Snow & Ice Photos (and Steinbeck’s “cold of winter give’s summer its sweetness”)

Recently I was at Travel Tales of Life blog and they had this awesome post with “30 Inspiring Winter Quotations and Snow Sayings.” This Steinbeck is the one that encapsulated how I feel about a wonderful cold and snowy winter: 

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”– John Steinbeck




A few more of the quotes from Travel Tales of Life blog post – go here to see their site


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Last Fall, we were having a walk downtown (Richmond, VA) and there were about 250 painted rocks on the ground in the sitting area off of the walking bridge trail. The painted rocks had quotes on them and some had funny sayings.  A few of them were “memory rocks” and were dedicated to loved ones that were no longer around on this earth. 

There were signs that said, “please take some rocks home”

So we did.

We brought home two or the painted rocks. I wanted to bring some home because receiving this art offering of love was a fun way to connect with folks we never met.  I chose a plain blue rock and then a memory rock.

So now I think of the Issac Bell family with a smile and send good vibes their way. #Humanconnection Also, let us all remember that air in our lungs is a very good thing. Life is a gift and not everyone has the same number of days — Smile – you are alive.
It might be cold and icy out, but the warmth of human connection cannot be stoped by cold weather – eh? And as Steinbeck asked, “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?” 








23 thoughts on “Snow & Ice Photos (and Steinbeck’s “cold of winter give’s summer its sweetness”)

  1. Ahh, human connection is soooo important. Great post, great quotes! And I can feel the human warmth thru connections on these wintery days! Thanks for sharing! ❤️ ~D

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  2. I love the pictures of the ice, the slideshow of the walk too. The painted rocks were quite popular here too. I used to see more rocks at the various parks and I’d take a photo and post it on the Facebook site for all the local painted rock “creators, hiders and finders” … that is a special rock. My friend next door who encouraged me to start my blog, was relegated to spending her days in front of her living room window due to COPD and being tethered to an oxygen machine. She was painting rocks and asked me to distribute them at the Park. I was supposed to pick them up from her and she had to be hospitalized and never made it home from the hospital, unexpectedly passing away. So I went next door and got the rocks from her granddaughter and distributed them around the Park a few days after her death.


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