I’ve Fallen – and I CAN get back up (Sunday Stills)

Hello readers, joining in with Terri’s Sunday Stills (here), which has the theme of #Fallen.

Let’s start with those North Carolina workers “fallen” in the line of duty – to pause and remember – let us remember them and all that have fallen while working – or serving our country. 


On a more personal note, If you have fallen – you CAN get back up, you can regroup, and you can get back up again.

Here are some tips (see the slideshow for the photos) – go and dance to lift yourself up, grab some coffee (or tea) and chill a bit, read books from experts to get seasoned advice, find a new way to look at things, and maybe do a facial. Yeah, the ol’ facial can revive and lift – help you shine again. 🙂 

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If Fallen – tie things up as needed. I know some things are complicated – but sometimes it takes strategizing and effort – you can do it – yes, you can. 

Two closing Videos – TobyMac with his song “Get Back Up” and Micheal Bliss with his video on “Small Changes Ripple Outward


Get Back Up

Small Changes Ripple Outward 

Screen shot from vid

What about you?

Any tips for getting back up again?

Hope you have a great day 










45 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen – and I CAN get back up (Sunday Stills)

  1. I always think it’s good to look at things from another point of view.
    I really enjoyed Michael Bliss’s video. Is that his real name? Appropriate if so. I love it when people educate with humour. We’re more likely to remember. The ripples fit nicely with my post of this week. 🙂

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    1. hi Norah – i think that is his real
      name (but who knows if folks change it these days)
      and good point about the humor and remembering
      but i also like the splash of humor for freshness and originality – but too much humor can be annoying – he wasn’t tho

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    1. hahahaha
      love your wit
      (or get “life alert” on a necklace (that is a joke because my title was a play on their old commercials with “i’ve fallen and i can’t get up” famous line

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  2. As soon as I saw your post title, I had a giggle, Yvette! But what a thoughtful and appropriate response to the theme of fallen, definitely unique! Who didn’t fall in 2020? Because we CAN get back up shows our resilience and fighting resolve as humankind to dust ourselves off and move forward in the face of adversity. Very inspiring to read on this icy cold February morning!

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    1. hi Terri
      glad you caught the humor with my title
      and glad to share a lift and reminder
      because we all have fallen or will fall and it is about rising again (and healing and repairing and not just soldiering on without some repair – eh?)
      and good theme this week so thanks for the inspiration

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    1. ahhhhh
      very nice extension! the the five he’ll and then receive it — and…
      it can be humbling to receive and is part of the great beauty of humans caring and connecting

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      1. It can be humbling to need help. My dad had open heart surgery and it has been very hard for him to deal with his need for assistance with many tasks of basic living, even knowing that the need is temporary. He hates feeling weak.


  3. Yeah, Toby!! (You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?) His song “Move (Keep Walkin’)” would be appropriate here, too.

    But you broke my heart (and possibly the backs of those books as well) by having them open and face down. 😦 Anyone who borrows a book from me is asked to never, ever do that to the book. 🙂

    Happy Wednesday.


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    1. hi janet / that Toby Mac song was great – it is not one that i know well (and i have work out the elements album ) and yes – i hoped you made it to this post with the tony mac share!

      as for the books – i am more careful with some of my expensive hardbacks – but i write in them and sometimes turn them over opened – i fold back coroners too!
      and most if the time i close the books and save my spot with a book mark
      but the photo with the four books happened because i was talking with Erica/Erika about being in the middle of too many books and those four were in the guest room – opened and turned over
      i stacked them for the photo -and still need to share them with her!

      and it was fun that you even noticed the books!
      and this is why i don’t borrow books from people of libraries
      – i mostly buy used but even with my new ones – i believe these items are mine for the experience and i know some folks cringe
      but a piece of me often goes into the wear and tear they take!
      lastly / i just bought a brand new copy of a hard cover Paul Muchinsky book / and i am trying to keep it pristine because the other one was beat down! the pages are not falling out like two books have done (only two got that bad – and so that says something) but in my Muchinsky book i have seasons of my life in certain highlights – circles and notes / it was a study book for some classes back in the day and well
      – that is why i don’t borrow

      and if i loan out a book i actually assume i won’t see it again


      1. I understand about making the books your own. I still have trouble writing in books other than textbooks, even in my Bibles. And I can’t put a book upside down like that. 🙂 I don’t condemn anyone for doing that, but I ask them not to with any books I loan them. I don’t loan books often but when I do, I make a note of the book and the person so I know where it is because I generally only have books I want to keep and cherish. 🙂


        1. Hi Janet – thanks for saying that and I did not feel judged – as I have noted before – I love your smoothness and
          non-legalistic and non-judgy side
          and if I paid more for my books I might not be that hard on them – but then again, it is also the broken in wear and tear that I love – a worn in book, I guess

          and we just loaned out Dr Kelly Brogan’s book “A mind of your own” and assume it might not come back – and we would not dare hound someone for it – ya know – and we can easily replace it – however, I have some paperbacks that are out of print and will never lend them out (unless God leads it of course – all of my stuff is his first) – but I would have them take photos of the pages they needed or come and read it here.
          and speaking of Bibles
          my first study Bible in 1992 has an extra special flavor because of the highlights and notes I left. I know folks can use a notebook for rotes and bible study – but I also added notes in that bible throughout the 1990s (now it is a keepsake). And what was cool about the notes was that i was able to see themes in my life that God kept bringing me back to. Or little verses that were very near and dear to my walk – and there was something about adding those early notes in 1992 that soothed my heart – the active involvement with the highlighter – pens – and doodling made that time with God – through his word – come alive for what I needed.
          So all of that to say what we both have been noting – we have different preferences for sure

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