Interview with Cindy Georgakas @ Uniquely Fit (Ideas for ending 2020 with Zest)

Good Morning Readers,

Today I want to share the Priorhouse Interview with blogger Cindy Georgakas.

How did this interview come about? I met Cindy when she was featured on Kally’s  Middle Me and was inspired by her positive energy. The other thing that stood out was how she has been in the health and fitness area since the 1980s.  This level of expertise and understanding of the human body is impressive. She also brings joy to the blogosphere.

My favorite post from Cindy’s blog (so far) is “I’ve got your back” with some excellent tips for spine/posture health, sitting tips, and helpful stretches. 




Cindy, Thanks so much for saying yes to an interview. Can you tell us some of your history and what you do?

Thank you so much for inviting me, Yvette. It is my pleasure to be here.

I am a Fitness and Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Ex Teacher teaching Yoga and bootcamp, Craniosacral and Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and a Music-as-Medicine Facilitator.  I also have a team of therapists and teachers that generally work with me, but due to Covid, we are on hold with that piece of our practice.

Whew…. You might be asking, “How does one person do all of those things?” 

The short answer is that when you have been doing this work for as long as I have, diverse pathways continue to emerge and you trust and then go where you are called.  I’ve been in the field for 35+ years (that makes me sound a little younger, lol), and I have been regularly practicing right here in Woodside, California (40 miles south of San Francisco) where I was born.

My blog, Uniquely Fit, was born out of my passion for fitness with the premise that every person is unique, different, and each individual’s needs must be honored. Life is meant to be shared and I hope that my blog posts provide some pearls of wisdom and Aha! moments that give meaning to your day; perhaps a chuckle, something to ponder, growth, light, insight, and joy.


Cindy, An interesting thing I took away from your interview on Middle Me was how you started your coaching and health/fitness practice around the same time as Jane Fonda. This stood out to me because the first aerobics class I ever did was with a Jane Fonda cassette tape in 1987 – which started with something like –   “You want to have your running shoes on because you won’t want to stop and put them on during the session.” – and lines like, “Get those knees up there.” – haha – So reading that parallel life connection with Jane Fonda was cool. How does your career parallel to her stuff and anything else you want to expound on with this – ?

Interesting question, Yvette – and first, that is such a fun Jane Fonda memory! 

 I wasn’t an activist or actor like Jane Fonda, but I did perform in a dance comedy group in San Francisco in my 20’s for a few years before opening my studio.  As a Recreational Therapist who struggled with my weight, I saw this as a tremendous opportunity to open when Jane Fonda opened hers. I shared her love of fitness and dance and staying in shape, which is what we had in common.  Her studio was  in S.F. and I opened mine about 20 minutes south of the city in San Mateo, Ca. Fitness studios were popping up all over our area at the time. Classes were one hour consisting of a warm up, waist work, arms, aerobics, gloor, abdominals, legs, hips, thighs and buttocks ending with a stretch cool down. We used those same lines, “knees up”, ”reach”, “higher”, “squeeze.”  We also had a lot of “whoo hoos” and cheering to keep everyone motivated while using mostly body weight and dance moves.  Those were fun days and I employed the BEST instructors.  

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Cindy, do you have any tips for the readers on balancing work and family life?

Yes, indeed!

    • Take good care of yourself first and foremost, which is easier said than done.
    • Remember you are not Superwoman or Superman. You are human and you need time for yourself as well.
    • Make a schedule and stick to it and plan in time for the unexpected, much the same way as having a money fund for an unexpected event.
    • Create a support network as it takes a village to stay strong and fortified.  My mom and step dad were AMAZING parts of my support system! Before I decided to get pregnant again, I would ask my mom, “Are you ready for another grandbaby?”  Without her, I would NEVER have had more children.  Now my mothers asks, “When is someone going to get married and have kids so I can be a Great Grandma?” Also, I was fortunate to have a career that allowed me to adapt my hours to my kids’ schedule and I had an incredibly supportive husband; he was as hands on as I was while raising our kids.

Those are great tips and what spoke to me was the reminder that we are not Superwoman or Superman. In today’s culture, we tend to put so many demands on our schedule – busy-busy, go-do – and many forget to rest and decompress. Cindy, can you share wisdom from a life lesson?

I had owned a fitness studio for two years and we started out gang busters in 1981 when we opened.  We built it out with beautiful wood floating floors, with electrifying graphics in red and purple, and we had the very best team of teachers – who I trained along with a consultant I hired.

Our location was marginal and I say that to emphasize, Location is EVERYTHING.  If you haven’t heard the famous saying, it is “Location, Location, Location” and in the brick and mortar business world it is everything.  I wanted to be in Burlingame, just 10 minutes away, which was perfect but I couldn’t get building permits etc.

