Consider a Growth Mindset to Build Up (#SquareUp Day 31)


Today’s photos for the last day of January Squares relate to considering ways to “build up” your life. 

Sometimes our foundation is strong and a few repairs in thinking need to be made
Sometimes we need a complete rebuild. Lots of work to be done – but we must start somewhere – 🙂 
Other times we need a few tweaks – and maybe some small helps.
Carol Dweck’s (2006) ideas about the growth mindset to combat thinking that leads to failure and feeling deflated.  Do you want more of an enriched life? Think about your thought life! Consider how you view failure, setback, and mistakes. Consider how you view closed doors, detours, and hurts. Dweck (2015) and her colleagues argued that a ” growth mindset” helps humans to perceive abilities and outcomes with a “not yet” approach. This helps lead to a “keep on going” attitude, which helps motivation and achievement. A fixed mindset limits. A growth mindset empowers and encourages. This sounds obvious  – but without realizing it — we humans can easily have fixed mindsets. Check out this pdf here for a little more info.

Happy Sunday Everyone and thanks to Becky for hosting her fun photo challenge. 

Thanks, Becky

#SquareUP Day 31







53 thoughts on “Consider a Growth Mindset to Build Up (#SquareUp Day 31)

  1. awwww this is so lovely, and you are so right about tweaks and renovations. I think I am going to need more of the latter this year as I have put on so much weight in lock down!!

    and thank you also for the lovely doggy applause 🙂 you are such a fabulous squarer and been with us since 2019 too

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  2. Consider how you view failure, setback, and mistakes.

    The person who I am today is a much more relaxed version of my younger self who was a perfectionist. Now I try things, learn things, but do not always manage to succeed at them. And here’s the kicker, I don’t care that I fail, have setbacks, make mistakes. I figure that as long as I enjoy the process, whatever the results may be, it was good.

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  3. You couldn’t to have posted more timely advice, Yvette. Looking to our foundations, doing a few rapid repairs. Finding ways to boost a sense of wellbeing. Good on you for these happy reminders!

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    1. oh thanks Tish- i like the way you worded it so succinctly and so in sync with what i think i was getting at.
      this was an unplanned ending – i had some airplanes photos to use from a small museum in florida but the Dweck book kept speaking to me

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    1. hi cindy – and the person who suggested that book to me said it was one of his top favorite books and i have learned to not dismiss that – if someone says they have a top book it is with checking it out


  4. Nice round of applause, Yvette! Some people say things so well. Not looked at the link yet- a certain person is waiting for breakfast 🙂 – but I’ll have a look. Positive outlook is a wonderful thing. Sometimes I backslide 🙂 🙂

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    1. thanks fo the comment and I think you know a lot about mindset – even your blog title has that word in the name – I will be over soon to check it out


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