Priorhouse on Blog Challenges with Marsha Ingrao @ Always Write

Hello readers,

I hope this Monday finds everyone doing well.

I wanted to invite you to check out the Priorhouse Reflections (about Blog Challenges) over at  Marsha Ingrao @ Always Write

Marsha is running a series about blogging and she is currently exploring challenges.

The post is here:

Prior Commentary on Blog Challenges

And to give you a snippet:

Here are tips for newbies:

  • One – start with “one” challenge to get going 
  • Two – Don’t feel like you are obligated to stay doing a challenge. 
  • Three – Watch the “pull” of blog challenges. 
  • Four – Make time to visit other bloggers that do the challenges 
  • Five – If you reach a point to where you want to host a challenge, go for it (but hosting sure is not for everyone)


Here were some tips for folks that have been doing the challenges a while now: 





Thank you so

much Marsha

Okay – go on over to Marsha’s blog to read more 🙂

Prior Commentary on Blog Challenges

17 thoughts on “Priorhouse on Blog Challenges with Marsha Ingrao @ Always Write

  1. I admit to being addicted to a number of challenges that I participate in weekly. Because I try to visit every other entry, which obviously doesn’t always happen, I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed. It can also be a challenge (so to speak) when two challenges I like happen on the same day (Six Words Saturday and Lens-Artists Challenge). I don’t like to post twice in one day, not wanting to overwhelm my followers, but… Of course if you get into too many challenges, when do you post just whatever you like? 🙂 Such first-world problems, eh?


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    1. Hi Janet! Well
      For starters – you know I love your blog advice and some of your “top posts” seem to be the blog advice – although for me I think some of your top posts are ones that have the “Janet signature style” which I have grown to sense and feel. A lot of times your beautiful photos and then sometimes you seem inspired to write and elaborate on a topic – it has nice flow
      And thanks for sharing your personal experience with blog challenges – from my view – you seem to do have a nice schedule and challenges seem to effortlessly –
      And you also seem to have a schedule?

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      1. Thanks for the lovely compliments, Yvette. 🙂 When Jo’s doing her Monday Walk, I participate, and I usually do Wordless Wednesday and Friday Flowers, although those aren’t anyone’s challenges. The challenges accumulate at the end of the week: Thursday Doors, Six Word Saturday, and One Word Sunday. But the Lens-Artists Challenge comes on Saturday as well and I don’t want to give up Six Word Saturday because it’s so much fun to try to find six good a/o funny words to go with my photo.

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  2. I only have a couple of challenges that I participate in and only when I have something usually a photo or photos that will work for the challenge. Thanks for posting this. Helpful perspective on challenge blogging.

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    1. Hi Anne, it sounds like you have a nice approach – a casual way of joining when your photos fit! It also sounds freeing – and some folks need more of that ((like some get wooed by the many and I know at times I want to do more more more – hahah)

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  3. Hi Yvette, I copy/pasted my comment on Marsha’s site here. An excellent article!
    I have learned a great deal from this post. I think of you as a seasoned blogger and I appreciate the philosophy behind staying fresh, keeping the fun factor and guarding your essence. I find your points very empowering. I am at the two year mark and you validate many of my feelings. Such as, I continue to follow a blogger “just because I like the host” and the concept of “needed boundaries.” Your article is specifically about blogging yet it segues into how we live our personal lives. A great post!

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    1. Erica — thanks for the wonderful
      Commment and so nice to “see” you my awesome
      Blog Friend ! can you please send me a link to your blog again – add it it to the comments

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      1. Wow, Yvette, Thank you for your exceptionally kind, supportive comment. 🙂 We have recently returned from our Fall, unplugged, camping trip at Long Beach, West Coast of Vancouver. I greatly enjoy catching up and connecting with my blogging friends.

        I find I have had to refollow a few bloggers recently since WP has unfollowed them for me??

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        1. Oh I hate when the glitches happen – and sometimes I wonder if WP does this on purpose to keep some bloggers from getting too many followers or too big – I don’t know but I heard someone else say that and it made me wonder

          And thanks for the link – you should add your blog link to the gravatar page

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        2. You are a Fairy Godmother, Yvette, ❤️. I continue to learn from you. I have spent part of this afternoon trying to figure out what you mean by adding my blog link to the Gravatar page.

          First I learned that “Gravatar” stands for “Globally Recognized Avatar.” I had never thought about it before. I went to a Gravatar website at first. It ended up easier to add in my Profile on my WP site. I was not aware this was missing on my site. Thank you!

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  4. Such a great post!! I see so many fun challenges to join, but am super busy so try and fit the few challenges in that I can keep up with. This last weekend just zoomed by and I didn’t finish my weekend coffee share. Darn, but am thankful there’s no pressure I just try and enjoy and do what I can. I agree, if you feel too pressured your writing will show this and you will lose that genuineness in your blog. Thanks to Marsha too! Great read! 💗

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