Fall Leaves (#Kindasquare Day 8) & The Last Leaf by O. Henry

Hello Readers,

Joining in with Day 8 for Becky’s Squares Challenge and connecting with Dawn’s Festival of Leaves 

My kind of colors


The reflection for today is remembering a 2014 post (here) that shared a short story called The Last Leaf (1907) by O. Henry. The story is about outreach, connecting, hope, and will. My Favorite line is, “She has one chance in – let us say ten.” he said. “And that chance is for her to WANT to live.” 

Below is a video with the story – and you can read The Last Leaf here


Full size photo for Festival of Leaves 

Thanks for reading –

So how are the leaves looking in your area?

I know many of you have spring upon you while some of us have autumn. The leaves here are just starting to lose their chlorophyl brining those nice “kinda” colors – and the weather has a nice coolness. 


Care to join in with the Life of B’s squares this month?
Here is some info:

  1. The theme is KIND
  2. Take a square photograph and link to one of the daily squares post on Becky’s blog (here)
  3. Visit others and check out the square galleries










30 thoughts on “Fall Leaves (#Kindasquare Day 8) & The Last Leaf by O. Henry

  1. autumn colours are just beginning to appear here, think it is going to be a bit hit and miss, so as with most of this year it will be a case of enjoying the beauty where we can

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  2. Kind is a great theme. We can always do with more kindness. Behrman’s kindness knew no limits. I love O. Henry’s stories. He’s the master. This one shows the power of the mind.


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