Wolfsonian Museum & Hemingway’s “How Little we Know” (Squares Day 22)

Hello Readers

Here is Day 22 for Becky’s Squares Challenge

Have you ever heard of the Wolfsonian Art Museum in South Florida? This is an eclectic museum in the historic art deco district in South Beach (more info below).

In front of the The Wolfsonian museum, there is a long booth with this optical illusion:


Today’s Blog Reflection: A little essence from the author Ernest Hemingway.  

Two former Priorhouse posts that mention Hemingway are: a flash fiction here and a random post with a Hemingway quote here

Hemingway loved Florida and you can check out his house (here and webcam is here) – if you go even more south – go all the way down to Key West:

Hemingway House in Key West, FL

Here is an excerpt I shared on a past post – it is from Hemingway’s book, For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940), which was inspired by the true experience of young American fighting in the Spanish Civil War. 

“How little we know of what there is to know. I wish that I were going to live a long time instead of going to die today because I have learned much about life in these four days; more, I think than in all other time. I’d like to be an old man to really know. I wonder if you keep on learning or if there is only a certain amount each man can understand. I thought I knew so many things that I know nothing of. I wish there was more time.”

The full version of today’s square photo shows the street:

The Wolfsonian Museum is closed but reopening plans are in the works (slow and steady now –  the world is reopening people – and there is more time, yes, hallelujah, there is more time to enjoy these gifts of art!)

Looking up we see this

Next time you are exploring Florida – you might want to check out South Beach’s historic Art Deco district – and one of the stops can be The Wolfsonian Art Museum because “reopening plans are underway” – which is good news.

Here is some Wolfsonian Museum info:

“With more than 200,000 objects, our collection contains a vast universe of ideas: household appliances that sped the pace of work; designs that bridged cultures; architectural plans fueled by ambition; and propaganda that helped turn the tides of war. Our core focus is material from Europe and the United States, extending to regions of Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Mitchell “Micky” Wolfson, Jr. (b. 1939, Miami), fascinated by the active role design plays in shaping human experiences, perceptions, and attitudes, established The Wolfsonian in the spirit of his international upbringing and varied collecting taste. An author, philanthropist, and former diplomat, Wolfson is also the founder of our sister museum in Genoa, Italy: The Wolfsoniana.”


How can we “not” end with Kenny Chesney’s (2010) Hemingway’s Whiskey (original song by Guy Clark). 



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21 thoughts on “Wolfsonian Museum & Hemingway’s “How Little we Know” (Squares Day 22)

  1. That mural . . what?! It’s so cool.

    As for Papa H, I once thought he was right in his assessment that writing drunk was the only way to go. I was issued a blunt reminder that maybe not . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – that is funny about “papa H” writing effectively drunk –
      And not sure it would work for me either – I would ha e too many exclamation points – ha!
      And with Eddie Van Halen passing away earlier this month – I guess in the early years of the band – he would get wasted (drinking and coke) and play riffs that were recorded and then the next day listen to them and relearn the ones he liked – so maybe it does work
      For many types of artists

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There was a period of time when I did abide to the example of Papa H. I’d get home and fix myself a well starched martini, crank up some tunes and get to it. I must say, there was truth to the idea. But on the flip side, I am plenty fine working sober as well, 😉


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