Travel With Me: 10 Photos, One Post


Hello Readers

Thanks to CarolCooks2 (here) for inviting Priorhouse Blog to share in the Travel Photo Challenge and thanks to Sharon at Gum trees and Galaxies blog for getting Carol involved 🙂 

The idea is to share “travel photos” and most folks are doing this across ten days; however, a few bloggers have done the ten days in one post and that fits my blog mode right now.


The first two photos are these old prints I have from London (spring 1986) and I told Clive about them and so here they are my friend. 

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The next three travel photos are within two hours of our city.

Because folks – we all know that we can and should travel locally – even before COVID — but all the more after this pandemic arrived and had everyone grounded and limited with options.

We need to always find ways to have mini adventures locally – and let us NOT wait for only big trips to travel.

Adventure and beauty can be found right outside our door – every day – there  – waiting for us to explore.

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The next two are from Florida – never want to live there again, but Florida is one of my favorite places to visit.

What is a Northerner’s favorite wine? I want to go to Florida. (whine, get it?)

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The next three are from our local art museum – because let us not forget that museums allow us to travel — we can travel back in time – or travel with our senses as we enjoy various exhibits and extras that they offer


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Okay – those are my ten travel photos. 

Here are the bloggers I invite to join in – no pressure but if you do join in –

  1. SingLikeWildFlowers, a blogging friend and someone who reminds me that traveling and adventure are there for our taking right outside of our door – let’s explore more and be inspired by local
  2. Photography Journal Blog Volume 2 – here – where Amy shares about photos to wood project
  3. The Messy Gardener (cool name, eh?) who I actually met through Dan’s Thursday Doors and Cee’s Flower of Day – and in this post – we see a peek-a-boo plane. 
  4. Lin’s Doodles and I am not actually sure how I crossed paths with her blog a few years ago – but enjoy many of her out and about photos – like the patina in the seating in this post for Pull Up a Seat here 
  5. XingfuMamma who hosts the Pull up a Seat Challenge but also shares many travel themed posts – like this travel theme “EYES” post that was connected to the “Where’s My Backpack” a few years ago. Does anyone out there remember the blog “Where’s My Backpack?” I do – anyhow – XingfuMamma also has this AtoZ post here that shares a snippet of her traveling background 
  6. Heart to Heart who had a fun post recently about “traveling through blogs and not planes” and then this travel diaries post about the surprises in Thailand and how it can be a family-fun destination
  7. VJ Knutson @One Woman’s Quest (I and II) and this post here shows how she has a special talent for using her own photography for her writing. Not all authors are good photographers and not all good photographers are writers – and VJ has her own style and talent with both.
  8. D over at My Life and Horse stories – although she might not be able to join until later this year as she had to put down a horse – but this invite might give her a nice idea for a post when she returns to blogging.
  9. Marsha from Always Write  – and in this post, Marsha shared a throwback commercial for “Pepsodent” toothpaste – and wow – did Pepsodent really use “irium? Info here
  10. Over to you! – Anyone reading now – if I did not personally mention you or add a link for for you to join, this is the invite. Many bloggers do this “open invite” on their last day of posting (if they do the ten days in a row option) and so I am doing it now. If you have time – why not join in and add your bit of travel images to the blogosphere?

Here are the guidelines:

  • Post ten travel photos in one post – like this post
  • Or…. post travel photos for ten different days – your post can have one photo a day or you can make a post with many photos and a story –  like Robbie did here
  • Invite other bloggers to join you (as an open invite or through a pingback)
  • Find a way to make this work for you – but the goal is to share a minimum of ten photos with a travel theme to allow us all to travel with you via blogosphere
  • You can join in this weekend, next month, or anytime this year.



34 thoughts on “Travel With Me: 10 Photos, One Post

  1. Oh Yvette, thank you so kindly for the invite!! I would love to join and will put it on my to-do list of blog posts. As I’ve been reflecting as I mend my heart, I really would like to join more challenge fun posts. This Travel challenge sounds cool and so fun. I just Love photography so can’t wait to go through my photos. And you’ve given us plenty of ideas. I love what you’ve shared, Florida is a great place to visit. And so true about museums, traveling back in time or places! You are the sweetest, looking forward to joining in! ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The one photo from London reminds me… On my first walk through London, totally jet lagged, I wondered why so many places were advertising that they had toilets. It took me a while to get that the signs all said “To Let”, i.e., in the US what we would say “For Rent”.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hahaha – that was a fun joke trent!
      and thanks for the comment and visit
      i almost added a link to have you join in because i am not sure if you did this challenge (or even want to)
      but then i got sidetracked with your book – the old mill – and i will be over soon to chat about – was going to see if you wanted me to feature a post with a mini interview with you / talk to you soon

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t do that challenge, but may sometime when I have a bit more blogging time. Ah, I still owe a list of chapters to try to avoid. We can chat about it. A mini-interview would be great. Hope your Valentine’s Day/Presidents’ Day Weekend is going well. Talk soon 🙂


    1. Sue! you are so right – it is absolutely amazing what is within our local area
      even though when the world opens back up i know many of us look forward to your and Dave’s travel tales and more

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for remembering your London photos. I was working in central London in 1986 so scenes like those were regular viewing for me – especially the cab drivers hogging all the lanes so that their crawl away from the lights held everyone up 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. well said Norah! and i know some folks who really need to get traveling and so for their sake i hope it happens soon
      here in the states i think NY and CA are ridiculous with their scripts – but i digress
      cheers to also using books to travel
      #readilearn 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Well this is just amazing Yvette – a few posts (of yours) ago, I mentioned that photos were blacked out and I saw nothing – in today’s post, everything is blacked out. It might be back to WP again to ask why?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Reader and me … I’ve been back and forth with the Happiness Engineers on why I can’t see my own posts in Reader sometimes. I looked in the comments … no one else mentioned black pictures. I realized it was me.


  5. Hi Yvette! Thanks for inviting me to share my 10 travel photos. Happy that I made it to your list. 🙂
    I’ve been meaning to respond sooner, but it’s been heck of a week balancing homeschooling, life, and just all the stuff that comes up each day. This week is nuts preparing for homeschool teacher meetings where I need kids to prepare tangible learning evidence (it’s close to a hair-tearing experience) and a day-long hospital check up for Ellis.
    Will post soon.
    Great pictures and comments! I like how you added the far, close, and vicarious ways of traveling. I would love to visit Hemingway’s home; great writer and interesting life. Yes, I agree that museums allow you to travel to different places and time through artists’ works.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday and hope the winter weather is treating you well. We’re supposed to have rain storms, but so far, just drizzles. Stay well!


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