Monday Morning Cherry Blossoms – from Richmond and D.C.

Happy Monday Readers, 

It is time for Monday Morning Blooms. 

Both of City Sonnet’s color challenges match my post today – 

colors and letters: “wild rose color shade”
photo a day: “creative”

There is a hint of mild, wild rose shade in the cherry blossoms.

Our “hanging in there cherry tree” bloomed in early April this year (it varies each season – this tree blooms anytime March through April). 

So these blooms are from our tree out front (Richmond, Virginia) 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For anyone who had to cancel their plans to see the cherry blossoms in D.C. this year (sniff) – here is a “creative” painting depicting the D.C. Cherry Blossoms. 

Three different shots – to get a feel for the lights surrounding the art –

which photo do you like best?

Number one


Number two



Number 3


I might like #2 the most – hmmm, et tu?


Also joining in with Cee’s Flower of the Day


Hope you have a nice Monday

P R I O R H O U S E 









40 thoughts on “Monday Morning Cherry Blossoms – from Richmond and D.C.

  1. The photos of the cherry blossom framing the White House are beautiful. I haven’t seen anything like that before. I think I like the third one best.

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    1. Hi heart 2 heart ❤️
      I agree and funny you should mention that because earlier this year when I took the photo – I was actually only going for the lights.
      ESP the chandelier – the art too – but Mostly the light –
      But just have a straight on photo of the painting would be nice too
      Good day amiga

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      1. The chandelier by itself is a show stopper! I’ll blame it on the title and the cherry blossom season that I was yearning to catch a undistracted glimpse of the cherry blossoms 🌸 🌸🌸 you may call me Rita 😊

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      1. Haha, you have got it, Yvette. I use the two names to separate my children’s books from my adult books, especially seeing as my adult writing is paranormal and supernatural – not suitable for kids.

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  2. I love your cherry blossoms, how lucky you are to have a cherry tree. We usually go to the park to view masses of them and its quite an event. This year, because of the Coronavirus and social distancing, they closed the park. They did stream it on line, but nothing beats being there in person.


    1. Hi – thanks for the comment – and the park you mentioned sounds great!
      Being around a lot of cherry blossoms is truly uplifting –
      And our “One” cherry blossom tree almost died and had trunk rot.
      Proud to say I revived it and it is mostly healthy – a slow grower – but is holding on just fine.
      The best part about it is that I have grown up children and I recall So many springs with them when they were younger – we
      Coordinated Spring science fairs for five years in a row and Almost every year we had the fair –
      This tree was blooming and we’d bring some indoors and once to the fair

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      1. Yes I hear ya. Don’t think I will get to see my son graduate but we will have a special ceremony at home! I told him he is still going to wear his cap and gown! 🙂

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    1. Sounds like you have lots of experience with seeing them – I have only seen them twice – you know – been there to feel the massive rows of blooms – and once was just so so –

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  3. All the blossoms feels so hopeful and remind me of new life…still fresh here in the north but it’s warming and blooms are starting as well…have a creative day Prior and I love the fuchsia pink 🌷☺️😉 smiles Hedy

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  4. We are fortunate to have beautiful cherry blossoms, too. Our downtown is usually quite stunning. Unfortunately, not many people go downtown these days. I love the soft, delicate pinks “wild rose colour shade.” All three photos are beautiful. A choice? Number 3. Thank you for sharing, Yvette.🙂

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  5. Lovely cherry blossoms! So lush!
    I actually like the perspectives offered by all 3 captures – but if I really had to pick one, it would be the first. It gives me a warm and cosy feeling while having a good look at both the artwork as well as the chandelier.

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