Lemon Queens (Carrot Ranch Fiction; September 2020 Post 2 of 30)


Happy Tuesday Readers, This week at Carrot Ranch, Charli Mills invited flash fiction writers towrite a 99-word story that features Lemon Queens.

Here is the Priorhouse submission:


 Title: Lemon Queens 


Lydia and June carried in numerous bags and crates with workshop supplies.

Catching their breathe, they placed the heavy items down and began setting up:

Water bottles



name tags

June Spread out a yellow table cloth across the round table in the corner.

Lydia spread out six dozen sliced lemons.

The workshop would have their speciality “lemon-themed” group activity. 

There would be a taste test to experiment with sour.

Lemons would be added to water to alkalize the body and provide Vitamin C.

Standing back, they dimmed the lights and smiled.

The Lemon Queens would strike again.

Word Count: 99 


And just for fun – here are mock images of Lydia and June (these are street shots I took in July)

Lydia bringing in more lemons – using her lemony yellow bin
June is looking at her iPad to go over the checklist for the lemon activities.


I have enjoyed reading the various entries for this lemon queens #flashfiction challenge.

I was not sure what angle I wanted to take for my fiction. Then…

I imagined two ladies who helped coordinate workshops – and they also loved lemon so much that it became their trademark- they were noted for always hosting with lemons – hence – they were called the “lemon queens”

Also, “lemons” have been on my mind because in August, I was reminded (again) about how wonderful lemons are for the human body

Plain lemon water offers so many perks. Also, lemon and baking soda (fresh baking soda) added to a glass of water can balance the body’s Ph and calm digestion. It can also help restore the body if not feeling well (try it and see). ((And shhhh, but a little lemon juice added to a plain water enema – using a small disposable bottle – can really offer some positive health benefits for the body – but shhhh – that is off the record – because this is a flash fiction blog post – and we have to watch all this enema talk – hahahah))


So, have you enjoyed lemons lately?

Lemon in water?

Fresh lemonade?


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20 thoughts on “Lemon Queens (Carrot Ranch Fiction; September 2020 Post 2 of 30)

  1. Cute story. Nice photos. I love lemons both to look at and to use in cooking, baking, water– thus this story resonated with me.


    1. Hi ally – well we can join the lemon queens as a team – ha!
      and- your comment with the “cooking and baking” reminded us of how much more can be done with lemons — and my step-daughter makes a wonderful chicken dish with a great lemon sauce

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  2. I’ve enjoyed lemons twice today. The first was the juice of half a lemon in warm water which I had this morning. Then later I made another batch of lemon-ginger water. I got the recipe for that from “Tea-Vitalize, by Mimi Kirk, which is full of delicious and healthy drinks you can make at home, some with tea, others not. I love lemons and had such a good time not long after we moved picking up the ones that dropped from a tree along my morning walk, as many as 20-some on a few days. They’re out of season right now, so I buy them at Costco. 🙂



    1. Oj Janet – how cool to get some lemons fresh off the tree (when in season) and I often forget to make lemon water – and sadly – just threw away a couple old lemons and limes. Hate wasting food – but I do try and take some daly Vitamin C powder (Thompson’s ascorbic acid) with like four fish oil capsules – but need to try and remember the lemon water ore (nd the ginger recipe sounds so good)

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      1. Whaaaa? I tell you what, this WordPress is so intent on getting their Block (Head) Editor out there that it seems as if they’re dropping the ball on the most important things. Like keeping my comments OUT of the trash! LOL.


  3. Well that was clever pairing your photos earlier this Summer with this fiction. I don’t use lemons – I don’t want to turn into a sour puss! Just kidding. I just never acquired a taste for it and drink my water plain and blah.


    1. Hahah – the sour puss was a fun play on words – and yes, I can understand that you never had a taste for lemons. I seem to enjoy them in waves – have lemon water for a few weeks – then no lemon water – i do try to have some daily vitamin C powder –
      but i thin I should have more lemons in my life – which I guess was kind of what I was thinking with this post – thanks for adding your comment and wishing you a good day

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      1. Thanks Yvette. I used to use the lemon juice in the plastic lemons in my water at work, but then got out of it as I’d put the lemon in the fridge and someone would take it.


  4. Now, you have me craving lemons, Yvette. There is something so perky about sliced lemon in water. Only recently a friend shared a health tonic her mother used to make when she was sick — a lemon fizzy. It’s hot water, lemon, honey, and baking soda. This is the second time I’m hearing about baking soda, and the first…oh, shhh…

    How delightful your lemon queens are and I like your creative processing!


    1. This was such a fun theme this week – and I hope all is well with the various events you have had come your way – whew

      🙂 ‘
      and the lemon fizzy sounds really good – and honey can have all those healing properties – (well if it is unprocessed honey) – andI bet the hot water impacts the delivery into the body –
      there are some who suggest “baking soda and lemon water” can help with hangovers or just tired summer days –
      ((and regarding the “shhhhh” – I am trying to share more about some of these easy little things that we can do that help the health so much – and plain baking soda enemas can calm the body – whereas a little fresh lemon in plain water enema can help get rid of parasites – and a while back I did gentle lemon enemas (not the bag – just used the disposable bottles – dumped the store liquid and they are good to use a few times – anyhow – did the lemon ones every day for a month and had good results – but shhhhhhh – haha))


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