Consider how REMARKABLE You Are (#SquareUp Day 3)

For today’s January Square-Up post, we are joining in with Deb’s One Word Sunday, which is giggle or gaggle. 

We are going with “giggle” – because this large bootprint on the beach brought a giggle when I “lined up” my foot next to it.   

This extra photo shows beach shoeprints/bootprints and it reminded me of Frank’s beachwalk series — so I grabbed this photo to show him. Also, this photo reminds me of the diversity among people – a “gaggle” of shoe prints shows our human diversity.

That “gaggle of shoe prints” – or should I say “diverse collection of prints”? – Well it reminded me of the terrible way we sometimes “over compare” in our culture. “She has this,” “He has that,” “They have those.” and “They always go do that.”  ugh —- We need to be reminded again and again about how we each have different paths and diverse strengths our nature/nurture has shaped us so uniquely. 

The only one you should compare yourself to should be you – and what you can do to “be” and maybe slightly improve each day – and then celebrate how you have been shaped and made. Not always looking out and about and comparing. Not assessing your wellness by what you do or don’t have or what is flawed; instead, celebrating what has made you so darn awesome. Seth Godin likes to remind folks about “how remarkable” they are and I am going to borrow his word – REMARKABLE is what you are! – flaws and all. And that is something to giggle about – well perhaps not “giggle” – but smile – yes, that is something to smile about. 


Closing Photos

Love that “one foot up” for January Square Up – it has such a nice feel – like putting one foot in front of the other and doing what “you” do —- 🙂 the remarkable you. Also, did you know that if you alternate raising one foot at a time – it can be good for your brain? Our yoga teacher Sarah (back before the COVID shock wave and e could do yoga with a class) well Sara tight a Friday noon class that was awesome and afterwards she would stay and chat. She reminded folks that there are many little things you can do for brain health – and next time you have to stand somewhere for a little while – trying lifting a knee or at gently lifting a foot and then alternating this. It is good for the brain. 


#One Word Sunday






44 thoughts on “Consider how REMARKABLE You Are (#SquareUp Day 3)

  1. Hey Yvette. Thanks for the shoutout – and I invite your readers to stop by Beach Walk Reflections. You know that I don’t bite. 😉

    Well done on this post. I like your take on the theme of Remarkable – and excellent point about the variety of strengths in the gaggle of footprints. (That descriptor made me chuckle). As you know, a heron photo is my background image at Beach Walk Reflections, so your heron images also made me smile.

    Here are two posts for your readers … my walk on Footprints …. and one on the Heron to go with your final images.


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    1. Hi – thanks for the reply and I think of you often when walking the beach – because of your series – and one day I hope to go to that “florabama” bar

      I also have one more beach photo i took to share with you and will get to that in a few weeks —
      and thanked for the links – I hope readers use them to check out your refreshing series – 🙂

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  2. Oddly enough, I almost took a similar photo of footprints in sand yesterday, although it wasn’t beach sand, but playground sand. As for the exam giggle, I wish that were funny instead of often so true in many situations. Sigh.


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  3. Yvette,

    I’ve always been a believer that a person’s toughest competition is themselves. So I’m in total agreement with your opinion that comparisons should be self-driven rather than outwardly driven.

    And a gaggle of shoe prints . . I like that. A lot.

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    1. Hi there amigo – first of all – I have shared your aw4some sign with a dozen or more folks – so thanks for the extras in your posts – this one was a lot of fun

      and second of all, you know how there is nothing new under the sun – and ideas and wisdom is all recycled – so this view we have – about not comparing and learning more about wiring – well it
      was passed down to us (as we learned and scraped our knees along the way)
      and I think more folks need to be reminded of this – and love this idea: “fish will never climb like monkeys and monkeys can only swim a certain clunky way” –
      and wishing you a good rest of your sunday

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      1. As I mentioned, the restaurant is constantly changing it up, with one hilarious take after another. Just the tonic for passersby, I would imagine.

        I really like that, and I do so agree with it. 🙂

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  4. Wonderful post reminding us how remarkable we all really are and we shouldn’t compare to others. We are such individuals and your post made me giggle and smile!! 😄

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    1. well I also happy to do that – and I almost went with “palming exercises” today – but will have to get to that later this week
      hope your day is going well
      (and thought of you this morning when I stared at my “catch all” piano – I am bringing closure ahead of time

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    1. Hahaha and Clive – your comment really connects to part of why that print stood out –
      It was very winkle -packer !!
      And thought I heard someone humming blue Christmas that morning – he is alive but old

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    1. Hi Keith – I think that is what Seth Godin drives at with his inspiring points-
      And if anyone needs some tips for giggling – may they find their way to your flash fiction that so adeptly uses humor to leave us with a smile! Write on and right on Keith

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    1. Thanks for sharing that you take pictures of the sand – I have one more photo of some large bird tracks – hopefully I Can share it soon
      And hope you have a great week ahead

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  5. What a lovely beach. And what a lovely message. The lesson of the fish being told to climb a tree (the cartoon) is one often circulated in homeschooling and disability circles and resonates well with my experience. I like the inclusive message here. Theres a chill in the air today here in Florida. Bundle up Prior!

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    1. Hello my friend! so nice to “see” you drop by (smile) and thanks for the lovely comment – and I think we share many similar thoughts on education and inclusion in general
      We bundling up here in Virginia – but last month when we visited Fla it was in 20s at one point? whoa…. but then warmed a bit 🙂 so stay warm too and wishing you a good start to the new year

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