Consider Random Acts of Kindness and Drinking Up Goodness (#SquareUp Day 11)

For today’s square photo post, I have some Cuban Coffee so we can DRINK UP This tasty goodness 

Warning: If you order Cuban Coffee, be prepared for it to be sweet – so if you want it plain – you have to ask for no sugar – and then enjoy. This photo was taken at the cafe where we were driving by and heard the jazzy version of  Corona’s “The Rhythm of the Night” song playing and so we parked the car and walked over there. Had a Cubana, and early bird chicken dinner special, with Cuban side dishes like plantains, and this cuban coffee. So good.

Have you seen the Starbucks “been there” series of mugs. 

I like these mugs okay – they stack well  and I have six.  We have a friend who has more than 30- maybe even 50! This is not my favorite Starbucks series of mugs. My favorites are older ones, and usually the 16oz or 20oz mugs. But still good to drink up goodness with. 

Speaking of Starbucks. 

Last Fall, hubs and I were on a long errand day

On the way home, he stopped and I ran into a Starbucks to see if they had any chemical-free options for a sugar-free Pumpkin Spice Late. They did not – and this was after chatting with Linda about what “PSL” means. Side note folks – I always tell students this and want to mention it now, if you ever use an acronym – always define it. It is a courtesy – even if you think it is common and everyone surely has to know it. Sometimes we forget or never knew. Anyhow, Linda graciously schooled me ((and remember people that FBI could stand for Fungus, Bacteria, and Insects that are braking down a tree).

Back to my story – looking at the menu in Starbucks, I saw no good options for any type of latte (no worries) and then I was going to get two black coffees to go. But after five minutes – seriously – five minutes of waiting – and nothing – I left. One person in front of me – this lovely young lady in the photo below. Not sure if they were making her order or if the two staffers were busy with drive-through orders – but I was out of there.  I was not that disappointed either because Starbucks coffee is usualy too acidic for me (in contrast  organic coffee does not seem to be) yet I go there like a magnet to steel at times!

Oh and then their tea bags now use the plastic sieves, which are one more exposure to possible contaminants (really / look it up) and so you think your sipping goodness but plastic tea bags are not ideal!  – especially not good for a hot liquid to be sieved through plastic yet we look at the pyramid shape and silky sheen and think “cool” – but I say “Not cool” and it is small exposures like this that lead to a toxic build up (and I will stop ranting but did you know plastics have heavy metals in some of them? Yup and so avoid plastics with your food when you can).

Leaving Starbucks empty handed and not disappointed – I was on the way back to the car.
man was hustling by me with his son and I overheard him say, “Someone will help us.” He was moving fast –  I called to him and asked him what he needed help with. I don’t always get to do this. That day it was a call to action, I guess.
I ended up giving him the six dollars in cash I had for Starbucks and then opened the hatchback, quickly went through some groceries and gave him a bag of goodies. Of course in hindsight I wish I would have given more – even though sometimes we know we could be getting hustled. Either way, I like to take the chance sometimes that there is a real need.

Getting back in the car / the hubs had some kind words about it / oh those sweet verbal affirmations/ and it felt so appointed. I also felt a little heavy on the drive home. That empathy side that “felt” their need. Maybe even a little worried for them – but then I was consoled – ((God has then covered, consider the lilies in the field…)) oh and their photo is below / blurred for privacy 

What about you? Have you done any outreach lately? Maybe too much? Maybe you are pulling back with boundaries. However – if not – maybe you should aim to do one or two random acts of kindness.  Maybe another goal for 2021 is to keep your eyes open for someone in need. It sure feels good to reach out and invest in someone — and it is like drinking up the goodness from human connection.
I know a lot of folks are hunkering down again so maybe your outreach can be virtual. If you have any ideas for outreach – please leave it in the comments and thanks for the visit today 

#SquareUp Day 11






29 thoughts on “Consider Random Acts of Kindness and Drinking Up Goodness (#SquareUp Day 11)

  1. Great post Yvette and reminder.
    Love Starbucks mugs.
    BTW the interview you did on me is up and running…. thought you would like to know. I added a few tips and a video and some of the other pics.. ❤️👏🤗🤗❤️

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  2. Random kindness is the best. I’m not getting out at moment si can’t perform them for strangers but do do occasional things for our elderly neighbours such as baking cakes and cookies 😋


  3. Someone in a nearby neighborhood knew a family who needed lots of help at the end of last year, so we kicked in gift certificates. I sometimes see people with signs saying they need help and I’m afraid I usually pass them by, partly because I’m driving and partly because I’m afraid of being hustled. Oh, and I don’t always have lots of cash. I’m thinking I need to get some smaller bills and some “goodies” as you put it and keep them with me in the van all the time, then go for it. If we had a church here, I’d point them in that direction. Starbucks? Haven’t been to one since before we moved, so almost a year. I have enough tea at home to last for ages and when I go out for something, I usually get a mocha…because I have tea at home. 🙂

    Happy Monday!



