Summer 2020 with COVID Flair (Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104 )

The theme for the lens-artists’ photo challenge is Summer (here)

I decided to share photos unique to summer 2020, which has that Covid flair. 

Usually during the summer sunrise, this beach has a good amount of folks – but not during Summer 2020
Masks.. of course… and I like the colors in this shot – summer, colorful, summer
The white sneakers stood out to me in this shot. Felt timeless to see bright white sneakers


Hand Sanitizer everywhere.
Heinz 57 and Hand Sanitizer – the new normal on the tables while dining out..



Yep, this couple from WV was traveling the east coast with their own toilet paper.


Please do not have a seat… (linked to pull up a seat)




Summer Geraniums still everywhere – very glad 🙂
Ahhhh, summer spiders doing their thing
This photo came to mind when I read Patti’s post about summer (here) where she had this quote: “Summer just opens the door and lets you out.” (And I liked how the hair matches the gate color in this photo) – 


Anyhow, as the world slowly reopens after COVID shutdowns, let’s walk through that door and get outside- and focus on rebuilding our body’s terrain rather than letting fear swell up and leave us in pull-back mode. 

Early Summer 2020 brought many smiles after a quick and safe family visit to see new baby James. 🙂 (linked to Trent’s weekly smile)


Here is a quick update on some of my works in progress (WIPs). This might look like a lot, but keep in mind that some of these projects have been in the works for a while and it will take years to finish these.

Project #3 (at 70% done) is a short book I am working on with a student and it will be released later this summer. Project #1, the green bar, is 90% done. It was started informally more than 10 years ago and that might be the next one I work on finishing up. Taking it one month at a time. 


Hope you have a great rest of your day 


CARE TO JOIN in with the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and share some photos from your at-home mode? Here are the links:


53 thoughts on “Summer 2020 with COVID Flair (Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #104 )

    1. Hi Tina – I have only worked on two of those projects during the pandemic – – well a few of them I add to weekly so maybe five of them had small
      Additions – but they are ongoing projects – and thanks for reading all the way to that part 😉

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    1. Hi book club mom!
      Thanks for the comment – and for noting the hair and gate photo – I almost left that out to add in a Thursday door post later – but glad I left it in 😉

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  1. Sweet baby James. 🙂 I can’t imagine I’ll travel with toilet paper when I go to Wyoming, but perhaps a roll or two wouldn’t hurt. I will have disinfectant spray for the night I stay in a motel and of course, masks. Be sure not to mix up the hand sanitizer and the ketchup, OK? 🙂 Yes, it’s been a very different summer and you caught a lot of that here. For us, add to C-19 a big move to a very different climate and place and it becomes even more unusual. However, my parents are loving having us here and we’re enjoying helping them and spending time with them. So we’ve accomplished our objective. Anyway, enough rambling. I’m off to bed, as I wake about 5 am every day. Good thing about that is that’s the “coolest” time of the day for walking and just think if I’m up at 5, how much I can get done by noon, which is 7 hours already!!


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    1. Hi Janet – what a great time to walk indeed and whew / great way to seize the day by getting your early morning start!

      And enjoyed your comment very much – ahhha feels good to be back in blog land –
      I did get a tiny bit of video footage of the couple traveling with the tp….
      They just happened to be going to their car –
      The older husband was nice and chatty –
      Anyhow – he said they did not need it really – but were not sure and still had a ways to go…

      And in our area seems toilet paper and paper products are plentiful –
      Still limits on amounts to buy -/
      Also – loved your humor on the not mixing up ketchup and sanitizer – ha! But I never eat ketchup because it is corn syrup crap in plastic bottle – we have a homemade ketchup recipe but really just use other sauces –
      Are you a ketchup eater?


      1. Toilet paper and most other things are back i the stores, although I noticed that the paper masks at one big box store were $18 for 20/25!! Yikes.

        I’m fortunate here to be a person who just wakes up early, as that’s about the best/only time to be doing much outside during the summer. But as I said, it also means I can get a lot done by noon. 🙂

        I use a bit of ketchup on a hot dog but as we don’t have them often (and I get organic, grass-fed beef polish sausages from Costco when we do), it’s not worth it to me to make my own. My husband is a hot sauce guy, although he eats ketchup on fries if we get them. I’m definitely NOT a hot sauce person. I have a fairly low heat tolerance. 🙂

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    1. Hi – the chart is also looking at a long range of time so ambitious is one way but hopefully balanced for what fits my needs and abilities / cos we are all so different eh?
      And love your humor about the sanitizer and ketchup


  2. I like the colors of the second picture too. I think they quite balance for the entire picture (and those bright color masks too). The post that is not quite the center of the picture makes it looks like two pictures – diptych. That is another cool effect.

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    1. Hi YC
      Thanks for the comment and that photo with the post – in hind sight I wish I would have added a mask to the guitar man figure – that would have been funny…

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  3. The new normal… I love that empty beach! The beaches here have been open and not too crowded, but, unless you go to the right beach early enough, not that empty! The car full of TP is pretty funny…

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    1. Thanks Trent – and during the middle of the day the beach was usually half full – but definitely plant my of space as many folks still are staying home – but Hopefully they are staying active and getting much needed sunshine to make some immune boosting D3 And keep the mood lifted

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  4. Great post!
    I personally look at mask as a safety measure, I really do not care about how it looks. I am in a high risk group, so, I wear medical grade mask from day one.
    We started wearing a mask since the first patient was announced in Canada, gloves, too. We wore mask always when going somewhere whether it was farmer’s market or grocery store. I noticed that people in Canada really keep their distance, you probably couldn’t wish for better.
    I find weird when people are saying they waited for government to tell them what to do and where to wear a mask.
    Once we found out how this virus spreads and what is its mechanism of action, we pretty much could know what to do. So, it became common sense.
    This virus tests how disciplined people are.
    Stay well, stay healthy!

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  5. These sure are signs of the times Yvette. I have visited a lot of Park lately and the slew of signs about social distancing are everywhere – very sad and a long time until we get back to normal, maybe never, but I like your message you left us with. It is good to embrace that thinking for sure. James is looking good – some day people will say “oh my, you were born in THAT YEAR?” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Linda – yes, the timing of his birth will always be connected to this social event! So glad he is healthy and strong and so is the momma! He is also a sweet and patient little fellow – you can sometimes get a feel for personality on the early weeks and he has a patient side 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Those are good traits Yvette and glad both he and momma are doing well. I’m sure there was lots of trepidation to be giving birth during a pandemic. Here, in the early days of the pandemic, for some reason the media spotlighted a young woman having her first child and her disappointment in not having her family there at the hospital to share in the joyous event. She said she/husband brought the baby home and no one came to house either. At least her husband was home due to the lockdown and spent lots more time with his offspring than planned.


  6. A new baby sure can provide joy during this strange summer. Congratulations to all. 🙂 Seeing hand sanitizer everywhere, but they’ve removed the ketchup around here and only use packets. The times they are a changing.


    1. Hi – that makes sense to use the packets – less shared touching – and this place we were at wiped down very well and all had masks and it seemed to be working for safety and distance stuff
      – and you are so right about the joy from a ew baby – especially during this crazy time in history

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