Brick Wall in Key West and Strength and Flexibility Poem by Maria Sudibyo (#Kindasquare Day 21)

Hello Readers

Here is Day 21 for #Kindasquares 

Kinda Down

The bricks are “kind of covered” 


Here is the full picture:

The reflection for today is from an old Priorhouse Post (here) where I talked about how “Winners have more losses than losers

There are different approaches (to what we consider) success and it often involves building strength. As we live life – we have times where we might need to patch up the mortar, cover the bricks, uncover the bricks, touch up some more – and just work at staying strong.

Part of staying strong is “understanding” that loss and setback are part of a rich life  The saying, “Winners have more losses than losers”  reminds us that if we are not trying, having some loss, well than maybe we are missing out (playing too safe and dull). 

Another part of staying strong has to do with being flexible. We need to drop the unhelpful “demandingness” and modify as needed – as highlighted in this poem:


by Maria Sudibyo

If you can’t change the sun
Change the direction where you stand

A River doesn’t go straightly to the sea
It flows following hills, valleys
 becomes rain, waterfall
but in the end 

always comes to the sea


Care to join in with the Life of B’s squares this month?
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23 thoughts on “Brick Wall in Key West and Strength and Flexibility Poem by Maria Sudibyo (#Kindasquare Day 21)

  1. Love this Flexibility poem. ‘Changing our positions if the sunlight does not suit us’ – so simple, so humble, and so easy. Thank you for these words of wisdom!

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  2. It follows in the vein of that memorably Michael Jordan quote. He talks about all of the times he was called on to make a big shot and he missed. He finishes by saying, that he has failed again and again. And it is why he succeeds.

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