Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Two of Anything (2020 Countdown Day 10)

 It is #twosday and I am joining in with Cee’s Black and White Photo challenge (here) because this week the theme is: “two of anything” – 

Here is my take:

We try not to drink Keurig pods (because we want less exposure to plastics) but earlier this year we had this delicious “Culture Blend” – and what a great name for a coffee blend. Sweet and vibrant and smooth – just like culture – right?

Now for my last photo -from an art show a while back: 

Two females. One in the painting – young – athletic – with her dancer posture that is overly perfect – and in toe shoes. In contrast, we have the older lady walking, the viewer and a real person and not in a painting – ha – and she has on flip-flops – casual posture, etc.  I like the way they both have arms/shoulders exposed and the mood of this photo is enriched from the lady’s shadow and the six paintings right.  What do you think? 

Nathan Knobler Quote from the Visual Dialogue:

“In the relatively short period from the middle of the nineteenth century to the first two decades of the twentieth century there arose in succession the impressionists, the pointillists, the Fauves, the cubists, the futurists, and others –  groups of artists all attempting to find an adequate equivalent for the communication of the world they perceived about them. Each group found it necessary to construct a visual vocabulary and grammar, which differed from those available to them. In their own time the equivalents produced by these painters and sculptors were, quite naturally, compared to the traditional standard, the perspective image, and found wanting. The differences in application of paint, in the use of color, in the representation of form and space were frequently attributed by the critics to inadequate ability or arbitrary idiosyncrasies, sometimes even to madness. 

The presort day viewer of art can no longer assume that the photographic image is a standard by which other images are to be judged, a language acting acting as other measures of communication systems, for he finds himself in a multilingual visual world, a world in which all languages have a value measured by their ability to communicate a significant image of some portion of human experience.”



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P R I O R H O U S E  B L O G 








36 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Two of Anything (2020 Countdown Day 10)

    1. Hi – I wonder too – I think the photo is a little misleading because she was also walking – and not sure she stayed too long there – but that is the beauty of a quick photo – it can suggest its own something
      and wishing you a good day


      1. I noticed her foot in motion, but still liked to think she was maybe thinking of herself and needed to quickly pass as her dream for dancing was gone……


    1. thanks – and that was from this year – stopped for coffee when my mom was here and was hoping to get a few bike photos and I almost missed those two guys – later – I liked the greek restaurant in the back and two posts –

      Liked by 1 person

    1. that is how I take the photo too – and I agree that ballet is so good for grace and coordination – and what is really popular at a lot of gyms lately is a class called “barre” and you do workouts with the ballet bar and I hate it because it is heavy not he thighs. – and when you see the women that have been doing the class for years – they have thunder thighs – super strong and all – but not a look I want

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Interesting – no I would not want thunder thighs either. I am surprised for all the walking I do, that I do not have muscular thighs. I can’t even say that my calves are muscular either. I think running gives you sinewy legs.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I wanted to search for the story on hopping; the week has not left me much time for myself as I just explained. I am going to look outside as we were supposed to have freezing rain and have mist and 92% humidity right now … don’t especially car to walk in that and since I’m no longer chasing a goal, I may not even go out. They were predicting freezing rain, so likely all that humid air and dampness translates to black ice at the Park. Not worth taking a tumble. Have a good day Yvette.


    1. thanks – and that was how I took the mood of the photo as well – but I do not think that lady even stopped to ponder that painting – she glanced as was on her way to the back area….

      Liked by 1 person

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