Frooze Balls and Black Tea (Virtual Tea & Weekly Smile)

Hello Readers.

Welcome to the February Virtual Tea Party

One of my favorite teas this month (not officially a tea to some folks – more of an herbal mix) was Tazo’s “Wild Sweet Orange” 

This tea is actually not that sweet – more flavorful and tangy. Only pet peeve is that Tazo still uses “staples” in their bags – why???
This tea was perfect because it has no caffeine and later in the day this is a nice wind down warm drink 


Offering some Frooze Balls for today’s virtual tea party, which is also to share with Trent’s weekly smile

Finding this Frooze Balls at a local store was fun (yeah, not everything is delivered in a little brown box to the porch – jk). So many “so-called” healthy snacks are filled with canola oil (bad industrial oil) or lots of sugar – and sometimes chemicals 

So these Frooze Balls were all natural and were also made in New Zealand (by Revive Cafe) – and for those that do not know – one of the virtual tea party hosts, Su, is from NZ. 

These Frooze Balls were the chocolate recipe (they have other kinds) and ours had “dates, sultans, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, cocoa, coconut, natural flavor, pink Himalayan salt.”  The natural flavors are on some folks “need to watch list” (like food babe here) — but all in all, for a store-bought treat – these Frooze balls were a good option. One serving does have 6grams of sugar – not too high – but it adds up – and so not an everyday snack for me.
This Williamson English breakfast went well with Frooze Balls – however this black tea was a little acidic and so I put in a touch of baking soda – that might sound gross, but we learned this tip years ago with coffee – Adding a dash of backing soda to coffee ((very small pinch of baking soda)) can drop the acidic level. I tried it with this very strong Williamson tea and it mellowed it a lot – so good (I know this is subjective taste so it might not be needed for you). Also, Williamson teabags do not have staples – isn’t this the smart way to make a bag? Not sure why some companies still use staples (like Tazo) maybe their machines are already set up and it would cost money (big bucks) to change to the bag only?  Does the staple matter that much? I wonder. What do you think? 

Okay – so have you had any good snacks lately, or any new drinks?

Care to join in with the weekly smile or virtual tea party – click on the links below to get more info


Su Leslie #virtualteaparty2021 & co-host Del (CurlsnSkirls) 

Trent’s #weeklysmile








36 thoughts on “Frooze Balls and Black Tea (Virtual Tea & Weekly Smile)

  1. Love that orange tea and your frooze balls!~!!! Healthy and good!
    I’m pretty boring just for sake of busy.. Grabbing nuts and fruit is usualy my go to.❤️💖 Nice Yvette!


  2. I have never heard of Frooze Balls and they do look dangerous 😀
    I discovered about baking soda when I put too much vinegar when cooking my tomato relish


    1. Hi Frank – I have had various alcohol soaked bakery concoctions before and this might actually hold a little bourbon quite well. Also, the look of them reminds of those little treats that come out around the holidays


  3. I’m with you on the staples in tea bags. Why? On a subconscious level I worry about swallowing one and ending up in the ER with it in my stomach. I’ve never heard of Frooze Balls. They seem like they’re mochi balls gone healthy. Will look for them [the former not the latter].


      1. I noticed that too. Yes, it still bothers me. I remove it off now and use fork to poke big hole through and then tie the string to the bag through the hole. I feel much better. I hope I am getting much better doing 🙂


  4. Never heard of Frooze, but of course I know Tazo and Williamson has quite good tea. I prefer getting loose leaf, but all the Williamson tea I’ve gotten here has been from Home Goods, so I take what I can find. The first Williamson tea I had was while I was in France and my s-i-l gave me some that her husband had brought back from Africa, so from the source. I was excited to have found some here at various times.

    Now back to my black tea,



    1. Hi Janet, I think I had Williamson tea way back in a different decade – and their elephant cannisters reminded me of someone – couldn’t think of who?
      And as much as I buy loose leaf and keep trying to make a pot – I find my habit of using bags always has me using bags and making it by the cup

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You can use a steeper to make a cup, too, Yvette. Just use a teaspoon of tea instead of more. Then you just clean the steeper and re-use forever. 🙂 I have three and use them for making just a cuppa or for making a pot.


  5. Lovely tea, I’ve never thought about the staples before. They don’t bother me as I don’t leave them in the hot water for very long for tea. When I was in Australia they had those healthy treats everywhere. I took photos of recipes to try from a cookbook my daughter bought. Never did make them, but I’m sure they aren’t difficult. Love treats with my tea and coffee! Happy smiling weekend! 💜🤠


  6. I’ve not heard of Frooze Balls but they looked yummy. I never drink tea, but I bought green tea last Fall to try to get into drinking it. Why do I look at it with such distaste when I know it is good for me? I will try again tomorrow to kickstart the green tea and hope it goes better than the yoga.


  7. Hello Yvette, I’m visiting from the Weekly Smile. The tea and frooze balls combination sounds delicious. Thank you for sharing. #WeeklySmile


  8. Great tip about the baking soda! I sometimes find coffee too acidic so will give this a try!
    Totally get that you’re annoyed by stapled tea bags! It’s typical to find these in Germany too but since I either only do loose tea or English companies I don’t encounter this problem anymore.


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