Pick a Word(Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112)

Hello Readers – I hope everyone is doing well 

I am posting to join in with the lens-artist photo challenge, which has the theme of Choose a Word this week. 



It was growing – but no mas! The peppermint herb is wonderful – but the roots can be so invasive. I also took this photo to pair with a garden analogy – one that talks about how in life we can have certain unchecked areas 



Not sure if you can tell how tall this wild dandelion weed was – as it was nestled in the tangled brush – but it was really tall (tallest weed I ever saw)
I like the leaf I this photo. Reminded me as to how vibrant and medicinal the dandelion is…

And while on the dandelion topic –

Check out Norah’s post HERE – with some flash fiction about this hearty (and playful) weed. She also has a short video about the physics behind the flight of the dandelion seed.


Check out Forthemo’s dandelion sketch HERE


For some reason, the word exuberant came to mind with this photo. I probably could edit it a little and enrich some areas, but the lines throughout – and the legs of the walkers – felt a bit exuberant


Isn’t this a nice walking path? Right along part of the James River in Richmond, VA



Speaking of Words – check out this page snippet 

This was in an old folder from earlier this year. I cannot remember the author – sorry – but the book was from the 80s and well – I guess I felt inspired to grab a pic of this and today seems a good time to share it.

Okay, thanks for reading and if you want to join in with the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge here are the links:

Patti of https://pilotfishblog.com/

Ann-Christine (Leya) of https://lagottocattleya.wordpress.com/


Oh wait, I have one more photo for the word Growing



Our new adopted puppy is mostly out of the chewing stage. However, a few pillows have offered some stress relief – lol – because – well he is “growing” after all. (and more pictures of the pup coming soon)


Thanks to Linda for this doggie doorbell comic

31 thoughts on “Pick a Word(Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #112)

    1. Hi Norah – I wonder what it is too – and maybe a nice little fiction idea could unfold – but it was just chance photo grabbing – t have their legs all lined up = 🙂

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  1. LOL for the wireless doorbell Yvette, even if it isn’t yours :-). Also loved the text snippet which is so appropriate for today’s emotional climate. Of your images, the walkers were my favorite this week!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very creative set of photos, Yvette. I was particularly taken by the one of the walkers – those lines of the sketches are a good counterpoint to the unison of the people’s legs, which look as though they’re marching.

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