Wednesday Street Shots (09/02/2020)

Hello Readers, 

Have some street shots – some are from within last month or two – and some are Pre-Covid

Pre-COVID (love the skirt)
liked that name-Nerds and Nibblers (and I might have shared this one before – need to double check)



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She was telling me how the mask smoothly goes over the ears and does not interfere with the earrings at all 🙂
Oh, and her name is Mia 



(Thanks again for the image, Linda)



All photos from East Coast of US during 2020 – thanks for viewing –

Did any of today’s street shots stand out? 











18 thoughts on “Wednesday Street Shots (09/02/2020)

  1. Great street shots Yvette. Well Nerds and Nibblers made me ponder if the guy walking near the store was a “nerd” or a “nibbler” and I love the name of the store too. I hope the woman with the earrings doesn’t have young children who love to tug at bright objects! I had a co-worker whose baby yanked her earring down her earlobe … she had to have surgery to repair it – yikes! That would be an art to putting a mask on with those earrings. 🙂


    1. Linda- _ i thought that too after I looked closer at the photo when positing it – hahah
      and you are right about the earrings and some of the dangers with that.
      I did get a little video footage of her (she was friendly and chatted with me) and she was going to get her mask and I thought about getting some video of her putting on the mask – but decided to go. It would have been good to see – but I guess we sometimes make those quick decisions and just need to move on – thanks for the comment

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