    1. Hi Janet – your comment reminded me first of Philip Yancey’s book form the 90s where a lady in need came to him and he asked her if she went to the nearby church and she was like “why would o go there??”
      -‘and in 2006, the book caked Under the Overpass, where two guys went from Denver to California posing as homeless street musicians found that most churches were quick to preach about bell and damnation – but never offered to help with something as a broken flip flop? Sometimes well meaning churches is the small needs or worse – sometimes churches become Christian bubbles and folks can come on a designated day for what they have.
      I think long gone is the kind godly man victor hugo so adeptly wrote about in Mes Mis- the candle giving man who modeled love and he possessions loosely – and giving those candle sticks was a sacrifice but that man knew about investing in people (and holding possessions loosely)
      So anyhow / had to share that but some churches are really good with outreach
      And when we go to New York I do get out small bills to give to street musicians – so thanks for mentioning it – and I don’t care what folks use the money for – but I have limits – I have a lady 1.50 (who carries cash!! Lol) and she was hustling me for eight more dollars – said it was to rent a room for the night – lol
      Oh and in the “under the overpass” boon – a big takeaway for me was that he said those who gave meals in the park were usually one of the hugest helps – so giving food goodies is maybe better than money

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    1. Hey there – thanks – and really not looking to be puffed up (not that you were doing that) but I know that sometimes we share our acts of kindness so that others get ideas
      And I was the recipient many times in my day – maybe nkt like that – but once in 1993 I was moving on a 100 degre day and kind neighbor that I barely knew made me carrot juice – that was when freshly squeezed juice was a fad! Lol

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        1. My pleasure and I forgot to mention (might add it in)) that some humans can get puffed up with their outreach (it sneaks in— ))
          And then also how humbling it can to sometimes be the recipient of outreach – to let someone offer us a drink or some fresh carrot juice – not necessarily because we are destitute and super needy – but because we are human and they have e something to offer that will refresh and splash joy to a smal need so human connection sparks.
          I guess there is a balance (as in most things) but too often we miss the small needs right in front of us.
          And didn’t someone say the highest form
          Of living involves serving and giving ?

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  4. I am now wondering what kind of coffee that is chemical free. Sugar free is easy but the former is cool is any one serve them. I guess it must be very pricey. Hmm, if it can exist then it might be a good idea that you send one suggestion to Starbucks.

    I am with you about tea bag material. That includes anything that can be submerged into hot water . I like one brand from work and bought one for home but with disappointment to see that they use metal clip to hold string to to tea bag 😦

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    1. Hi YC
      I am surprised that teabags still have staples (is that what you mean by metal clips?)
      And whew – really appreciated your comment about the seriousness of teabag material – sometimes people are so in the
      Dark that they refer to this kind of stuff as extremist –
      But little things add up.

      And regarding the coffee
      I was trying to see if they had more of a natural pumpkin spice flavor – if that makes sense- for example – the Capital One Cafe in the Richmond area has a latte syrup with “Erythritol” in it and that is supposed to be close to stevia as all natural (they also have Peet’s coffee – mmm)
      Anyhow – usually sugar free means chemicals like aspartame and other Ingredients and so it had been a few years since I saw what Starbucks offered
      And no need to write a letter – I mean Trader Joe’s has products packed with sugar – canola oil (ugh) and well – I am not sure it would make a difference or that enough people care

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      1. Yes, that is what I meant – clips. Ah, I see what you meant now by “chemical”. I do not crave much of sugar these days but still take them in moderation. I do not put sugar in my coffee any more.

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        1. Once in a while
          I make a mocha with coffee, organic cocoa powder, stevia – Keto powdered creamer or plain collagen – and put it in the blender to make it frothy – can be warned or drank as is
          So good and the stevia offers sweetness
          But isn’t it amazing how taste buds can change??


  5. Starbucks makes a good chocolate filled croissant. But I haven’t been there in ages and I have never been crazy about the java.

    The Cuban meal . . . I love it.

    As for kindnesses, I just wrote about a simple moment today. It was a reminder that kindness and good feelings are still out there. Everywhere in fact.

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    1. Hi sorryless
      I think of you with all things Cuban food – because of your and Dale’s quest a few years back ((you both have some fun series like that music one that ended the year))
      Anyhow – Son 1 enjoys those croissants- and if I need to eat there – I used to have guacamole and sweet potato chipset
      And I shall be over to see you post about a “smoke moment of kindness” (yeah) but you always mention stuff like this as you cover the heroes and news stories that highlight happenings we might miss.
      Hope your week is going well and be over soon

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      1. That quest was a classic. Me and Linds handled the PA part of it while Dale journeyed in Canada. Loved every minute of it.

        Mmmmm, that sounds outrageously good.



  6. A lovely kind gesture which serves as a reminder to us all especially in the times we living at the moment that we should perhaps look around us and be aware and help if we can 🙂

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    1. I will be checking out that post soon.
      And I am so conflicted about Starbucks but think I will be going less and less. But I do like their atmosphere and last time I went my friend and I had nitro coffee and it was fresh and awesome
      And your mention of Turkish coffee makes me wish I could have some – oh my goodness is that some good stuff (and might put hair on the chest – just kidding)

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  7. That’s a lovely gesture, Yvette. You did it with an open heart and a generous soul. It’s funny how sometimes we wonder if we were taken advantage of or if we should have done more. We should just recognise our own generosity, as we would of others, and leave it at that. RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) rock! You rock!


    1. Thanks for the acronym
      And the funny thing in this case was how I stopped that guy! He was hustling by me but I could feel the stress
      And oh my goodness – grabbing a photo at the end shows how much I am officially into using my life and blog to share with others online – I know we all have different goals (different end games and different desires for the journey) but as we knuckle bumped goodbye I asked for a pic and he said sure thing – anyhow – thanks for taking the time to read the little parts of this experience – like my drive home and the feelings I had


  8. The PSL you and I spoke of is now available instant – I got a package, maybe five individual packets, but not sugar-free. Starbucks made a mistake there – that drink was very sweet. Maybe that is what Cuban coffee tastes like? I’ve not had Cuban specialties though I’ve had plantain. That was nice of you to help these two folks in need – the child will see there is goodness in the world when it seems that the world is so large, chaotic and uncaring right now. I have not helped anyone personally lately, but do walk in several 5ks yearly and buy Christmas cards to help those less fortunate than myself.


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