Consider “Ease” the Antidote for Disease (SquareUp Day1)

Happy New Year everyone.

Hope your year is off to a nice start 

Joining in with Becky’s Square challenge this month and the theme is UP.

Priorhouse take: 

Square up 1

On the walk today, I was reminded of how easy walking can be as an exercise and how delightful it can be. As I start off a new year, I want to reach goals and live with purpose and intention, but also want grace and ease. For after all–  we are human and not robots.

Let’s lighten up and feel more at ease. 

Square up 2

That previous photo was a close up from this “Y” tree:

Also have a quote from an uplifting book I am reading (will share more about this book later this month when I team up with blogger Amanda for a post).

This is the quote that came to mind after the New Year’s Day easy walk


Be easier on yourself, on everyone, and on everything.

Suspend your judgements of the way things should be, must be, and ought to be. Suspending judgments gives you greater ease.

Consider “ease” the antidote for disease.

Peter McWilliams

Lastly, here is a slideshow with the other photos from today’s walk

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes we get lifted up when we look down.

Closing quote:

Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive.

Elbart Hubbard

#SquareUp Day One






60 thoughts on “Consider “Ease” the Antidote for Disease (SquareUp Day1)

  1. such a wonderful post, so many great quotes and wise words. And fabulous squares – wishing you and the rest of the blogging community a happier and easier 2021

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    1. Thanks Becky – and your challenge was just the catalyst I needed to start off 2021
      Cheers to a month of square ups to hell’s us start the year


  2. Many of your photos forcibly remind me of the park where I walked in Illinois. 🙂 Catchy title for your post today and if it’s true, I’m working on the antidote right now…relaxing with my laptop while catching up on blog posts and then planning to read for a bit. I think if quite a few people just let go of the angry/dislike/hatred they have for those not like them, there’d be a lot less illness in this country (and in others as well) and a lot more happiness.

    Happy 2021!


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    1. Hi Janet!
      Thanks for your dense comment and well said!
      Of course health is the “sum of many parts”
      But what you said was true – there could “be a lot less illness ” with corrections in attitude – schedule (like not taking it easy – haha) and in food choices

      Happy new year

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  3. This could be one of many parks where I walk on weekends with the woodsiness and tall trees. I spent a half day today going through my picture files. I went through some photos taken in October and saved a photo just like your tall trees, looking UP; probably won’t use it for another month or so though. I enjoyed the slideshow as well. Walking can lighten your mood, give you a fresh canvas for your thoughts – you know all that good stuff and that is why you enjoy walking so much Yvette. Happy New Year, best in 2021!


    1. Well your name actually came up on this walk – we were chatting about steps and how some folks set the amounts for a year and I mentioned how my blog friend Linda sets an amount and then eases into December when her goal is reached
      And it is always fun to hear how you categorize or sort photos and then plan posts

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      1. Well thank you for telling about my successful strategy. 🙂 I walked more this year than any other year. And I really amazed myself Yvette. That said, I walked one day only this year: New Year’s Day, then we had freezing rain that night – Saturday was a no-go as it was so slippery and today we had a slushy rain/snow mix. Hopefully tomorrow. As to the photos, I used to write the same day I took a walk – I did that up until 2018 or 2019 when I took so many photos that it was not always doable. If I did a 5K event, only then I would do the post the same day, then decided I was not going to do even that. I have sorted December and a few January photos out and named the folders the blog post name … some posts I drafted the same day if something happened or to jot down the temperature or weather fact. I still have October and November to go through.


  4. Happy New Year,, Yvette! I feel a lot more relaxed and calm after your beautiful post! A wonderful combination of pictures (love the Y tree branch) and quotes! Here’s to easing off ourselves!


    1. Happy new year author annika – and glad to share a little ease – you comment brought a smile back my way – and cheers to god things in store this year

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  5. Lovely post! Very encouraging! During one of our hikes we found a “Y” branch on the path. It has become our “yes” stick. It hangs in our home office.


  6. Thanks for this ‘simple’ viewpoint. I quit walking much with the past year’s lockdowns, which made no sense. You’d think I’d walk more since I live by the woods where it’s not crowded. But somehow the world shutting down and pulling back made me withdraw inside. And I feel less well. I love the idea of ‘ease’ being opposite of ‘disease’. I’d like to start walking again. It brings a lovely ease, as you’ve illustrated. I’m glad you’re enjoying it too!

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    1. Hi – I feel less well because I stopped my regular yoga practice – and even tho I am walking regularly – the yoga does soemthing different and I am sad about that (home classes do not do much for me – whether teaching from home or practicing – but I am working on it)
      and I hope you get your walking going again
      but I do know why you hunkered down – there was a time when we really did not know much about this virus and the smart thing to do was to pull back – so I think we all did that – and in hindsight it is easy to see that we could have been ut there more –

      oh and I ordered your Miss Livingston books – and now have them at the top of B list reading (the stuff I get to indulge in)
      have a nice day


  7. Happy New Year, Yvette! I love the closeup from your “Y” tree – it’s stunning. James and I wish you a 2021 filled with joy, peace, good health … and hopefully a bit more travel. 🙂 ~Terri

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    1. thanks so much and be over soon to check in – so nice to get some chat time together recently – 🙂 hope your writing is going well at the start of the year

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