One Word Sunday: Read on Red (& Inese Poga)

Happy Sunday Readers, 

I have been wanting to share something from the artist Inese Poga for a while now – and when I saw that that “One Word Sunday” prompt was “Red, Read, or Read on Red” –  it reminded me of Inese Poga’s Joy of Color post, where she featured some art that had a “read on red” vibe: 

Go here to see the full post –

In the “Joy of Color” post, Inese also provided some nice musings about wall hangings and different types of art: 


“It is great one can rotate paintings on their walls.

It is also fantastic one can create displays of large collections.

Prints are fine for some areas and specific rooms,

but when it comes to classiness and elegance,

originals beat prints 100%.” ~Inese Poga

Inese art


“Original painting upon completion starts living on its own.

It’s a new energetic entity, and it has become a part of the universal energetic exchange.

Art prints are copies, and they carry only the energy of materials and machines applied in the printing process, there’s nothing alive about a print. Yet, it is a good solution for decorating some certain spaces.”

Inese Poga: Original art feels alive


If you need an idea for holiday giving – you should consider giving some original art this year. In particular, check out “Inese’s Creative Art Space” (here). 

Inese Poga: Artist Statement 

“Art should be uplifting, poetic, thoughtful, endlessly beautiful and always taking to a higher level of human experience. That’s at least my definition of art. I create museum quality art which requires expertise, unique vision, high level of skill, experience, and flawless application of painting techniques.”


I have been following Inese for a few years now. Sometimes I remember where I was when I encountered certain blog friends. And with Inese, I met her when I was coming back from Wllliamsburg, VA- think it was summer 2016 –  I was a passenger in the back.  I was on a blog break, but decided to log in and scroll. I stumbled upon her blog and we made a connection right away. 

This photo of Inese also had the “read on red” vibe (if I even know what “read on red means -ha- but she has the brochure or art booklet and the red blazer)



I hope you get a chance to enjoy more art in your life – or gift it to others – and maybe start by checking out the various bloggers who have some fresh, original pieces to offer.

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19 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Read on Red (& Inese Poga)

  1. Thanks for this, Yvette. I really enjoyed browsing Inese’s work. The colours sing, don’t they? 🙂 🙂 Wishing you a happy week!


  2. Hi Yvette. I hope you’re having a good weekend. Some great reds to enjoy here. And a very interesting post. She seems quite fixed on her idea of original which takes us deeper into art than just it’s first outer appearance. I’m off for a coffee to think some more

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    1. Hi Debbie – that was so nice to read and hope your coffee time was enjoyable – and Inese writes about a lot of “health’ and wellness” topics and her blog offers many Original takeaways throughout the year 😉
      Have a good day and talk soon


  3. What a lovely post. I love the idea of rotating paintings. Why didn’t I ever think of that???! My grandmother was a painter and I only have so much wall space, so a lot of her work isn’t displayed. Hmmm. Must start rotating. And winter is the perfect time of year for bright colors. 😀


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