Consider Thursday Doors (#SquareUp Day 14)

Time for Thursday Doors and Combining with January Square Up:

Door #1

Surf’s Up at 536

Door #2

Door to the showroom for an awesome rental car company called “SIXT” -and the car doors can be seen too 

Door #3- Yikes, would someone clean this rust UP? 

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If you want to join in, go to Dan’s Blog here:

Be sure to use the tag #Thursday Doors.


Closing photo – those sea stars could hag nicely on a door

Today’s doors are all square to Link up with #SquareUp Day 14







23 thoughts on “Consider Thursday Doors (#SquareUp Day 14)

    1. Thanks for saying that because I added that at the last minute – and it was on the corner right near these doors ;()
      And the sea star art was pretty cool although I know some folks who are against all things like this / and suggest leaving all ocean stuff in its habitat

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t realise they were real sea stars. I have some in my bathroom. I assume they were dead when collected. I never thought about it being different from collecting shells. Maybe people object to that too. I’ll need to read some opinions on it. I think there’s a lot worse many do to nature.


    1. Now Frank – that sounds like a interesting ideas for one of your reflection posts – look forward to it as I am sure many Thursday doors folks would
      Have a good day


    1. Hi YC – I feel mixed about painted brick. Used to not like it at all because brick can be so beautiful as is – but it does work for some homes and buildings – like this yellow one (dear yellow cable) 📳📳📳


    1. It was new for us too and in the show room it was an attention getter. And as side note – the company “sixt” was nice to work with- thanks for the comment Robbie

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Janet! And the rusty door was one we walked by a lot for a week and I felt different each time – one day I noticed it reminded me of the elements – and weathering 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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