Why Birds Matter & Avian Friends book review by Renee Greene

Hello Readers – 

Earlier this year, Renee Greene, freelance writer and blogger from Heart Tokens (here) did a review of my Avian Friends book. It came at a surprise time – and was a special gift. I am still moved and it was a few months ago.

avian friends
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Renee’s review of the book reminded me to stay diligent with my book reviews — because it can be so awesome for authors. And so I have a few blog posts coming soon with some quick book reviews (and Ana Linden has just release led her book so I shall start there).

This post is to also let you know that I will run a free download of Avian Friends sometime in June. I also think it is time to raffle off a paperback copy of Avian Friends in June – so stay tuned for that. 

In the meantime,  while on the topic of birds…

Did you know?

National Geographic featured a great article about “Why Birds Matter”

And there was a Ted Talk I watched a while ago and the man suggested everyone should listen to birds 🦢 🐦 🦅 for at least five minutes every day – because it is good for human health.

In closing, want to again say THANK YOU to Renee. 🙂 Your review edified me so much.  I appreciate your time to read it and then write a review. 

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18 thoughts on “Why Birds Matter & Avian Friends book review by Renee Greene

    1. Ahhhh – but of course I know you and Jackie know this first hand. And from your “where is Nugget?” Series to the many bird photos you share it truly delivers that avian love!

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  1. Birds do matter, indeed, Yvette. As a lover of wildlife I’ve often watched them through my binoculars whilst out wandering, and it’s a very therapeutic thing to do. And definitely, everyone should listen to 5 minutes of bird song a day – we’d probably all be a lot less stressed. Good advice. 🙂

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    1. Hi alli!
      You are so right – we’d all
      Be less stressed – even it was partly placebo and a conditioned response.
      Like if someone said – “going to get my five minutes of bird time in” and they went and relaxed
      To soak it up- they come back in refreshed and was it the birds or the act of taking me time and telling oneself it was doing them good. Likely both – hahaha
      And sometimes birds can be too loud and overbearing – like in 1992 we had too many birds near the villa I rented for a while.
      And thought of you the other day – started a documentary about Marco Polo –
      Need to finish – but all things Middle Ages reminds me of you


  2. I need to learn more about the birds in our new area, although I’ve become familiar with some already. When I walk in the Riparian Preserve, my favorite place here, there’s constant bird song/noise and it’s part of what I find relaxing, although sometimes they get a bit raucous. I joined a Facebook birding group for Arizona and the Southwest, so that should help.


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    1. I have seen your flower paintings and some boats and misc – and of course birds are a popular subject for you! And I can imagine you soaking up their beautiful symphony in between painting sessions (or during?)


  3. Yvette, I have been reading all of my life and I only recently learned how book reviews matter. I just now stopped by Amazon to read the description and review of “Avian Friends.” I look forward to reading it. I am intrigued about some of the “behind the poem” tidbits. I am trying to locate the date of the National Geographic article. I think we have thirty years of all of the National Geographics. I enlarged your screen and it looks like January, 2018. I will hunt it down.

    The “water off a duck’s back” made me smile. A wonderful review by Renee Greene!

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  4. Hi – sorry I did not share more about the article – this post had been sitting in a draft and this morning I just had to get it out – I was not sure what I wanted to do with it and actually had a different idea –
    And I even wanted to share a link to the ted talk that mentioned the bird sounds for five minutes – but decided I will add that net month when I share the free download!
    But your comment (appreciate it) reminded me that the times I d add extras can be helpful for those (like you) that might want to explore more or that already have the magazines.

    Anyhow – when you get to read Aidan friends – it does have a little religious faith to a few posts. I know some people don’t have room for any of that – and they are not my audience then – ha – but as I am sure you know – I am not an overly religious person but the way the birds connect to my life related to a few special moments where faith comes in.
    And later – would love to share more about the behind the poems section – because it was very intentional –
    And I think it also ties into something I learned about human storytelling and how a little extra makes things come to life more.
    Not to ramble – but I am glad you mentioned that because the book was done and I went back in and added those sections and so many people who Have read the book – said it is their favorite part.
    I plan on doing it for the book I have in draft with my flash fiction entries.
    A little behind the fiction – it is 25% done and slowly brewing

    Lastly – I know you know the value of book reviews and you really make some excellent posts! The ones I have seen on your blog are just wonderful – (jill’s book, annika’s, etc.) and well – it is also so genuine – 😊✌️


  5. That was nice Yvette – the TED talk sounds interesting. I will search for it and try to find it. My parents subscribed to “National Geographic” for years and we watched the television specials too. Birds are incredible creatures and we must never take them for granted for their beautiful song.

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