Henry David Thoreau Quotes & Virginia Nature Photos (#WQWWC)



The Always Write quote challenge has the theme of RESPONSIBLE this week.
 I decided to use some Henry David Thoreau quotes – to remind us that we are responsible for our wellness.
You are responsible to BE YOU! Celebrate your life and as Thoreau once said, “Live the life you imagine.”


Photos taken Fall 2020 on a short camping trip in Virginia  

Hope your week is going well.







36 thoughts on “Henry David Thoreau Quotes & Virginia Nature Photos (#WQWWC)

  1. Yvette, incredible photography and the images are wonderfully atmospheric! Wow! A treat of uplifting and inspirational quotations. I hadn’t read any of these before and ‘filing’ many. Yes, may we all find the courage to follow our own music/dreams!

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    1. OH my goodness – you are right and I forgot about that! oh how cool how all this stuff comes back around and now I remember – so cheers to our Thoreau connection amiga


  2. “Live the life you imagine.”

    Good advice, but more difficult to do than it might seem. Did you ever imagine you’d be writing a blog, let alone one in which you followed prompts from someone else? It all seems as far-fetched as it is magical.

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    1. Ally – I completely agree with you and there are many things to be said about this quote
      “Live the life you imagine.”
      Like it kind of reminds me of how children are tod they can be anything they want to be – um, not really – right?
      and so while we can take the “Live the life you imagine” a few ways – I think the way I take it is to “BREAK away from any ball and chains that might be holding you back for the wrong reasons” – ya know??
      and the blog being a part of lives – yeah – not at all sure how it unfolded in my life but have come to embrace it for the gift that it is – and you are so right
      “far-fetched” and a bit “magical”

      thanks for the nice comment

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  3. I love they quotes and pictures. Thanks for sharing. One of my fav quotes: If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.


  4. I have always liked Thoreau’s thinking Yvette and when I did a daily quote at work for everyone for many years, I often chose his quotes, but I’ve never read any of his works. That is on my agenda to do so though, especially when I retire and will have more free time. I can’t even keep up with blogging/Reader, so that will be something to savor when time is on my side.

    A fellow blogger lost his wife last Fall and said Walt Whitman’s work helped him through the grieving process. I told Tom I’ve never read Whitman – it makes you wonder just what kind of education I had in high school, as well as at the college and university level, when it came to required reading?


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