Thursday Doors Diversity (2-11-2021)

Time for Thursday Doors 







Thanks to Cindy for the diversity quote – 🙂


In this image, there is a door way back there – behind the gate. This photo reminded me about diversity in design  – for gates and landscape and many other things – and even doors.  There so many options and diversity offers some nice flavor – whether with items or with people. 🙂


Hope your week is going well 



If you want to join in with Thursday Doors -go to Dan’s Blog for info HERE






30 thoughts on “Thursday Doors Diversity (2-11-2021)

  1. I like the first door and the gate. Did you link this to Dan’s page? I thought I visited all the links and I found this in the Reader. Did you know he as the link posted the night/day before on the right-hand side of his latest post? You can link up before he even posts. I love that!


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    1. thanks so much for the tip about grabbing the link from his page !
      you just saved me from having to go and do it later if i am early (unless i am a few days out and schedule it that early) but it is good to know and thanks for taking the time to offer the tip

      and hope your weekend is going well


  2. You captured beauty in diversity Yvette in such a lovely way. We never know what’s behind those beautiful doors but one this is for certain, we learn if we stay open. Great pics and glad the quote worked so well here! ❤️


    1. Thanks you so much Patricia –
      and I know exactly what you mean about how we do not realize it – and then find the refreshment – so nice when it happens and good day to you

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  3. That beautiful door in the first photo – I hate to see the chain on the handle but I know it is necessary these days. My mom and I went to light candles at a local Catholic church – not a regular trip there, just my mom lighting a candle for her mom for Mother’s Day and her mom’s birthday. Then due to the church being open all daylight hours, even when the adjoining school was not in session, or the administrator was not in attendance, nor the janitor, people were breaking in, causing damage … so it was closed except just prior to daily and Sunday mass. I like these ornate fences/gates here.


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