Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Symmetry (and Advice from a Cat)

This week for the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge, the topic is symmetry here

The first thing that came to my mind had to do with how symmetry falls under “balance” and here is the outline I used when teaching elementary art (back in the day – ha)

Virginia Standard of Learning 3.12  – Technique and Application

  • Color—intermediate, warm, cool.
  • Space—positive, negative.
  • Balance—symmetry, asymmetry, radial. ((Asymmetrical balance is also called informal balance and refers to when one or more dissimilar elements are balancing on each side of a given point))
  • Contrast.
  • Pattern—decorative repeating motifs.


Here are the Priorhouse Photos fo this theme:

the door – and railing provide symmetry – the shadow and building is asymmetrical


informal symmetry (and maybe part of it has the formal) – but I actually like this photo for the “scale”
radial symmetry
informal symmetry – Okay

The “X” photo reminds me of the “X” stretch – have you ever done it?

You lie down and place your arms out and legs out so that your body makes an “X” – and it can be helpful if someone gently pulls your legs and arms to help the strecth a little. Then relax and breathe.

That X stretch reminds me of this kitten I met this weekend.

This is Oliver and he is five weeks old.

Oliver reminded me of the “Advice from a Cat” poster I saw:

Okay, back to business here. 

Two closing photos to show symmetry in DECOR:


Vertical and horizontal symmetry in this wal decor
Cool wallpaper, huh?


Would you care to join in with the Lens-Artists? Here are the links:




















48 thoughts on “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Symmetry (and Advice from a Cat)

  1. Great shots, as always, Yvette. I love the ornate roof with that beautiful blue sky behind. As as for little Oliver – he’s so incredibly cute! Also love the advice from the cat. We could learn a lot from them. Have a great week. 🙂

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    1. Thanks alli – that radial shot was from an outdoor gazebo at a hotel with an Italy theme
      Also – we could never have cats – allergies in the family – but like them!


  2. Good morning Yvette – how on earth did you get that kitten to pose for you?! Apparently he’s not learned his cat-independence yet LOL! Lovely symmetry examples. I’m curious about the X – what was that??

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    1. Hi Tina – and you are right – just give that cat some time and he will
      Have that independent spirit cats are noted for !
      And that x is the inside of a mall structure – I will share another photo of the hall to show you –
      So it is part of the beams with insulation

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  3. I think the exquisite door is a candidate for Norm’s Thursday Doors site. I like Oliver – what a great vantage point he has from his owner’s shoulder. He’s a cute-and-fuzzy feline friend for his owner.

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    1. Hi Linda – thanks for the comment and Oliver was so cute. Oh and I stopped doing the doors challenge because it has such a narrow window – Thursday through Saturday – and I want to post my doors anytime – hahah

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      1. I look at Norm’s doors, but I’ve not looked at other’s doors. I did one door post after Janis (Retirementally Challenged) suggested it. I don’t blame you – hey, it’s hard enough doing our own thing. Right now, I’m three days behind in Reader and watching the debate tonight will make me even more behind. I’ve got CNN teed up to stream it when it begins.

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