Reflections about gardening (#Kindasquare Day 6)

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Here is Day 6 for #Kindasquares 

“kinda reflecting flowers”

The reflection for today (because it is Reflect-ober as we celebrate 20 years in Virginia) and so today’s thought is about how another perk of living in Virginia was that it led me to gardening.
I tried getting into a garden in Denver (did too much at once and really did not have the time) – and then later did potted flowers here and there.
However – it was finally in Virginia (especially 2007) when I found gardening reprieve
! In my own way  – on and off – gardening filled me. The scrappy projects –  planned projects – experimenting – pulling back – starting a new bed – diving in – learning – appreciating other gardeners more- savoring the authors who wrote about gardens – then understanding roots  – soil – growing conditions – and coming up with HUNDREDS of garden analogies. Yes – sitting in notebooks.

It was only later that I realized the on and off gardening was “grounding” my body.  The earth’s charge gave my body balance; the healthy smells of nature likely kept my lungs strong; the touching of plants and live materials helped homeostasis; the indirect attention allowed for processing; and the getting lost with weed pulling or moving stones – gave strength…. sometimes feeling God’s presence out there – and sometimes smiling because Cody – our golden Lab – always stayed by my side even on the days the hours enveloped us.

So while not gardening much these days – the delight of bringing a few flowers indoors continues to bring a smile.

🌸🌸🌸Thanks for reading 🌸🌸🌸


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18 thoughts on “Reflections about gardening (#Kindasquare Day 6)

  1. Grounding – defintely gardening does that, Yvette. Though I often think we should do some of it barefoot, which I usually forget. I do sometimes walk home from the allotment without my shoes.


    1. Hi Tina – I thought of you twice when I wrote this quick post last night – first because of your recent post with some details of your gardening – it likely is still lingering in my thoughts (as some posts often do) – also – you and a few other bloggers just come to mind when I think of garden topics!

      And I try to stand barefoot on the ground a few minutes everyday – but forget also – and I still ha w issues with all the barefoot approaches – for example – my son was going barefoot everyone when we were staying a few days new at the beach – and I worried about glass and chemicals on the street (cars drip stuff)and even parasites – so o do think caution is needed and I am not sure about the whole thing in our post industrial, chemicalized culture

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  2. I enjoyed gardening in Ohio and Illinois, but Arizona is a very different beast! First of all, even though Lowe’s and other places have plants out in spring, you can’t really grown any of them because it’s just too hot. Don’t ask me how much money I lost that way!! Secondly, the ground (caliche, it’s called) is much like cement, so you don’t just go out and dig a hole, even if all you want to plant is a cactus…that’s probably better planted late in the year anyway. So I’ve had gardening frustration, rather than joy. But I do know what you’re talking about and I’m glad you’re being, if you’ll pardon the pun, grounded that way.


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    1. Hi Janet – I only do very small container gardening now – but still fun and grounding –
      And the hard ground you have to work with does throw some challenges your way. – such a unique landscape there in Arizona – and such a wonderful place to move to
      Thanks for chiming In

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