Two-for-Tuesday (Pull Up A Seat 2020 – Week 10)

Hello Readers – joining in with Pull Up A Seat Challenge here with XingfuMama.

Isn’t the mood here unique? In the background is an old building – with the classic Virginia brick – and then this chair is sometimes used by someone who panhandles at the corner. The mood here is quiet but the isolated vibe is only in the picture. This photo was taken on a busy street during a noisy time of day. But this little snippet depicts quiet.



now come on – this is not the place to toss your old chair….



Thanks to story reading ape for this comic duo

.Hope your Tuesday is doubly great – 🙂 








28 thoughts on “Two-for-Tuesday (Pull Up A Seat 2020 – Week 10)

    1. Thanks- I felt that too – and the first chair I was actually going for an out of place vibe on the corner – had no idea how cool it would look with the building – it was a surprise

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    1. Hi sue – I do not know what that building used to be – but now it is a school – they have a little children’s play set in the yard – – but makes me want to explore too – Th a is for the comment

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  1. Missing pulling up a seat with you. How are you? Hope all is well, and that you are coping with current times. Been thinking of you lots these past few days


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