Thursday Doors (& Poetry book by Charly Priest)

Hello Readers – To join in with Norm’s Thursday Doors I have some black and white from an old hotel in Richmond, Virginia. 

late 1800’s Bricks down this hall
I started thinking of shoes…
 This sign was hanging near the door. Had to capture it – good message – feel stuck or like limits are holding you back? Set goals and start with one baby step. Get going – get moving – you can do it. Also, to join in with Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Candid Photography HERE have this photo: 
I like the theme of threes – and a door 🙂 – also – this is a brand new building – built this year – contrast that with the other photos in this post, which are from a very old building 


Charly Priest’s (here) has his poetry book on Amazon (HERE)

cp book 1

cp book 2

and on Kindle here

cp on kindle

CP’s old post is HERE












31 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (& Poetry book by Charly Priest)

    1. Hi Trent – thanks for the comment – and yeah – that old basement hall has a certain vibe – and my pleasure for leaving a review – enjoy your writing because you sure do make every word count – and nice flow with idea layers

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  1. Your photos are wonderful. I like the b&w approach to this challenge. The sign on the door is encouraging and makes me wonder how often I’ve falsely limited myself, instead of setting goals… 🤔

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    1. thanks ally – and the basment lighting was so bad – the pics were almost mono as it was –
      and the sign – appreciate your feedback because that was finally my takeaway – yet at first I did not care for the quote because I hate the word “winners” – because when it comes to life issues – well we know the failures and times of loss and setback are embedded in any wins – it’s all connected – but then the quote hit me – in the way you noted:

      “makes me wonder how often I’ve falsely limited myself, instead of setting goals… 🤔”

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      1. oh best wishes getting caught up – I am actually pausing my blog for a bit to get caught up (I might do some reblogs tho – hmmm still toying with the idea)
        and hope you have a great rest of the week D

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      2. Reblogs work well, especially for followers who have come along recently. In any case, I hope you get caught up with everything. I need to do that, soon.


      1. I’ve only used old B&W family pictures, maybe one sepia-toned photo (a real vintage photo) but I went to a Ford Model A gathering last year and did one Model A in B&W … I intended to do all of them like that but my photos did not show the shiny metal of some of those refurbished cars, so I just did one photo only.

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