Ice Storm and Weighted Blanket Insert

A tree weighed down by the ice


This is one of my favorite images from the day



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This image was another top photo of the day for me – and it felt like music -which reminded me of  Clive’s Tuesday Tunes that had songs connecting to cold.

Speaking of Cold…

Earlier this year, the Priorhouse explored some “weighted blankets”

Not sure if you heard about weighted blankets, but we had been wanting to try them for a while. The first one we tried was a 20lb blanket and it was way too heavy. The “10lb” ones seem to be ideal. We mostly just use these blankets to cover the feet and lower legs at night – and very fun to finally try them out.

Also, wanted to share the humor we found with the information insert that came with one of the blankets. The ad had so many typos and errors-  and I had to take a photo to share 

Now of course we all know that grammar errors and typos can easily happen to most of us (with auto correct, AI offering predictive, smart features, etc.) 

However, this information insert was obviously made with carelessness.

Perhaps the sign of our times – but check it out and let me know what you think:

“have any problems and concerns” – should be “or” – the pls should be “please” and “contact with us” should be contact us or connect with us. Look at the spacing too. 
from upper left – drop the “a” before “more restful sleep” – spacing errors around the DTP, comma splice in lower section, upper right the “we’ve” is all stretched. What does Inner being washable mean – and more space issues in that section. Lastly, now look at the lower right reminder section (should be reminderS) – the last two are really funny. see below – 



Okay – so here are the two parts that really had us laughing (they are lower right) in the image – 

“A weighted blanket would small than same size ordinary blanket because it is supposed to cover your body other than your bed”  Huh??? 

And: “Only the King Size Weighted Blanket is meant for sharing.”

Spouse: “Hey honey, can I place a piece of your weighted blanket on my feet?” 

Me: “Um, honey, no. I only have the Queen size weighted blanket and you know the directions say only the ‘King Size weighted blanket is meant for sharing’ – so I’m sorry – cannot share.”

Spouse “Oh, Okay.”

That was a joke – but that line in the ad reminded me of the tags that used to come on bedding that said it ws “illegal to remove” the tags. Remember those? 











44 thoughts on “Ice Storm and Weighted Blanket Insert

  1. Your pictures of the ice were fantastic. I loved the three fingered iced twig. Brrr! The weighted blanket gave me quite a laugh. So sorry you couldn’t share the queen sized blanket. The weight on my bed comes from cats weighing down my blankets. It doesn’t help me warm up at all! I love my electric blanket. It covers my side only, poor Vince, but he is always hot, so he doesn’t complain unless I put my cold feet on him. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Yvette.


    1. Hi Marsha – I bet those cats add the perfect amount of weight!
      and glad your electric blanket offers some warmth as needed –
      and I was kidding about the blanket sharing – I think you knew that – but was having fun with the insert – he has a 20 lb blanket and mine is the 10 lb

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      1. LOL, Yvette, I thought the brochure was hilarious. A bit micro managing – like you’d better use our blanket exactly as prescribed. Do not fold or bend, wash, dry, hang outside in cold weather, not safe for the microwave…

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    1. oh thanks Derrick – a lot!

      and i get that it was”english as a second language” we see with the ad – but sloppy to not pay a bit of money and time to have someone proof read! so sloppy

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  2. Those images are really beautiful, but I’m not so sure about the bedding guide – do they do an English translation?

    Thank you for the link – much appreciated 😊

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    1. hi clive – the english translation is exactly what is needed for part of the ad
      and cheers to linking because even tho it is summer for many folks i know many of us are experiencing that beautiful cold of february weather in our hemisphere

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  3. I remember the ice storms when I lived in Dallas years ago. They’re beautiful but deadly. Your pictures are great! I keep hearing more and more about the weighted blankets. Still haven’t quite figured out their purpose! But, then, I haven’t really tried to find out! Those typos, etc., are always my first clue that the item is from China. Apparently oftentimes Chinese doesn’t translate well to English! Have a beautiful weekend. Stay warm and well! 🙂

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    1. hi linda / well the blankets offer that “dpt” or something to do with tissues and body energy
      walmart now has a ten pound weighed blanket (in navy or gray) for $15.00
      – we bought some as gifts for the kids and so far so great! the “mainstays” brand and the weight is even distributed throughout the blanket! that is supposed to be key
      and if you try one / i highly suggest starting with 8 or 10 pounds because the heavier ones hurt my wrists and were horrible

      anyhow / i do not know much more about them with the science but they also just warm a bit

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    1. hi – yes – i know it was a translation issue / but also sloppy to send it to get printed –
      heck! don’t they get all of those many many ads for grammarly?? i mean – even the free service of grammarly could have caught most of those spacing issues and grammar issues

      anyhow – hope you stay nice and warm and enjoy the rest of your weekend

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  4. I have a 150 lb weighted blanket. The weights do move around a bit at night and when all of the weight is on top of you instead of next to you, it gets uncomfortable. Part of the weight has been growling every time one of those 5 or 10 lb weights (aka “cats”) wants to add their mass, which we discourage. Fiyero can’t figure out why I do not want him on top of me all night.

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      1. Pet weighted blankets are the best… well, maybe some difficulties sleeping… Last night Fiyero slept with his head on the pillow next to mine – it is much easier that way!


  5. Maybe the only good thing about an ice storm is the opportunity for wonderful images. Well captured, Yvette. Good chuckles on the weighted blanket. Personally, I like heavier blankets in winter, but since we went to a heated mattress pad, no more need. … well, except for the cold early fall before the pad goes on.

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    1. hi frank it sounds like you found what works for you for winter. i am not sure how i feel about have electric currents always around me via blankets or pads
      but if it is working well that is good
      have a nice day and ttys


  6. Very nice pictures of the ice forming on tree branches. They look great but I think the actual condition can be dangerous. Tree branches can get very heavy and break off..


  7. The ice shots are just amazing Yvette – the dripping ice and the twig encased in ice were my favorites. Ice is beautiful if you can look at it and it does not rock your world if it damages something, or you need to walk on it to catch a bus or drive. I’ve seen those blankets at Meijer, the grocery store where I shop. I don’t know the weight of the one I saw – they came out at Christmastime a few years ago and were on the end caps as “great Christmas gifts” … I’m thinking they did a translation using Google Translate and it did a sloppy and strange job and the spacing was just careless. I followed a Swedish blogger who took photos on a daily basis, then dropped out of blogging due to health issues and never returned – it’s been about two years for him, but he wrote in Swedish and the next paragraph was English which he spoke. I was never sure if he translated loosely or use Google Translator.


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