40 thoughts on “Wednesday Street Shots 1/15/20

  1. Yvette, an interesting selection of photos … my son has shoes just like the ones in the last photo… and they are so long and sleek! I worry for the multi-tasking man … I can just imagine an accident about to befall on that mobile.


    1. Hi Annika – cool your son has similar shoes – the Asian man wearing these was not super dressed up –
      But his shoes were…
      And I told him I liked the shoes


    1. Hahah – the shoe photo seems to be a hit today… and I can understand why you don’t take photos of people – as you know I like to grab some shots but sometimes I wrestle with it – and there are shots I delete or decide not to take

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  2. Great shots and shoe! I wore high heels when I was young, wedgies that gave me about five extra inches, but I shudder to think of being in them now on city sidewalks. I’d probably break some bone or land on my posterior…I can slip or fall just walking across a small rise in my lawn if I’m not paying attention. lol.

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      1. It won’t be me ever again. Unless, of course, I have two people holding onto both arms.


    1. well I look forward to any posts you make with shoes.
      I thought of you last week with a few new fire hydrant posts – maybe in the summer I aiwll have enough for a post –
      have a good day amigo

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  3. Yvette, I continued to return to the first photo. Generally interesting. A gentleman likely 65+ captivated by his phone, still rare plus cigarette, coffee, cane. I think I read in comments, multi-tasking. Yes.

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