Consider Wonderful Doggies (#SquareUp Day 7)

For today’s square photos, I wanted to share a photo of Elway, a three-year old brown lab who joined our family in 2020. 

Pets sure can lift up the energy in a house, eh? 

Here are a few more doggie pics from 2020:

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#SquareUp Day 7






59 thoughts on “Consider Wonderful Doggies (#SquareUp Day 7)

    1. Hi Linda – that comic is a very special one to me because I think we humans sometimes look in the mirror and “get what we get” and hahaha
      And I do think of you with your fur babies !! 😊💕💕💕

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    1. Thanks so much – just a quick take one morning on the street! And recently we were looking at “programda posters” from
      War posters and the yellow glow in them was usually added for warm intneios – and so the yellow there was on accident but it did add the glow – anyhow – I took the photo because it shows his patience – this very mellow dog waits so kindly and is so yeikeding !

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    1. Hi Cee – we only have one dog and after usually having g tow that is not the norm but enjoyable
      And cats and peaceful go together well. I personally wouod have liked to have a couple cats but son and hubs have cat allergies – and maybe some varieties wouod have worked but we stuck with dogs – cheers to fur babies


    1. Oh Tish, that is a great image to imagine with a a lab and the scraps from a child
      I have a photo from he 1990s with my son leaning on our black lab while drinking from a bottle. It was fun

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  1. What a handsome pup Elway is. I can imagine he has brought much joy to the household. The cartoon of the dog looking in the mirror made me laugh out loud. We used to have a little fur ball named Bruiser. After a trip to the groomer our kids always moaned that he looked just like that cartoon.

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  2. The cartoon is fun.

    Are you on Instagram, there is Instagram error called joshthedoodle you will love it. She takes care of digs, fosters them. They seem to have some sort story or health issues. Then there is their own dog josh, he has an under developed brain that causes him to walk with difficulties.. but he is the cutest dog.. so much fun to watch.

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