January Light Squares: BLUE LIGHT (Kettle, Bar Stools, Blue Light Blockers Eyeglasses)


Hello readers, for Day 2 for #JanuaryLight with Life of B’s photography SQUARE challenge, I have this photo: 


We went to “Top Golf” the other night and while waiting for our “climate-controlled hitting bay” I grabbed a few photos and took this one to share with Xingfumamma for Pull up a Seat


The bright blue lights from my favorite tea kettle – and the blue light at the bar –  reminded me of the “blue light blocker” eye glasses that my son and hubs wear.

One of my goals for 2020 is to share some health tips and bio hacks in the posts I share.

So for Day #2 of 2020 – I want to share about blue light blocker eyeglasses. 




All visible light humans are able to see has the full spectrum of the rainbow, from red to violet. This spectrum includes blue light waves, which help us stay alert and upbeat. The problem is, newer artificial lights like LEDS and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs do not have most of the infrared, violet, and red light that is found in sunlight; instead, it increases the intensity of the blue light to a level humans cannot handle. This is known as “junk light.” Blue light is everywhere — it comes from the sun, electronic devices, and fluorescent and LED lights. Blue light messes with your circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin, the hormone that tells your brain when it’s time to sleep. It tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime.


Blocking blue light serves an important biological purpose, helping to regulate your internal clock to control sleep patterns and other body functions; avoiding blue light at night is crucial to protecting your health. How can you help combat the impacts of blue light or junk light exposures?

  • Shut down all electronic devices at least two hours before bed.

  • Wear Blue Blocker glasses.

  • Take carotenoid supplements (lutein, zeaxanthin, and astaxanthin work together to protect the retina and reduce oxidative stress caused by blue light).

  • Increase your exposure to high-quality light sources. 

Block the blue light and you will feel like dancing more – hahah (someone shared this gif on New Year’s Eve and had to share it too) Wishing you a great day…














37 thoughts on “January Light Squares: BLUE LIGHT (Kettle, Bar Stools, Blue Light Blockers Eyeglasses)

  1. The latest glasses we both just got at Costco have a coating that blocks blue light, so that’s good, although I don’t wear my glasses most of the time, just my contacts. But my husband’s an IT guy and on his computer all day (and wears glasses) so that should help quite a lot.


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    1. Cheers to the same kettle –
      I know I will think of you sometimes when I use it –
      And the funny thing is I grabbed that model – real quick – in December 20-7
      – it only lasted until January 2019-
      The plastic lever to click it “on” broke –
      And so all year I used this fancy metal kettle –
      And missed the other one so much –
      Just went and got it again/ and now all is well!
      And wow – congrats on the sugar – I will try and post about a few things I did to get sugar out – and do be careful because it is a huge change – a systemic addiction and there could be herxheimer reaction and I would suggest doing cleanses
      To help –
      I will try and post about it this weekend
      – I am getting ready to take a few weeks off from
      Blogging (just a healthy little digital fast) and will
      Try and post it before then…

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      1. I also have a similar re-buy story with this kettle. We first got one when we moved to Maine last June and then we brought it to our house, but it never made it with us when we moved to Arizona last year. I even asked the guy who brought us our cats to bring the hot pot, but it still sits on our counter in Maine. So I jumped at the chance to buy it again when we moved to Hawaii 🙂

        Thank you for your encouragement. I am definitely feeling the headaches and will reread Dr. Brogan’s cleansing suggestions.

        I hope you will enjoy your digital fast! That is a great idea. I will miss you, but am glad you are taking some time for you.

        ❤ Alana


      2. Hi – I also have some stuff for my hubs for you.
        And the time away on a digital fast does not really feel like “me time” – But maybe in some ways it is…. usually my blog is my “me time” for creativity sharing and whatnot – and digital fats are hard the first week but always have rich rewards with insight or something else that unfolds. So I do not “want” to really do it but the fruits are so good.

        I will be in touch this weekend with some resources
        – and prayers your way for wisdom in what you need to do hour by hour
        – in 2014- I did Two 30 day Kroeger herb candida cleanses – that was 60 days and it was key for starting to break the sugar the sugar and carb habits I had of using them as my fuel source – it still took years to really get off sugar completely – like I had protein bars that had sugar and didn’t realize fruit is on the NO list if battling candidiasis – – plus needed supplements to help heal leaky gut and to support my liver and thyroid!
        The Body’s system was being overhauled and enzymes are key too – sparks of life.


