Consider Shanna’s Birthday (#SquareUp Day 24)

For today’s post, I want to honor a young girl who passed away at the age of 15.

 I met Shanna back in 1995 – we were all watching fireworks at a park in Colorado. She and her family come to my house the next day for lunch. We stayed in touch via snail mail (remember that? I know Daisy Smiley face does).  

Here are my square-up photos in honor of Shanna- to lift up the feeling of bereavement:

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Previous Priorhouse Posts are here, 2017 here and 2018 here 

January 24th is Shanna Frazee’s Birthday. Sadly, she died at the age of 15 (1980-1995).



#SquareUp Day 24






35 thoughts on “Consider Shanna’s Birthday (#SquareUp Day 24)

  1. Beautiful tribute for such a profound loss. There’s something so tragic when a person, one who has their whole lives ahead of them, dies. We all lose a bit of brightness, promise, and hope in our world.

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  2. This is terrible. Very sorry for your loss. 15. All the promises of a smiling life to come that never will.
    C’est affreux. My condolences to all her family and friends. 🙏🏻

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  3. A beautiful, poignant tribute to Shanna. “Shanna’s essence lingers”. A beautiful message. And, yes, her birthday would have been today. I just now looked up Josh Groban singing “Remember me”. “Remember, I will still be here, As long as you hold me, in your memory.” Thank you, Yvette.❤️


    1. thanks so much for abstains that Groban song snippet! it fit so well – and have you heard Kenny Chesney sing
      “who you’d be today”
      whew – that beautiful song comes to mind too
      – 🎵💕

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    1. thanks sorryless
      and yes – i have written about her before and kept this year’s post short / but back in one of my posts i mentioned the cranberries linger song connections – it was played on the radio a lot when i met Shanna and i ha e her my CD to take back home with her – along with some hiking boots
      anyhow / very sad when the young leave us

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  4. Very sad to hear about your friend Yvette. It’s sad for anyone, but when a young person leaves us, with so much promise in their future, yet never experiencing it, it is doubly sad.


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