NO REGRETS (#Kindasquare Day 3)

Hello Readers, Joining in with Day 3 for Becky’s Squares Challenge.

Check out this “bollard” from Key West Florida.

The toughness of the iron, the weathering, and the positioning really spoke to me.

In this next image, we see more of that teal water. 

It reminds me of life – and how we stay doing what we do – with our purpose and with strength. 

The reflection for today is about what happened 20 years ago. 

Did you know that 20 years ago this month (October 2000) our family moved out of Denver, Colorado after having a home there for many years? 

It started off as a move to be near family because my mother had a kidney transplant. It led to a complete uprooting, or untying that led to so much newness. 

That initial move led to a few other moves – and then in 2003 we settled down in Virginia. 

There were a few times (over the years) that we “regretted” ever leaving Denver; however, you know how it is – that can be faulty thinking. That can be “unhelpful” thinking – and anytime “regrets” start sneaking in we are often “assuming” we missed out on something  – you know – we ASSUME that the other path would have been an elixir or maybe better.  But there is NO WAY to know for sure – and so that is unhelpful thinking. We have to be in the now. We have to release the “coulda, shoulda, and woulda) – adios to those.

Over the years, we have allowed rich contentment to settle in  – and so that strength that I feel when I see that iron bollard is like the strength we can all grow into if we keep working on it –

— We can get to having a humble appreciation knowing that we had exactly what we needed for us. We feel this – that we had what our family needed.  We had exactly what we needed for us (and love how God works all things together FOR good).

No regrets and I truly would not change anything “much” if I could go back. haha – 

And so today’s snippet is from the poem called Fiddler Jones  from Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology (Other Priorhouse Fiddler Jones’ posts are here and here).  

It is about a man who let “living” get in the way with “doing and only reaching goals” -he did not have a single regret from making those wise choices. 🙂 


by Edgar Lee Masters

The earth keeps some vibration going
There in your heart, and that is you.
And if the people find you can fiddle,
Why, fiddle you must, for all your life.
What do you see, a harvest of clover?
Or a meadow to walk through to the river?
The wind’s in the corn; you rub your hands
For beeves hereafter ready for market;
Or else you hear the rustle of skirts
Like the girls when dancing at Little Grove.
To Cooney Potter a pillar of dust
Or whirling leaves meant ruinous drouth;
They looked to me like Red-Head Sammy
Stepping it off, to “Toor-a-Loor.”

How could I till my forty acres
Not to speak of getting more,
With a medley of horns, bassoons and piccolos
Stirred in my brain by crows and robins
And the creak of a wind-mill--only these?

And I never started to plow in my life
That some one did not stop in the road
And take me away to a dance or picnic.

I ended up with forty acres;
I ended up with a broken fiddle--
And a broken laugh, and a thousand memories,
And not a single regret.

Edgar Lee Masters, (1868 -1950), wrote 39 books and Spoon River Anthology, where Fiddler Jones was taken from. Masters was noted for 243 epitaphs as well. He married twice and eventually stopped working as a lawyer in order to devote more time to writing.



Do you wrestle with regrets? Well maybe now it is time to release that. Untie the knots that might be holding you back.

When we feel a regret mindset creeping in – we say “Ne Regerts” – notice the spelling is different?

Have you ever seen that tattoo that has the mistake with, “No Regerts”

We sometimes say “NO REGERTS” to remind us to be in the now – and it brings a smile every time.

Thanks for reading – and please let me know how you handle regrets (or regerts) 🙂 


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26 thoughts on “NO REGRETS (#Kindasquare Day 3)

  1. Wonderful post and the bollard image. I believe things happen for a reason. It’s not that I am 100% free of regrets but I pay more attention to the blessings in my life 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Our house has grown too large for us so we will be putting it on the market next year and downsizing. I hope we have very few regrets after living here for 32 years!!


    1. Oh Best wishes for you both as you downsize – that is a really big change and I have seem many folks enjoy the downsizing – because it can bring a bit of freedom and freshness – I hope that is what unfolds for the two of you – just make sure you have plenty of room for your photography gear nd you will be good to go – hahah

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That bollard represents the strength of our scars to me. As far as regrets are concerned, to wallow in them is a waste of time. You can’t swim against the tides without drowning.


    1. I really like what you said and it kind of gave me chills – “the strength of our scars” – I agree and that will be my title if I ever use the photo again!

      and when I was in middle school I was briefly caught in a rip tide and I know what it is like to swim against it -exhausting and futile – and the analogy for regrets hit home because of that

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, that rip tide frightens more more than anything. I love to swim in the ocean and even as a boy I would love to venture out into the deep, but having been caught up in a rip tide, yikes . . .

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah – pretty Cary and it was not too far out either – but something I will never forget – and it was in Long Beach – not sure how often you have swam in the pacific but was just talking to someone from California (last month) and how the Atlantic (esp south Florida) can be so tame and mild compress to pacific waves that tumble and toss you


  4. I thought it was bad when people picked up a cake with the person’s name spelled wrong, but a tattoo with a spelling mistake – yikes! I have regrets that after my mom passed away in 2010 and I was unemployed that I did not see the rest of the places on my “Travel Bucket List” … I traveled a lot in the late 70s/early 80s and still wanted to see France, Spain, Alaska and the East Coast in the Autumn. I was laid off and was told I’d be called back when we got busy again, likely “soon” – it was 18 months later. I regret it now as I believe international travel will never be the same due to terrorism, climate changes – look at Venice, look at Europe’s heat waves, flooding … not to mention COVID-19. “Regrets, I’ve had a few” to paraphrase Ol’ Blue Eyes.


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