33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Buildings, Bikes, Seats, Lights

    1. Hi – thanks!
      And I have no idea of what these places are – the pics are three different places in Washington DC – the first two are the same
      Building – the last two are just different places I found on a walk


    1. Hi T- I like that top photo a lot too…
      And puppy pictures coming soon – I promise – and I actually thought of you twice this week regarding sharing a doggie pic for the weekly smile – so I will be getting to it soon-

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    1. Hi Rita – actually this is just a building on a street in DC – the first two pics are same building – I was just across the street –
      And they have that very big sidewalk in front of the building

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  1. I like your photos. The lines and reflections are interesting. I like the lights hanging from the ceiling in the last photos. I’ve had my eye on something like those for a while. Just need the decor style to go with them I guess.

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  2. I like the different lights you’ve spotlighted here Yvette, the building must be huge from the looks of it and even the fixture glass is huge like the buildings. I wouldn’t want to be the window washer!

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