Leather and Fashion-Themed Shows (Sunday Stills & Squares)

Last week’s Sunday Stills theme was “perspective” (here) – and Terri was also connecting with Becky B’s Squares July perspective theme (linking here).


To join in with both challenges, I have leather boot details to share.


Earlier this year, I had the chance to watch a handful of documentaries about fashion.

Not sure how I found this interesting theme, but two of my favorites shows were, “Battle at Versailles” and “Dries” – hopefully I can post about each of these wonderful shows later.

I also watched a fast-fashion documentary, produced by a British musician who was now in the wool industry. He warned about dangerous textiles, cheap fashion, throw-away clothes, and he promoted all-natural materials as better for human health and for the earth and environment. 



The fashion-themed shows shifted my perspective so much that I started taking notes in my journal with key takeaways. 

Another show I watched, cannot recall the name right now, but it was about leather — designer brands purses and bags – and the manufacturing plants in Italy.

The author was trying to raise awareness about the great effort that goes into a quality leather bag, to raise appreciation for the wealthy people who so quickly consume and move through these bags, while also shedding light on labor practices and working conditions in this industry. 

This documentary tracked a leather purse being made from start to finish. Going from the Italy factory to the Paris and NYC runway.  

It made me stop and look at leather in a new light.

It made me appreciate leather more – in the way that the Christine Northrup (author of The Dirt Cure) had a paradigm shift about eating meat – once she saw the process, labor, and sacrifice involved – she savored, valued, and appreciated meat so much more.  This is how I feel with leather right now – I appreciate it SO much more. 

Of course there is a place for synthetic textiles, and even for fast-fashion, but I appreciate natural materials more than ever.

And as noted above, I will try my best to come back and share some thoughts about these two shows: Battle at Versailles and Dries. Both shows were great for different reasons:

Battle at Versailles, featuring the models who stole the show in the 1970s fundraiser, filled me up with joy about the colorful and wonderful aspects of the United States.

Dries (2017), a short bio about designer Dries Van Noten, reminded me about creativity, trends, and that show also had my counselor side engaged regarding work choices, burnout, and careers. 


Closing Comics:  











35 thoughts on “Leather and Fashion-Themed Shows (Sunday Stills & Squares)

    1. Thanks Terri – and later on as a follow up post I will be sharing some used leather – these were all new items – so I will be on the hunt for some folks with some worn in boots – good day to ya

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  1. I knew immediately when I saw the photos in the Reader what the photos were showing. In fact, I just packed my boots for next week’s trip to Wyoming. They’ve been around from many years and are still going strong. My husband’s said I should get a new pair, but once they’re broken in, it would be a shame to replace them. 🙂 I think the costs of many synthetics is probably higher in many ways that that of natural goods and we may not even know the real costs. For example, can the synthetic be recycled or does it stay forever, like plastic. I prefer to use sugar if I’m baking or using sweetener because I know the effects of it. I don’t know the real effects of artificial sweeteners. I’ve seen plenty evidence that cattle can be raised in both a humane way and a way that benefits the planet (read any of Joel Salatin’s amazing books) and I think that can be true of many natural things. However, that doesn’t mean “natural” means the same thing to everyone or that every natural product or plant is beneficial.

    Loved the cartoons and that’s no bull.


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    1. Janet! That was one of the points being made – the true costs of the cheap materials and synthetics … to the earth and environment and economy
      And your worn in boots 👢 sound lovely – and I wonder how many people have their cowboy boots repaired or fixed by a shoe repairman or cobbler.
      Watched an episode of “the mentalist” that had the main character, Patrick Jane, get his leather shoes repaired – it was a nice touch

      Love your “bull” joke – hahaha
      And the last thing to mention – and not to ramble here – but “real sugar” might be all natural but it is deceptive to look at it that way- because it hurts human health and one of the best cancer preventions is to get off the Real sugar -/ and our culture has overlooked its dangers for too long
      If I put a little all natural real sugar in my car it would not run right – same with human hepatitis – it inspires immunity and has more damage if a person has leaky gut or pathogens And are missing enzymes and good fats….
      So only stevia for us –
      And so glad for it because it makes sparkling soda amazing
      I did have key lime pie in fla (whole
      Slice) and had a slight headache because i have been off sugar for a long time now — but it was okay for special times – the problem is that people ha e sugar at every meal without realizing it
      Or three ha e have the worse chemicals –
      Like high fructose corn syrup that scars the liver
      Without realizing the damage –
      Okay – enough rambling – but thanks for getting me on a roll!! Hahaha


    1. Hi Laurie – the doc was inspiring – but I also have been taking notes of various things in and off for many years – I guess it goes with being a teacher and writer – need to keep track of ideas, potential material, and muses


      1. My boss is into cowboy boots, so when I worked on site, he’d come in with them on. I think he had three pair and had them made by a bootmaker in California.


      2. Yes, he thought he was all that in them and showed them to anyone who remarked on them. 🙂 I remember one pair were ill fitting, and he sent them back several times to the bootmaker. But still, he would walk with a gait and I’d here him walking around in them, like they show little kids in their parents’ shoes playing dress-up.

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