#LastPhoto on Card (and 2 Geico Commercials for Two-4-Tuesday)

Joining Bushboy’s challenge, which is to share our last photo of the month:


It is “Twosday” so let’s have fun with TWO Geico commercials – BB often adds a song to his photo challenge posts and so it fits – also – thinking of Clive’s Tunes on Tuesday  and so these commercials with throwback song connections come to mind. In addition, did you know some folks think Geico is headquartered in Richmond, VA (which is the city in the above #lastphoto) but learned they are headquartered in Maryland. Not that physical location matters that much anymore. Even before COVID – our global community was less about locale. A good example is that APA’s seventh edition (formatting guide for papers) now allows writers to leave off the location for publisher – just need to note the publisher (it used to be location and then publisher – and remembered the order with “L m n o P”).  Truly is virtual world, baby.  Okay – now the commercials:

First, the Ratt problem (thanks to JohnRH for sharing that in a comment chat “way” back in  that weird year of 2020)

Second, Tag Team with Scoop There It Is (Thanks to Q, who shared he sings this commercial jingle with his daughter and it reminded me how clever commercials connect to our culture layers).



Want to join in with BB’s last image photo?

1. Post the last photo that was on your SD card or last photo on your phone.
2. No editing – can be out of focus, not framed, etc
3. Don’t need any explanations, just the photo will do
4. Pingback to Brian’s post or link in the comments
5. Tag #TheLastPhoto #LastPhoto










13 thoughts on “#LastPhoto on Card (and 2 Geico Commercials for Two-4-Tuesday)

  1. Interesting commercials done well. Love the daughters look in the tag team one. All inspired by the last photo of empty street leading into the city. Love cityscapes as I don’t see them often. Thanks for joining in Yvette 🙂 🙂

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  2. I usually only hear commercials on the radio – these were fun to watch. The Progressive radio commercials are played at least once or twice an hour. Last photo on the card is interesting. My phone is a flip phone – I think it has a camera but I’ve never used it.


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