I was young and naive and had a great following, but we started out with six classes a day, which was way too much with overhead costs.  I ended up giving a lot of free classes and one thing I learned is that people need to value what you give them.

Cindy, I know what you mean about “not valuing” free things. Sometimes free means “disregard.”  For example, we once heard about a community center that had people tossing free, entire hamburgers and full drinks into the trash. Rather than giving those items away for free, they started to charge a quarter for hamburgers and drinks, and there was less waste.

Yes. When something is free, people usually do not value it.  Also, at that time, I had my first baby and my commitment and time constraints started shifting. As instructors didn’t show up, I had to get certified in more and more classes to assure the show would go on, which was stressful.  We were in the red and struggling. The writing was on the wall but this was my first baby, so it was tough to let it go. Finally, we decided to sell the business, which was heartbreaking – but the business was unsustainable.    It turned out that the new owners ran an illegitimate massage parlor, which we had no idea about until they were paddy-wagoned out a year later.

At the time, the whole thing was devastating but it turned out to be the best thing ever and the increase of income was insurmountable.  Traveling to people’s homes and them coming to me, was much more lucrative without the overhead of a storefront business.

As the 2020 year is winding down and some folks might be thinking about health goals for the coming year -do you have health and wellness tips to offer?

I would say:

    • Don’t wait for 2021 to start, DO IT NOW.
    • Take small steps to build habits and instill more long lasting health benefits.
    • Do some kind of activity daily for a min 30 min.  Aim for an hour but if you can’t do that, do 10 minute increments. Cardiovascular activity is important for your heart health. Think walk, run, bike, dance etc.
    • Do some kind of strength training either with your own body weight or small or medium to large weights 2-3 days a week, and do stretching everyday if possible.
    • Meditate or do some breathework daily. I love Yoga and Tai Chi because they are moving meditation.  I also like to do a daily sitting practice of about 15 minutes to train myself to do nothing, which is no easy feat.
    • Music and chanting are also wonderful gifts for the soul.


And where on your blog should they go for more information if they wanted to connect with you?

I blog monthly about fitness on my blog site and add videos.

Please feel free to visit me there at

My website is and I continually add new fitness and yoga videos on Youtube:

Website| Facebook|Instagram| YouTube



Thank you so much for your time here at Priorhouse blog.

Thank you, again, Yvette, for inviting me to be featured on your invaluable site.

As a Health and Wellness Professional, I am inspired daily by my clients and friends who continue to inspire me to be my best self! One of my favorite parts of blogging is sharing thoughts openly and candidly in support.

To all readers, Remember that “Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal” so do not put off what you want most for what you want now.

Many Blessings,




My top takeaway was Cindy’s call to action.

Her reminder to NOT put off what you want most and the advice to not wait for 2021 to start is something to consider. Start some new habits “maybe this week” and don’t wait until “after the holidays.” 

Start something today.

End 2020 with some Zest.

Sometimes our health and wellness needs have to be addressed right now – no matter what the season.  Maybe pick one thing from the list of suggestions and get moving – like do some breathe work – try meditating – or start following Cindy’s blog for some ideas – and especially be sure to check out her “Fri-Yay… Funday!!!”

And this short YouTube wvideo will give you some ideas for giving your body a lift right now – 15 minutes of an investment in you:

  • Okay- Any notes for Cindy regarding what she shared?
  • Any photos from the post stand out to you?
  • Any plans for your health and wellness goals for 2020 – maybe something to start this week??
  • Or any tips you have for ways we can end 2020 with some zest? 







38 thoughts on “Interview with Cindy Georgakas @ Uniquely Fit (Ideas for ending 2020 with Zest)

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Yvette. I’ve fallen out a bit on my fitness routine but will get back into it. Finding the time of day that works best for you is very important. If I don’t get my walk or workout done right away on the morning, I’m much less likely to do it. For someone else it might be evening.

    About the same time Cindy was getting started, I started my personal training business with a nice set of weights, a couple donations of sessions to the bog Cleveland Orchestra marathon. One couple who purchased sessions stayed with me for 16 years. 😉. I stayed very small and was able to work around having two babies, the young children and supplementing my husband’s small salary. It made a difference financially and to my perception of me as a professional at something. 😊

    Happy Monday!


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    1. Hi Janet,
      So nice to meet you here. It happens to the best of us and as you know from being in the bus. it’s easy when you are working and harder when you aren’t seeing clients, Good you have a morning plan.

