Stress level high? Follow me to the Lab!

Hello readers, joining in with Terri’s Sunday Stills photo challenge, which has the theme of Top Dog this week:

The post idea actually started after I visited Bushboy’s blog and then right after that, enjoyed pet comics at the story reading ape blog. Like this comic:

Did you know that Priorhouse is ready to bring home a new dog? 

We are looking for a Lab, likely a golden. So the comic was right on time.

Dog readiness occured a few months ago. Some readers know that we lost our labs (Cody in 2016, Steve in 2018). Then, around the start of this year (2020), the hubs was going to adopt a troubled yellow Lab, but we were second in line (good thing too because the dog was a couple of years old, ate live chickens, and as much as I support the rescue mission, prefer to have a young pup straight from a litter).

Did you also know that right now is a terrible time to find a new pet?

But we have patience – so all good. 

The waiting can be a nice part of the process. Helps the readiness. 


Stress level high and you can’t get a lab quite yet?  Take a walk and enjoy pets on the walk – from a distance that is….. like this little cutie from a walk last week.

 Here is Benji – my friend Karin and I met this sweet pup last August while we were out for a coffee. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Stress level high and you can’t get a lab yet?  Take another walk and enjoy trains and street art:

 Looking out from the top of the bridge — linked to Becky B’s Square Tops

In closing, have to share another comic (see more comics over at the story reading ape blog)



Hope you have a great day











38 thoughts on “Stress level high? Follow me to the Lab!

      1. I think my reply disappeared… was saying any dog will do. I can’t have one where I am but in the future I will. I miss mine she was a lab mix. Had her for 13 or more years. Went on road trips together and all. She was sweet.

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  1. Such cute cartoons! Good luck in your search for your new family member! I’m surprised to hear that dogs for adoption are difficult to find right now. I would have thought with 40,000 plus being fostered because of shelters having to close, it would have been easier. Anyway, I just know you’ll find the perfect one for you! And that will definitely call for pictures! LOL!

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    1. Hi Linda – many breeders have pressed pause – some have waiting lists and every place is different right now – but heard an adoption agency in Fl had their dogs all adopted for the first time ever.
      We had someone offer my hubs a puppy – – get this – at a Wa Wa – lol – it was back in February And it was tempting – but the dog was half Lab and half pit bull. So not really for us. I wasn’t there but if I was – maybe I would have fallen in love with one –

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  2. This is a nice post. I’m glad to see you’re going to bring a dog into the house – good for all involved.

    I love the cartoons. There must be a kitty boot camp, because they all know those moves.

    Thanks for including the train pictures, that last one is an excellent photo.

    Take care and stay well.

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    1. Thanks Terri – and in the past – we have had our dogs in pairs – so I wonder if trains time it will be just one or end up being another pair. Keep everyone posted –
      Wishing you A great rest of the month – as April winds down 🌸

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    1. Hi Tina, we actually are looking to buy one from a breeder – but I did not hear that the shelters were overloaded – we heard the opposite – either way – keep everyone posted


    1. Hi – I agree that they pick us!
      Turns out – we got our dog a few days after this post went up – and talk about foreshadowing ! When I made the post – I thought it would take a few months – anyhow – I will share a post about him soon – brown lab – 2 years old – so sweet

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  3. Oh, wow, on the new dog, Yvette! Definitely a little cutie on this walk. And then, of course, Benji. Huge smile on the Kitty Boot Camp. I didn’t know there was a school for cuteness. A fun post!

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