  2. I do have a special tint on my eyeglasses for blue light … I don’t know if it helps or not but the last time I had an eye exam I mentioned how many hours a day I am on a computer and he suggested these eyeglasses. That was an interesting gif you share Yvette. It is a new year and you have changed your signoff and sent the wreaths packing until next year. 🙂

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    1. well you noticed the wreathes are gone… and I have about 8 logo options to choose from – this green one is an oldie but goodie.
      and good that the eye glasses have the blockers – but I guess during the morning you want the full spectrum because it energizes and lifts the mood – but Ibet the blocking is not too much

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      1. Yes I did notice right away Yvette – I liked them and I am going to write you and thank you for what you sent to me … that e-mail made my day!!

        As to the glasses I wear most of the day with the blue tint, I really cannot tell you if they help or not, but I am in front of a computer almost 12 hours a day, between time in the morning before going outside, work and blogging/social media presence in the evenings. I don’t have TV nor fo I subscribe to newspapers, so I get all my news on AM radio all-news sites and on social media news sites. So I am online a lot of hours per day. I mentioned it to the eye doctor and he suggested this tint which is a special coating I believe. I have a pair of prescription glasses that I wear when I go out which are Transitions®. They work well for driving and in the sun and don’t affect any camera use …however, I have since read that you should wear regular sunglasses when out in the sun for full eye protection (not only worries about delicate eye tissue and crows feet, but eye cancer from strong sun rays). I am not sun worshipper like I did in my teens (stupidly sometimes). I did dark sunglasses when I still wore contact lenses, but after I stopped wearing them when I started working at home, I just have done this Transitions®. Before my next eye doctor appointment I’ll need to decide whether to opt for prescription sunglasses instead. I am not out that much in sun except on weekends; the rest of the time (workweek) I am out in the morning. I prefer walking in the a.m. all year, but especially the Summer months when it is cooler and less humid.

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      2. Thanks for sharing about your glasses
        – and one thing to remember tho is that we need sunlight and Ste (awesome health coach guy) reminds folks that to make vitamin d – we need to get that sunshine and nkt fear it- and my hubs says that when folks wear sunglasses all the time – it signals hike ins and brisk functions that interfere with getting the most from the sunshine –
        Kind of hard to explain – but it is not good to always have sunglasses on – but I would definitely get your prescription sunglasses for when you need them – but also have time out side with your eyes natural – –

        And I know the ozone layer is not what it used to be – but I am convinced that the sun correlated with skin cancer in folks who have underlying unhealthy terrain problems. Most cancers are from an immune system
        Problem – and vitamin D3 boosts immunity and we synthesize that when getting sunshine –
        So the dangers we have in our world that are contributing to cancer :
        -Not enough time in the sun – and wearing chemical sunscreen – and glasses all the time
        -Sitting too much
        -Eating sugar which suporesss immune function
        -Eating simple carbs and crap food that is processed like sugar – like all this expensive protein bars – they often have 30 grams of sugars and too much protein for one time
        -Stress and sympathetic nervous system engagement and not enough parasympathetic
        – not enough laughter and joy (like more folks need to feed the squirrels – ha
        – chemicals – all this fake meat has estrogen and is part of the lie About red meat – people need animal products to feed their cells
        – chemicals ! They are everywhere – from the “melts” in making a house smell good – detergents – sprays – etc
        – a low fat or fat feee diet is also dangerous because the cells and brain need the fats – so does the skin – and further – the fats and oils help chelate “heavy metals” which I believe also connect to cancer and other ailments –
        – heavy metals are bad bad news for humans and this is why I do not advocate the flu shot – people are dumbed down to look the other way but mercury in any amount is not okay for humans – and then when folks have health problems or eye issues or immune problems – they do nkt realize it is related to mercury and other build ups –
        – and radiation – still learning so much but Ste also insists we skip the full body scan at airports – and then watch other sources of radiation – seafood from certain places – microwave use (which ruins food anyhow)
        – pathogens in the gut combine with other things –
        But it comes from unhealthy terrain –
        “It is all in the terrain”

        No need to
        Reply – just want to start speaking up more with little health tidbits


  3. That gif is cute!
    My eye dr is a force to be reckoned with even if she does look like a 4’9 Barbie doll. She orders blue light protection, scratch resistant, and anti-glare on every pair. Also, there’s a setting on most smart devices, to turn off the blue light altogether, or at a certain time — so to some extent we can help ourselves 🙂

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    1. Thanks for mentioning that devices now have that option – I forgot all about that…
      and glad you have a great eye doctor – such a gift to find docs that are competent and good – cos not all are –

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