      Wow, that’s so awesome you had such a loyal following and it is such a great career with children and the income is lucrative. I feel blessed in the same way., Have a great holiday. I’m going to put a Yoga Blessings Video out on Wed. if you want to check in. Cindy

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    2. Hi Janet / I had no idea that you had that type Of business and then for 16 years. I do recall when we talked about briefly about “callanetics” one time in the blog world.
      And good point about finding the time of day that works – we are all so different and motivation comes easier for some folks.


      1. I have a masters in Physical Education, so it was a good fit. When I started in 1984, about the only places with trainers were on the coast and certainly not in Cleveland. I really enjoyed it and evidently my clients did, too. My goal was to teach them about fitness to the point that if I wasn’t there, they could work out properly and effectively on their own. Much of being a personal trainer is being a motivator. 🙂

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        1. How awesome you helped so many and that was the perfect connection. Having a masters would definitely elevate your business and you did great things teachiong the to teach themselves. Motivating people is a huge factor.. you are sooo
          Right! ❤️ hope to see each other on our sites as well.


        2. Cindy, I only had a few clients, as I was working around one, then two small children. But who knows where the impact may have spread. 🙂 I haven’t had a chance to explore your blog yet, but I love the header photo. Are you in the Southwest? That may have been in the interview and I just missed it. We moved from Illinois to Arizona this year. Very different climate from the Midwest. 🙂

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        3. Well, that was perfect to have a few with small children. When I brought my bus. home i kept it small for awhile teaching baby massage, pre and postnatal and then birth coaching as well. As the babies grew I shifited out into one on ones and group ex again. I think it’s a perfect job when you have young children and can make your own hours. Oh isn’t that a great picture. A client does photography for the love of and let’s me use his work. It’s amazing. i try to put some up from time to time.
          I am in Northern California about 40 min south of San Francisco. I have relatives in Chicago with is such a beautiful area. They were in Hinsdale and Oakdale. Oh yes, I’m sure of that with the weather!!! ❤️

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  2. One fit and supple lady! 🙂 🙂 As you know, I walk a lot, and I do t’ai chi when I feel like it or can fit it in, but don’t have a regular routine. I used to love zumba and dance moves- dancing just for the joy of it but without a lot of control. Good to see how Cindy in action. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you health and happiness in 2021.

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  3. Thanks you so much for the kind comment! I love walking and I do Tai Chi as well about 3 times a week and LOVE it. Dancing is so much fun as well. Hope to see you on my site. tomororw I will post a Yoga Blessing for about 40. Let me know if you like it.. Hope to see you and Happy New Year!
    🙏🙏 Cindy


  4. Cindy, there’s a lot of wisdom in here! I struggle with doing nothing, but I’m getting better at it! I loved this: “Make a schedule and stick to it and plan in time for the unexpected, much the same way as having a money fund for an unexpected event.” I’ve struggled with the “plan in time for the unexpected” but thinking of it as a “bank” or “fund’ clicked when I read that. Thank you!

    Yvette, thank you for bringing this to us! I like the idea of ending 2020 with zest. For me, that means focusing on my creative writing — no classes (which I’ve been taking, a lot), no workshops, etc. Just writing. Me in the chair, cultivating my writing practice so when the new year arrives, my schedule will be set! (with time planned for the unexpected, of course 🙂 ).

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    1. Tara – thanks for your generous comment
      -‘d best wishes with your writing goals for this ending to 2020
      And into next year!


    2. Hi Tara,
      Nice to meet you. I’m glad that clicked with you with the schedule. I think it’s more challanging when we are making our own and we don’t have a time we have to be anywhere but all the more important than getting us out of the chair to to move after sitting so long.
      You sound like you have a great writing schedule and I think we need to apply these principles across the board. I’m posting a Yoga video tomorrow,, Check in or follow and you’ll get notification. Thanks so much for sharing your insights! 🙏 Cindy

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  5. Awesome interview! I love Cindy’s wisdom and how she brings simple solutions to attract positivity in one’s life. Such a talented lady for sure!

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    1. Thank you so much Kally! it has been a joy working with both of you and I am blessed to know such wonderful woman as yourselves. ❤️❤️❤️ Again, happy we can reach and support our fellow bloggers. ❤️🙏Cindy

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  6. It’s lovely to meet Cindy, Yvette, and learn about her exercise business and advice on fitness. I was a spinning instructor at our local gym for a number of years before I had my oldest son. I gave up when Greg was born as I preferred to spend more time with him and I already had a job.

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    1. You see Robbie, this is why I like blogging and doing different posts – we learn so much about people – and I had no idea that you were a spin instructor – very cool – but then motherhood and cake-decorating and writing also filled the space 🙂

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