nice conversating.   I told her that it had been YEARS since I encountered the Veterans who used to sell these red poppies. I miss those old Vets! They used to greet us with smiles and a donation can – in exchange for a smack donation, we would get a little silk poppy – sometimes a HUG – other times just a few smiles and lots of gratitude splashed inside the heart. It was a magical moment that felt so everyday – and now seems gone – have not seen eh vets in our area in a long while. Glad the old Veterans offering red poppies were around when my boys were little because it provided a chance to help them remember FREEDOM IS NOT FREE. Lest we all forget.


5) Splashed with APPRECIATION when bloggers reminded us to value what we have: 

5A) Sorryless (HERE) wrote a powerful 9/11 remembrance post about how “We are eighteen years removed….” and we need to continue to honor and remember — ending with, “Maybe faith is found inside the footprints of those who prosper the darkness so that we may gain the light.”

5 B) Author Sherri Matthews has a handful of remembrance posts, and last November (here) had this:





6) Splashed with QUIET REFLECTION after seeing a symbol of my faith in the shadows:

6) Splashed with MORE ART from a leftover juice glass


Thanks for stopping by –

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44 thoughts on “SPLASHED with EVERYDAY MAGICAL MOMENTS (Lens-Artists #63)

    1. well can you share the link for the story you crafted that had the red poppp y- would love to have it here just in case someone wants it later…
      and thanks for the nice comment.
      My mother found another one in her purse – later on her trip – and gave it to me for the car

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  1. “with magical cocoa brown swirls and Jackson Pollock pearls”

    THAT is delicious.

    It’s hard to believe, but with so many of the WW2 veterans having passed, it is the Vietnam veterans who take up that revered stead now.

    And may I say I am humbled, honored and filled with gratitude over your mention of my post. I am blessed to have made your acquaintance on the blogosphere. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks sorryless – and I am also ” blessed to have made your acquaintance on the blogosphere” but I say that mostly because of the Cubano info (kidding)
      and I was not sure how to reference your post – and glad it came out fine
      and had no idea about the Vietnam Vets carrying on the Red Poppy propagation – I will be on the lookout

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  2. A lovely post! From the fridge is a real treat…and I was very taken by the red poppy story and the veterans – and then I saw that the Vietnam Vets were carrying it on. ♥ So many magical moments in life.

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    1. thanks for taking the time to read the post and some comments – I also was inspired by the Vietnam Vets carrying on the red poppy fundraiser – and will be on the lookout for them
      and I did not get to taste the quail eggs – my son bought them from he farmer’s market and they were gone before I could snag one


      1. …especially the Laurence Binyon’s For the Fallen that you’ve included here. It’s a central part of all the remembrance day services and parades over here. I always hear that with a huge lump in my throat. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Very nice – I love how you combined all the splashes of color with the narrative – even an ordinary glass with the remnants of dark-color juice was a splash of color – the poppies are so vibrant aren’t they?

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  4. This is such an interesting and also very moving post. The splashes take us to many places including places often overlooked ( the fallen flower petals) and then the splash of remembrance. Wonderful!


  5. Mon amie, what a wonderful post, splashed with the magic of a beautiful blogger so gracious and kind in sharing your heart so moved by all those moments in the every day that bring you joy. And then you share that same joy and meaning with us. I am honoured that you would share my rememberance posts here. Thank you so much. They are close to my heart, as you know and even better when we get the opportunity to share our hearts with others. And I wanted to let you know that poppies are still sold here in abundance every year for our November 11, Armistice Day, more usually called Rememberance Sunday. Street sellers with their little boxes and paper poppies are not so common, they used to come door to door usually veterans from the British Legion more often.Still do, but not so much. Usually now outside supermarkets and shops on the high street. I love your photos always, and the colour splash and sentiment here brings joy and smiles to my day. But I absolutely love your photo of your mother’s silk poppy and the story behind it and the conversation it led to between the two of you. Also that your boys got to experience the selling of those poppies when little and grow up knowing, as you quote, that ‘freedom is not free.’ Love ya… ❤


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